On Anxiety

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Last week we spoke to you about worry. This week we wish to address the topic of anxiety because so very many of you are experiencing anxiety at this time. Worry and anxiety are close cousins. When you worry, typically you are projecting a specific fear out into the future. When you are anxious, the fears are often unidentified and muddled in your mind. Worry says, "I fear this specific outcome is going to happen!" Anxiety says, "I fears something is going to go wrong! I have no idea what. I am not in control. I'm not sure I can handle it," and so on and so forth.

Just as prayer and a focus on the desired outcome can cure worry, so too prayer and a focus on your desired outcome can help calm the fears that cause anxiety.

For many of you anxiety is a habitual and learned way of being. You feel you must be concerned about every possible future scenario that might occur in your lives. This robs you of the joy in the present moment. When anxiety creeps up, breathe slowly and deeply, then sit down and write down specifically what you fear. Make a list until all the fears are identified. Now you have your power back. Now you can look your fears in the face, ask yourself if that is really what you are planning to create, and then resolve pray for what you really want.

For some of you anxiety is an emotional virus that acts up up as soon as life starts going well. There is a culture of struggle on your planet that humanity has created, believes in, and perpetuates. Beliefs such as "No Pain. No Gain," "You have to pay your dues," "No Guts. No glory," continue to reinforce the idea that struggle is required to achieve anything of value in life. While we would agree that work, effort, and labors of love are required at times, struggle is not, for when you feel you are struggling dear ones, what are you really struggling with but your own hearts? When you ignore your hearts enitrely you set up a mentality that life must be hard, drudgery, etc. And unfortunately you become used to this reality.

Suddenly, one day, after years of struggle, you change your ways. You decide to pay attention to your heart, to put your faith in God, and to pray for your dreams to come true. You surrender a bit of control, and then all of the sudden, dear ones, absolute magic begins to happen in your lives. And then the ego feels as if it is dying. It is no longer in control. And so it begins to fret and worry and create imaginary possible problems for you to worry about that rob you of your joy.

Anxiety is the ego's way of taking your soul hostage and preventing it from living in its true power and in the truth of God's love and abundance. When you become anxious, take time to sit still and ask yourself, "What do I fear?" Look each fear in the face, pray for the desired outcome, and if all else fails, sit, breathe and call upon your angels to help you feel, once again, the truth of God's abiding love.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels



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