Limitations Can Free Your Spirit

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we wish to speak to you on the subject of limitations. Your soul dear ones is an unlimited being. It lives in the realms of the eternal and pours a tiny piece of itself into this reality you call space and time upon the earth. It lives in this vehicle you call your body, and dances in the collective creation of so many other souls with whom you journey and learn.

There are times when you - your soul - decides to experience limitations in your physical reality in order to force growth, much as the pressure put upon a butterfly as it emerges from the cocoon strengthens its wings, and the shell of a seed provides the pressure upon which the plant presses to burst forth into the light.

There are times when you will experience limitations in different areas of your life - financial limitation, dietary limitation, limited mobility or transportation, limited time, limited energy, etc. We hear your prayers and we know that many of you perceive these limitations in a negative way, yet, we also know that these are the times you are creating amazing grace and incredible growth.

When you are limited in your outer world, you begin to find what is unlimited in your inner world.

For example, when you experience financial limitation you begin to re-evaluate your priorities. You discern more easily what is of true value in your life. You begin to set your sights upon enjoying what is eternal - family, friends, the sunrise, and the sky. You begin valuing your relationships more than your stuff. You develop greater faith because you must. You cultivate greater appreciation for what you already have because it is not so easily replacable. You learn to manage your money according to deeper priorities. And so, when the limitations are lifted, you have developed new habits of viewing money as a tool for your true happiness, rather than a substitute for the very same.

Suppose you experience limited mobility - you have a car for example that is not working well. Now you must become resourceful, combine errands, ask for help, find joyful things to do closer to home, or perhaps choose to bike or walk, and therefore strengthen your physical body and assist the environment as well. In a sense, being slightly "grounded" helps you find the joy that is all around you now, so when you do have greater ability to travel you will not forget the pleasures to be found at home.

Suppose you have dietary limitations. You want to lose weight or become healthy. Instead of viewing these as restrictions, consider the fact that you are now going to have to get very creative to satisfy your taste buds. You can explore new flavors and menu options you never thought possible. You can enjoy new ethnic foods - for a great portion of the world already eats as you wish you could, and enjoys flavorful meals you can only imagine. And in this exploration, you open yourself up the world around you, explore new cultures, cultivate a desire for travel and variety in your life. Meanwhile you lose your weight or achieve your goals in health. And so what was once limitation, opens up the world for you.

Dear ones, when you feel limited in your outer world, dig deep in your inner world. Get creative. Cultivate possiblity by using your creativity. Embrace deeper faith. Evaluate priorities. And in these times of so-called limitation you will find a wealth of joy, a renewed sense of flavor in life, more energy, faith, connection, and the rest of the qualities that make your life worth living.

Limitation is only the shell from which the chick hatches, the seed from which the flower bursts forth, and the forces which make you feel confined until you too find the strength, beauty, and God-spark within as you too burst into the light of full blossoming.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels



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Ann Albers

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