Pray With Certainty

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

When we look at each and every one of you we see precious souls. We do not see mistakes, problems, issues, etc. Instead we see beautiful beings of light who are here to explore and experience a reality called earth in your eternal journey and exploration of love. We do not see anything wrong with you ever. You can scream, cry, throw tantrums, complain, and still we hold you close as one would hold a little child who just does not yet understand how much he or she is loved. You ARE loved dear friends. It is an illusion that you are not. It is an illusion that God does not care about your needs or want to answer your prayers.

If you want your prayers answered then check in with your own hearts and make sure they are sincere. Make sure your prayers are not a means to an end. So many of you, instead of praying for what you really want, pray for the ways you feel you must get there. Instead of praying for the love of your life, you target one individual and ask God to turn them into the love of your life. Instead of praying for your bills to be paid easily and joyfully, you pray for money to come in a certain way, when in reality God knows millions of ways. Instead of praying for a peaceful life you pray for all the things you think you need to get there. And while it is absolutely ok to pray for specific things in your life, make sure these things are what you really want, rather than a means to an end, for what you really want will come more easily. At times, prayers may go unanswered while the universe gives you time to get clear.

So many of you also water down your prayers with doubt, unworthiness, etc. "I would like to go on a vacation God... but I don't think I can afford the time off and I don't know who would watch my house, etc..." Prayers like these are not very powerful because in truth, every word you utter and every thought you think is a prayer! And so the prayer above is really a confused prayer because it does not clearly own the fact that you want to go on a vacation and have everything in your life necessary to allow for it work out in a beautiful way.

Pray with certainty dear ones, whatever it is you pray for. Pray for what you really want, can clearly own, and are willing to surrender to God. In this fashion your prayers will be answered in accordance with the vibrational laws of the universe, in cooperation with the angels, under the divine direction of the One who made you and loves you more than you can possibly imagine.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels




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Ann Albers

Ann Albers is a popular spiritual instructor, angel communicator, lecturer, and author. She is a traditional Reiki master and a modern mystic who delights in distilling ancient wisdom into practical, down-to-earth tools for modern living. Ann's passion and purpose is teaching others to tap into the power and beauty of their souls, as well as helping people connect with the love and wisdom of their angels.

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