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Hi All,

Today the angels talk about your personal stream of energy and how to stay in that flow. I'll share some examples of it and this week's darling picture of a baby duck whose family's flow intersected with mine one day as I followed my bliss in an actual stream!

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

by Ann Albers in Northern AZ

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you exists in a beautiful stream of energy. The stream is created and updated with every desire you have – with every wish, every intention, and even with each problem you notice. Each situation inspires new desires.

You add a new current to your stream every time you have even the tiniest loving desire. This stream is your flow – your personal guided path to all that you've asked for. This stream takes the easiest and most joyful path, much as a physical stream carves its course in a path of least resistance.

The stream adjusts its course often. Perhaps you didn't feel like leaving the house yesterday, but today you can't wait to go out. Perhaps you could meet the person of your dreams today if you took that walk you feel like taking. Tomorrow they might go to the grocery store, so the stream might give you a happy urge to run to the store for a container of ice cream. The stream adjusts to changing conditions – both inside of you and in the external world as well. The stream, dear friends, is you – the future you, the energetic template of the best, most loving, most satisfied possible future self. It beckons you forward and readjusts with each choice you make.

Your stream may join with other vibrationally compatible streams and then separate once again. You say that your "paths cross' and indeed, this is so energetically, even before it is physically made manifest.

When you feel good, you will know you are in your stream, aligned with the happiest possible version of yourself. When you feel bad, you are resisting your stream and the happiest version of yourself.

Say you want a relationship. Simply by having this desire, you have created a stream of energy that already intersects with the energy stream of another who, similarly, is calling for the type of person you truly are. Your streams are guiding you towards the type of relationship you both want. This intersection of energy streams may happen soon in linear time or farther down your path, depending on how consistently you are in your own stream. If you're happy, you're aiming straight for each other. If you're upset, frustrated, lonely, or angry, you're delaying your own joy. For example, if you want someone fun and exciting but are constantly focused on how dull your life is, you're not yet a match. If you want someone who finds you wildly attractive, but criticize yourself often, you're not yet a vibrational match. You must find ways to feel good here and now so can align with the current carrying you to your ideal match. You don't want to be in a negative current carrying you to a match for that!

Say you want a new job. You have created a stream of energy that merges with the the streams of those who want someone like you for the position. You will both be guided towards a mutually agreeable and perfect situation.  You can surrender, trust your feelings, apply only to the jobs that feel right, and bring your authentic self to each interview. The interviewer can trust their feelings about you as well. Here, in this mutually compatible vibration, you have a perfect job situation. Alternately, you can push yourself, ignore your guidance, and find a job that matches your sense of urgency...which is not likely to be as ideal.

The intersection and dance of these streams is unimaginably beautiful. It is as lovely as your central nervous system, as intricate as the dance of the stars, and even more so because it is constantly shifting and changing. This is why your guidance appears in the present moment instead of a five-year plan. This is why you need to trust your feelings about the decisions you make now. This is why mindfulness is so important. When you are in touch with yourself and feeling happy at the moment, you are in the stream, navigating life on the most joyful path.

You will not flow easily with your stream at all times. Sometimes you're not flowing with it at all. Nonetheless, when you face new challenges or situations you don't like, you add new desires and, therefore, new currents to your stream. The moment you turn your sights towards your desires and away from the challenge, you hop in the stream, allowing yourself to flow towards even greater love.

Trust your feelings, dear friends. They are your indicators of whether or not you are in a flow towards all that you desire and all that you have already, through your desire, energetically created. Don't go with "the flow." Instead, go with your flow. It calls to you via your very own natural impulses and your very own joy

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Earlier this summer, I woke up early and felt like taking a hike. So, I hopped in the car and followed my bliss. I meandered in the stream instead of walking on the trail. As I rounded a corner, knee-deep in emerald green water, I discovered a mama duck and her family of seven little ducklings. They swam right up to me, preened, bathed, and played as I stood there, enjoying them as much as they seemed to be enjoying me. Their flow and mine happened to intersect in several magical minutes that day. Such bliss!

I have had a very packed schedule these past few weeks. So much so that on one office day, I woke up flustered about all that I had to accomplish until it dawned on me to embrace the morning and enjoy my routine. In the middle of a brief meditation, I had an inspiring idea to do something I'd done years ago! I sat down with my journal and wrote about my perfect day from the perspective of my future self.

It was 7 am, but I wrote as if it was 8 pm, and I was documenting my day."I had an amazing day today. I got the newsletter done, the car repaired, the garden planted, emails answered, called family, got meals prepped, etc. Everything flowed so incredibly well. I had the most wonderful interactions with delightful, helpful people and magical experiences everywhere. What an awesome, easy, wonderful day!"

I felt the joy of creating this day as if it were done and then went to eat breakfast, oddly feeling like I'd stepped out of a time warp and back into my past! I had immersed so profoundly in my future self that I felt the reality of my gently flowing day in every pore!

You can imagine what happened. My day flowed. I got the newsletter done, the car repaired, the garden planted, meals prepped, emails answered, called family, and even had a delightful walk to the coffee shop in a gentle rain. It was glorious to be in my own intentional flow. I'm going to do this exercise more often. I once wrote from the perspective of myself a year ahead, and guess what. I got there. Feeling the future aligns you easily with your stream. It puts you in your flow.

I have been watching myself closely as of late. When I don't care for something, I stop, put myself in the desired future using my imagination, feel it deeply, and then let go. I do what feels most fun first. When I prioritize my joy, the necessary things get accomplished, and I enjoy them even more. When you fill it, as the saying goes, you can spill it.

So as you go through life, don't forget to set up your stream. How do you want to feel at the end of your day? Can you imagine what you desire? Perhaps you can journal from the perspective of your future self, who has accomplished all you want, who has moved beyond the painful past, who had a new job, or who has made it through the grief to feel an incredible connection with your dear ones. The future you is there. You just have to imagine him, her, or them into being.

The stream you set up may not always create a course that makes sense. If you want to solve a problem, listening to your feeling to go to the grocery store may not always make sense... until you run into someone who helps you solve your problem! If you want to meet someone, it may not make sense to spend a day alone until you realize that you haven't had time for yourself, let alone anyone else. If you want to help a dear one you love whom you don't know how to help, the desire to have fun or take a walk, or do something that fills your spirit may seem unrelated until you realize that from a positive space, your prayers are a thousand times more powerful than in your worry.

Here are a few tips to help you find your flow

1. Pay attention to your feelings and natural urges

The simplest urges can have a profound effect on your life. Years ago, I got the impulse to toss a book manuscript I had just completed in the car. I was going to a lecture by a very famous author. I knew he and his wife wouldn't have time to read it, so the urge made no sense. Instead, I ran into a conference promoter, who grabbed it, read it that week, and told me If I could get it in print quickly, I could speak at a conference alongside famous authors like Marianne Williamson, and Wayne Dyer. All that happened because I listened to a little urge that made no sense to me.

When I was in my early forties, a man I admired asked me to go on a hike. I actually declined! I had another hike in mind for that day, but as I drove off, I started kicking myself! "What were you thinking Ann? You've been asking for a great guy in your life!" I caught myself, stopped the litany of self-criticisms, told the universe I'd like another chance someday, and surrendered. I suddenly realized I had forgotten to bring lunch. I often skip lunch in the interest of time, but I was hungry, so I dashed into the local deli where – you guessed it – I ran straight into the gentleman who had asked me to hike. Long story short, we met for a hike another day and ended up dating a few weeks later. We had three delightful years together until he moved. It was glorious fun. The stream knew what it was doing even when I didn't! Luckily I listened to my desire for lunch!

2. Stop trying to figure it all out

I used to drive myself crazy trying to figure out how to make seemingly impossible things happen or trying to figure out how to make things work when I didn't know how. As you can see from the examples above, the universe knew how to accomplish everything I wanted. I only had to stop over-analyzing, beating myself up, obsessing over the problem, and go about having a nice day. When I have a challenge these days, no matter what it is - I delegate up! "The creator of universes and orchestrator of planets, ecosystems, and your own miraculous body," the angels like to remind me, "Is capable of helping you solve all your problems!"

3. Enjoy the journey

We tend not to enjoy life unless it looks like we want, but that's crazy programming that limits our joy. Why not take what you can from each moment? I had the most delightful discussion with a lady at the grocery store the other day and exchanged yummy recipes and pumpkin love with the checkout clerk. I ran into a kind person in the parking lot, smiled at someone who let me in, in traffic, and delighted in the delicious food I cooked later. It was just a mundane grocery shopping trip, but when you look for the good, you will see it everywhere. In that space, you are in your flow. The rest of the day was even more delightful.

I know some seriously heavy stuff is going on in the world now. I know there are nuclear threats, political scandals, hurricanes approaching, and all the dramas that have gone on in one form or another since the dawn of time. (They didn't have Twitter in the earlier periods in history, so things often appeared better!!) I know many of you are hurting deeply from the loss of loved ones. No one would ask you to suddenly feel warm and fuzzy, but you can gently soothe yourself and look to a future where you'll have a beautiful and constant connection with your dear ones.

You have your own flow, your own joy, your own amazing life to live. If you stay in that flow as much as you can by listening to your own heart and following your own joy, you'll feel as if you are being magically guided and gifted with love from above.

Have a beautiful week :)



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