Oh You Are So Loved!

Hi All,

Today's message is a love note from the angels reminding us how deeply and early we are treasured and supported. I'll share how embracing this—believing it even when I don't see it—has completely changed the way I react to challenges and, thus, the help I receive in solving them. As always, I'll provide some quick tips to help you live in the reality that you are loved!

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We say this every week, but in truth, we whisper it every moment of your lives. We love you. Take a moment and breathe that in. We love you.

You don't have to earn our love or maintain it. You can ignore us for years, then come to us in need, and we will be there. You can be angry and yell at us, and we will continue to love you. You can tell us to go away, but our love cannot leave you any more than the ocean can leave a wave, for we are extensions of Divine love. So are you.

When you doubt your dreams, we remain steadfast in holding the energetic blueprint for all you desire. When you see the impossible, we whisper the next step that is possible. When you feel discouraged about your relationships, we encourage you to care for yourself first, to be honest with yourself first, and then from there, to be lovingly honest with others. We hold a vision of harmony for your hearts and your lives. We want for you what you want for yourself—and more.

Dear ones, we love because it is our nature to love. We feel the presence of the Divine within us, and nothing less will satisfy. We love because that's who we are, and if we were to stray from our loving nature, we would feel as terrible as you do on Earth when you stray from your own loving nature. We love for our own sake, and we know that in choosing to love you, we are as well, choosing to love and honor ourselves. We are birthed from the heart of love. So are you. We feel best when we remain true to the spark within. You do as well.

If you could surrender deeply enough to feel our love for you, the sheer magnitude of it would overwhelm you. You would be awash with waves of bliss, one after the next, pouring through you, elevating your sense of dissolving into oneness while at the same time being cherished as the individual you are. You would be the wave, feeling the magnitude and the motion of the ocean within. You would know beyond doubt that there is no separation between you, us, the Divine, and all of life.

The reason that we often entreat you to sit, breathe, and receive is simple. We want you to know the love that we do. We want you to feel it, drink it in, and remember it as the very essence of your own spirit. Love is sustenance for your soul. The vibration of love reminds you – beyond words —that you are precious, perfect, unique, and have value. Love relaxes your body so it can heal its own ills. Love is what allows you to believe in, and therefore experience, the goodness, and grace of the universe. Love is what opens you to guidance, miracles, solutions, ideas, and inspiration. In the vibration of love, all things are, indeed, possible.

Reaching this vibration of love seems difficult to you at times, but in truth, it is not as hard as you make it. We say this often—reach for the best feeling thought, and you are reaching for love. Do the kindest thing for yourself in a given moment, and you are choosing love. As you continue to reach for good feelings, you will know—beyond words—a taste of the love that is available to you in greater and greater measure.

As simple as it seems, the exercise of sitting, breathing, and receiving is one that can change your life. Try it now, if only for a few moments. Hold an intention to receive our love. Then as you breathe, slowly and deeply, pay attention to your breath and how good it feels. Focus on anything that feels good as you breathe. See if you can relax into feeling even more.

Don't look for us and our love. Receive us. Imagine if you like that you are a funnel opening wider at the rim to allow our love to flow into your crown. Imagine, if you like, that one of your angels stands beside you, hands on your heart, or perhaps one rests behind you as you lean into them for support and comfort. For a few moments, lay your cares aside and focus on one simple statement of pure truth, "I am loved."

As you embrace this, in this simple exercise, you will carry the truth into waking life... I am loved. Indeed you are dear ones. Always.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

This has been a wild and intense year. I'm happier than ever with all my creative pursuits and at the same time, more challenged than ever to maintain balance. I find that I am handling challenges with a peace that makes me pinch myself at times, which is a good thing since the challenges have been there. What used to make me feel stressed and upset is just another thing to do.

The shift has occurred because somehow, as I've worked diligently these past few years to choose better feeling thoughts as a discipline, the experience of being loved has been infinitely more present—not because I'm behaving and the universe loves me more, but because I'm doing what it takes to feel the love that is already and always there.

If you say you're thirsty but won't turn on the faucet, it is not the water's fault :)

If we say we're not loved but don't open up the faucet to receive it, it isn't the Divine's or the angel's fault.

We choose what we allow in our lives in so many ways, but today we're talking about choosing to allow love. We can't force people to love us, or life to love us, or even expect that everyone will behave nicely, but we can expect the Divine, the angels, and the underlying energy beneath the universe to love us. That love remains constant. It is there, flowing all the time. We can tap into it with every breath and every choice. In that love, all things are handled so much more easily.

Take this week, for example. I love love love my days in Sedona teaching my classes. I look forward to them for months. I spend long hours in preparation to make things go seamlessly. And yet, I realize I'm not in control of anyone else. I'm writing this newsletter on Wednesday. Two of my helpers just had things come up and are not sure they can assist. In my earlier days, I would have been freaking out. When I got the news, I just shut my eyes, breathed, and prayed for them to have ease and grace, whether they could join me or not. I love them. I want them to be happy.

I wasn't worried about myself or the class. I know I'm loved, and I know the universe wants us all to have ease and grace. All I had to do was quiet my mind and breathe. I felt that energy that buoys me and holds me up. Solutions flowed easily. I will focus on them coming since that is what we all want. I will surrender if not. A "Plan B" comes to mind easily, and I decide which items I can leave behind if we don't have the help to offer them for sale. I recall that a dear client of mine had volunteered to help if necessary, and this angel is truly "waiting in the wings" to see if she will be needed. Life is flowing. I'm giving the rest to God. What will be will be. I've already seen the energy of the class. I know it will be lovely for everyone.

It takes a while and some work to really open up to this kind of love. I'll never forget one of the first times I had what I humorously call a "God-gasm." I was in deep meditation, feeling appreciative for a lot of little things in my life. As I focused on feeling appreciation, I felt more love. As I focused on the love, I felt more appreciation. As I focused on the appreciation, I felt more love.

The energy of love kept ramping up and getting stronger and stronger until it gripped me, pulsed through me, and my entire being beat like a heart in sync with the rhythm of the universe. I was in ecstasy. I was pure energy pulsating. I was dissolving into everything. Bliss upon bliss upon bliss cascaded through me. My cells buzzed. I started to lose any sense of the small self... and that's exactly when I reached the edges of the envelope of my worthiness. I had the thought, "Is it really ok to feel this good?" and it immediately kicked me right back into ordinary waking reality.

It took another year before I felt that again! I was so frustrated with myself I kept myself away from this love! When I finally decided I didn't have to "earn" it again and instead just kept looking for appreciation and good feelings, it returned so easily.

We are so loved. It is so constant. The more you believe it, the more you receive it! I remind myself of this all the time!

Here are a few tips to help you open up to the amazing and constant love that is there for you...

1. Remind yourself often, "I am loved."

As simple as this sounds, just reminding yourself that you are loved will help you form new habits of thought and open you to that love.

Repeat often to yourself, "I am loved beyond reason." You are. Accept it.

Stop telling yourself why you can't, who didn't tell you that you were loved, who hurt you, why you have low self-esteem or unworthiness. All those things may be true, but they just reinforce the habits you want to release. In the words of the angels to me once, said with love but firmness, "Cut that out." No matter who lied to you, stop telling yourself the lie that you are not lovable and therefore not loved. You are loved beyond reason.

2. Act as if you're loved

If you have a lover in your life, or even your dog who looks at you with adoration, supports your every dream and wants to assist, you act differently than if you feel alone, responsible for figuring everything out by yourself, and unsupported. You ask for help. You feel the peace of knowing someone has your back. You assume their intentions for you are good.

Someone does love you this way. Legions of angels do. You are supported. You are not alone. You don't have to figure anything out by yourself.

This week I was working with a new editing program. It started acting wonky, and I couldn't figure out why. I know the universe knows every cell in my body and every bit of code in a program. So I sat, affirmed, "Hi. Universe! I know you love me! I love you too! I love this program. I love the idea of it working. Any ideas? I know you know the answer!" It wasn't long before I received the answer, simply as a feeling to try something new. I could have felt alone and unsupported, in which case I would have struggled to figure it out or wade through user manuals!

Ask yourself, "If I were unconditionally loved and supported (because I AM!), how would I act? What would I do next?" The answer will be very different than if you asked, "If I were all alone and left to figure out how to handle things on my own without support, what would I do?" You will feel the difference as you read those words. Let's end with a good vibe: "Since I AM unconditionally loved and supported, how will I act?" Even when things don't look right, trust the universe has your back!

3. Reach for it!

Sometimes we have to stretch our minds a bit to feel loved. We have to stop focusing on a problem or grievance long enough to notice the birdsong or beautiful day. We have to stop thinking about our work long enough to savor our lunch. We have to do something kind for ourselves to counteract an unpleasant interaction. Most of us believe in the love we see, feel, or hear, but if you believe in love when you don't, you'll see, hear, and feel it more often. Instead of staying stuck in an unloving bunch of thoughts, turn the other cheek. Look toward something that does feel like love. It will help you believe and receive.

If you can't honestly believe you are loved, perhaps because people or circumstances have not been kind or easy, then pretend. Imagine. Act like you are. You may just start believing you are if you choose to be kind to yourself.

The more you receive, the more you believe. The more you believe, the more you are open to receive. You are loved, beyond reason, now and forevermore.

Have a blessed week :)



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