Love and the Flu

Hi Dear Friends!

The angels remind us to feel the love... everywhere and I share a story of how that helped me heal the "3 week flu" in a few days.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

The universe loves you dear ones. The Divine loves you in so many diverse forms. You are loved when the sun shines upon you. You are loved by the grass beneath your feet. You are loved by the sound of the birds singing their prayers morning and evening, and you are loved by the food on your table. You are loved without condition, without measure. Can you fathom this?

In this, the month that so many of you celebrate love, try to go about your days, thinking to yourself with great satisfaction. "The creator of universes adores me! I am loved in so many forms! The greatest love of my life can never leave me because this love lives in all things in all beings. In every moment of every day, I am loved!"

If a wave dissolves into the ocean, you do not feel as if the ocean has disappeared. You simply see it rising again in a different form. So too with Divine love.

Begin to acknowledge this love as often as you can. Taste your food and see if you can perceive its flavor as love. Feel the warmth of the sun upon your skin and see if you can perceive its life giving energy as love. Look around the home that protects you from the elements and imagine you can feel its love. Feel the love in the water in your morning showers. Imagine it in the plants and essences that scent your lotions. Acknowledge it the workings of your car, for it loves you too, when you sit upon the seat and start its motor each morning.

See this love in the people that are wonderful to you, and even beneath those who are not, for in truth they just push you away from themselves and closer to you.

Can you imagine? The entire universe is a living, breathing consciousness, animated by love itself! All that you see around you has a form of life and energy and light within it. If you seek to acknowledge that love you will feel it far more often. The greatest romance upon your earth is available at all times, for you are both the lover and the beloved. You are Divine Love in human form trying to love yourself in all forms.

We live in love dear ones. We see the light that gives us life in all things and all beings. We see your perfection even when you see your perceived flaws. We see your wholeness even when you feel broken. We see your vitality hiding behind the illusions of ill health.

When you begin to look for and acknowledge the love in all things, you too will notice the underlying perfection and love in all of life. This is your reason for being on earth – to remember and experience the Divine in all its glorious forms and... to look in the mirror to and see nothing less in your own.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

February is a month of love, but also for many a month of feeling unloved. I remember those days when I wished for chocolate and roses. Now I don't want the sugar and my yard gifts me with hundreds of roses. I remember wishing someone would find me special. Now I know we are all special in our own beautiful ways. I remember feeling like some sort of misfit because everyone else was paired off right when I was figuring out who I really was. Now I know we all fit. Most days, I feel God's glorious love all around me in a thousand different ways.

Every now and then, however, I get human! I forgot to clear my energy after channeling the tears of a young man who committed suicide, and I got really worn down. The nasty flu that was going around tried to get me. I woke up with a horribly scratchy throat and congestion and had a few minutes of feeling very sorry for myself before sanity returned.

I didn't have to get sick for 3 weeks! I know better! So I sat down, did my new breathing exercises and commanded my immune system to get to work. I went out into the yard to meditate and while flooding my body with light, I heard God's voice in my head as I often do these days... "See how many ways I love you..." Warmth and bliss flooded me.

The sky was blinding bright blue. The grass was vibrantly green. The sun was warm although the air had a chill. I had my chai tea, a cozy blanket, and the warmth of spirit throughout through me. The Christmas decorations were still sparkling and I had stayed up late the night before to get all my weekend work done. Suddenly down time felt like love. I felt exponentially better by the end of the day, and after a few more days was almost completely back to normal. It was definitely not fun, but it was a great exercise in mind over matter, and love over even the parasitic energies that can wreak havoc with health.

It is normal and human to feel loved when we're validated, when things go our way, when we feel well, etc., and it is all too easy to feel unloved when the outside world isn't easily offering its love in ways we typically feel are loving.

However, we are amazingly, constantly, unconditionally loved by the Divine, the angels, and life itself in ways that are so stunning we I barely put them into human words. Ultimately, this is the love we are seeking beneath every desire we might have.

Here are some pointers to feel the love all around you...

1. Imagine that everything is loving you!

To feel Divine love at first in ways that you're not accustomed to requires a stretch of imagination. I wasn't taught that the sturdiness of my chair is love but now when I sit down I feel and give thanks for its loving strength. I wasn't taught to feel my car's loving and protective embrace, but it is there! I wasn't taught that the taste of my food is God's love in form, but it is.

If you can, begin to imagine that every little good (funny I typed God!) thing in life is offering you some love.

2. Ask your angels to hug you!

Sit down. Wrap yourself in a blanket and ask the angels to come into the blanket as energy and embrace you. Really. This is a go-to way to get a magnificent hug! Just breathe... you will feel cozy and comforted at the very least and you may just notice the blanket heating up unnaturally in a way that feels utterly amazing!

Sit this way for several minutes and soak up the love. The more you relax and breathe, the more you'll feel the embrace.

3. See if you can imagine Divine love – even beneath the things and people that don't seem loving...

This one gets extra credit and extra benefits! When I started getting sick I was forced to see the love of my body trying to remind me to take care of my energy field. When people have been cruel to me I saw Divine love reminding me to kindly turn away and be loving to myself. When my old pool finally needed resurfacing and I was faced with a large bill I had to stretch, but imagined the Divine reminding me that I live in an abundant universe and am always cared for. Now that's a loving thought!

If you can find the love even beneath the things and people you don't like, then your life experience suddenly becomes exponentially more loving! You'll heal and attract goodness in ways you never dreamed!

This week, play around with retraining yourself to see the love all around you. This is a love that never leaves, never judges, never requires a thing from you other than simple awareness and acknowledgment.

Love you all!



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