On the fire of your love...

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath. Imagine that the air around you is like an ocean. As you breathe in, a wave of clean, pure air rushes into your lungs. It pauses and then recedes as you surrender to the exhale, in much the same way as a wave withdraws from its pinnacle upon the shore back into the eternal ocean.

Breathe again. Allow a wave to rush into you and fill your lungs. Imagine this air filling you, energizing you, and cleansing you. It reaches into your very cells, pauses, and then recedes. Breathe again. Allow waves from the ocean of love to cleanse and enliven you.

Imagine you wanted to build a bonfire on the beach. You would have to wait for the ocean to bring you the wood that you would burn. You would feed these offerings to the fire to fan its flames. The denser energies would turn to light!

Similarly, within you there exists a flame of Divinity. You fuel it with love. It is your love and your light that will burn up the darkness of this world and transmute these denser energies into something so much brighter.

You can do this in a very human way by sending love and praying for those in darkness. However, for those of you who are sensitive, and need to adjust to the world’s chaotic frequencies, you can also burn up the darkness simply as energy.

You need not fear the world’s anger. You need not fear the sadness, apathy, resignation, bitterness, unforgiveness, and hostility that many of you feel. You need not block it, any more than you’d try to block an ocean wave.

Instead, breathe. Breathe in from that ocean of love and as you breathe in, imagine any denser or unpleasant energies that come in are drawn into the flame of Divine love in your heart. Imagine this fire of invisible light burns brightly. As you breathe in the world’s ills, these denser energies are drawn into that fire in your heart. They fuel it, make it burn more brightly, enlivening you, filling you more deeply with love.

You are the lights of the world. The light of the Source lives within you as a beautiful, blindingly bright bonfire of Divine love! As you breathe in the “negative” energies of this world, cast them upon the fire of this love. Simply imagine they are burnt up in this love. Then allow the air to recede from you, sinking back into an ocean of love, purified, and more loving than ever before.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Two weeks ago I was feeling a really unpleasant energy sticking to me. I had attended a beautiful conference for parents who lost children. The healing was amazing. However in one workshop on forgiveness, as I sat in the back of the room a few lost souls made their way over to me for help. I brought them into the light and then tuned back into the room. The a/c was cold.

I was a little tired, and suddenly I tuned into all the grief, anger, and sadness in the room. It was like static cling sticking to me. It felt like a thumb on my third eye, a fist in my brain stem, and an uncomfortable shaking sensation. I was desperately trying to send it love and clear it off, but without much luck.

I went up to see my friend Summer Bacon’s channeling session the following weekend and asked how to better handle such intense and unpleasant energies. “Receive,” the angel told me. Everyone in the room thought he was talking about me becoming a better human receiver of help and assistance.

However as he channeled energy and telepathically showed me what he was talking about I understood that in order for me to be comfortable in a chaotic and angry world, in my body, when I feel everything, I had to stop trying to “get rid” of those unpleasant energies, and receive them fully into my light.

As he worked with me, I went into an elevated state and saw and felt the love behind all unpleasant energies I’d been resisting. I felt compassion. I breathed in the dark, dense vibrations and imagined them burning up in that light in my heart… and spontaneously went into “gazing” mode. Energy from the Divine coursed through me. The room turned to white light before my eyes and I burned with love as if there was a real fire within me. This “fire of God” as I call it has been erupting from within far more often these days. I understood.

As Dr. Peebles, the angel who comes through my friend said, “As you give, you receive. As you receive, you give.” I know this. My entire life is dedicated to an understanding of the flows of Divine Love throughout creation. I just it more deeply.

Here are a few ways to allow the world’s density to burn up in the fire of love within you...

1. Focus on the Divine Flames Within You

You may have seen pictures of Jesus or the saints with a flame of light in their heart area. We all have this in us. It grows brighter and stronger the more we pay attention to it.

For just a few seconds a day, maybe when you're waiting somewhere, focus near your heart area in the middle of your chest. Now think of something or someone you love and tune into the feeling of love there. Imagine a very bright fire of white light growing stronger as you do.

With practice you can feel this at will.

2. Breathe the Denser Energies into the Fire

When you feel an uncomfortable energy breathe it in and imagine it being drawn into this fire of light at your heart. See it dissipating or dissolving as quickly and easily as a paper burns in a fire. Breathe in again and imagine the warmth of Divine love growing within you.

Even if there is an unpleasant feeling or thought within you, you can imagine breathing it into this fire and watching it burn up in the light of love.

3. Breathe consciously more often

With every conscious breath, willingly allowing yourself to receive love as that wave of air rushes in, stoking the fires of Divine love, and then receding, you strengthen your light.

Take time at stoplights or inline to simply breathe in the love, imagine it stoking the fires of divine light, and then allowing it to recede. It'll improve your well being – mind, body, and soul.

We don't have to fear the negative energies in the world. Let's breathe them in and burn them up in the flames of love!

Love you all!



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