Love Now = Love Later

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You live in a fast-paced society which bombards you at every turn with a sense of urgency. “Act now!” “Don’t miss out!” “Time is money!” Unlike your ancestors, you live in a state of almost constant stress, perpetuated by the notion that you could possibly ever run out of time.

In past generations, people lived in synchronization with nature. They awakened with the sunrise, and went to bed shortly after sunset. They slowed down to talk with other human beings. They knew death was inevitable and that they might as well enjoy their lives. They lived in accordance with their natural rhythms.

Now, however, you live in accordance with unnatural rhythms. You are conditioned to believe death is the enemy rather than simply a doorway through which you pass on your journey through eternity. The clock becomes your dictator, and “how much you pack into a day" becomes your measure of success.

In truth, you only have now. Make it the most loving "now" you can imagine. Slow down. Even if you like moving quickly, slow your mind down to be focused in the present moment.

When you savor the moment, you attract grace, ease, and synchronicity. When you bring love to your “now" you can’t help but attract more love “later.”

Look at what causes you to rush through your days. Look at what makes you feel urgent. Is it a feeling that something bad will happen if you do not accomplish what you wish? Is it a feeling that you’ll have failed if you don’t accomplish all you wish? Is it a feeling that you’re worthless if you don’t get something done?

In truth only good can come of enjoying the moment. Trust that. In truth you cannot ever fail God. In truth you are never worthless. No matter what you do or don’t accomplish you are eternal, endless love having a human experience.

Enjoy your moments, dear friends, and you will enjoy your life.

As we have said so many times, What you accomplish matters far less than the love with which you do it. If you were to prioritize having a loving moment – one after the next – you would enjoy your life so thoroughly, that you would never have to worry about what you've accomplished!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

Well this is embarrassing! A few weeks ago I realized that I had become obsessed with time. Of course I must pay attention to it on the days I have appointments scheduled. We don't trust our guidance so deeply that we can coordinate our lives without it... at least not at this stage of human evolution!

Nonetheless, I had slowly slipped into a reality where I allowed myself to feel controlled by the clock! Had I exercised before 9am? Had I answered emails before 10am? Was the newsletter written by 1pm? Would I get to bed by 11pm? Was it time to eat? I caught myself checking the clock all the time and judging whether or not I was having a good day by how much I packed in! It was an old habit and I'd allowed it to slowly start polluting my joy in the present.

I realized the complete absurdity of this behavior, the weekend my computer monitor broke. Suddenly I had no plans... and still I was checking the clock!

That did it! The moment I saw how I'd strayed from the present moment, I taped sticky notes over every clock in the house – on my computers, my microwave, my oven, the alarm, you name it!

I promised myself I wouldn't peek. For the entire weekend and my entire office day on Monday, I promised myself I would not look at a single clock! I would drop back into my heart, and do what I felt like doing in the moment! I would eat when I was hungry, sleep when I was tired... and trust. I knew I needed to return to my natural rhythms.

At first it was humorous. I actually caught myself looking at every clock in the house, and way too often! I couldn't see them with the sticky notes taped on top, so it made me laugh. No cheating. No peeking! I stuck to my resolve.

With no clock to dictate "what I should be doing and when" I started once again to do what I felt like doing in each moment. I felt relaxed, unhurried, and highly productive. I enjoyed my meals, had time to relax in the evenings, and went to bed when I was actually tired. I started feeling the grace and love of the Divine moving me – naturally – once again.

By the end of the weekend I had accomplished more than I thought possible and was completely rejuvenated! I had lived a three day meditation, purely present, in bliss, and in tune with my own soul. By the time I removed the sticky notes, on my next client day I had returned so completely to my natural rhythms that I barely had to check the clocks... I was back "in tune" with "now!"

Have you ever gotten to this point where you feel ruled by the clock? Have you ever slipped into judging your success based on how much you accomplish?

If so here are a few tips to balance your need for keeping time, with living in the present...

1. Set aside some time to "Get out of time"

Set aside anywhere from a few hours to an entire day somewhere in the next month. For the entire time avoid looking at the clock. Do what your heart wants in each moment. If you don't know what your heart wants, sit quietly and just "be" until something arises. If you can set aside time each week, even better.

If you absolutely cannot take this sort of time, try covering up your clocks and programming an app or timer to buzz when you absolutely need to do things throughout your day. Avoid checking the clock otherwise. Slowly allow yourself to focus on the present, knowing your timer will let you know when you must shift. You will be less distracted and more productive, and more importantly you will recalibrate yourself to your more natural rhythms.

2.Try to be fully present with whatever you are doing now

If you are with someone give them your full attention. If you can't, excuse yourself or be honest that you have to focus on something else. I had a friend who used to say to her child, "We'll have mommy time after I fix dinner!"

If you are doing some work, try to minimize distractions. The angels once jokingly told a woman she should put police tape across her office entrance the first two hours of each day so she could get her most important work done without interruptions. I turn the phone off and let it go to message while I'm working, and turn the sound off on my computer when I must concentrate so I don't hear incoming messages.

Being present allows you to enjoy your current reality, or at least notice when you are not enjoying it so you can create change.

3. If you have trouble being present, journal your distracting thoughts.

Write down all that distracts you – all your regrets about the past worries about the future, etc. Put them in a God box (a box you intend to contain all your prayers) and give them to God. Now try to focus on the now.

While we certainly need time to coordinate ourselves, we don't have to allow our happiness or feelings of self-worth to be ruled by the clock! When we get present, we see clearly what supports our aliveness and joy and where we must begin to manifest change.

And while I completely understand packing a lot in, the truth is simple. Our joy in the present is of far more value that what we think we must accomplish in the future. Give it a try... when you have time :)!!

Love you all!




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