Programming for Peace

Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels suggest a simple technique for helping us quickly rewire for peace, love, and joy and I'll share some simple techniques for finding peace as well. The world needs us to be that peace so we can soothe the fires, and calm the storms.

Sending you all so much love,

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your words, in their best and most powerful usage, are symbols for the vibrations they represent. For example, when you say, "I love this," and you allow yourself to feel love, your words contain the vibration of love. When you say, "Peace be with you," and you feel the vibration of peace in your heart, your words share the very same. When you do not feel what you are saying, your words are vibrationally weak. When you take the time to speak with heart and feeling, your words can calm the storms.

Take a deep breath. As we discussed last week, think of some person or situation in which you feel deep peace. Take a moment, shut your eyes, and deeply connect with the feeling of peace. Mentally say to yourself, "peace," and feel the feeling. Do this as often as you can. You are programming yourselves to feel peace, the minute you say or think the word.

Now take another breath. Think of someone or something you love. Shut your eyes, feel the feelings of love until you are filled and then say to yourself, "love." You are programming yourself to feel love, the minute you say or think about the word.

Once again breathe. Think of a time in your life when you felt joy, or imagine a fantasy in which you do feel joy. Exaggerate the feelings if you can, and then say to yourself, "joy." Each time you do this, you are programming yourself to feel joy.

You can do this with any positive vibration and corresponding positive word. You can "wire" yourself to feel peace in the middle of storms, love in the face of those who are upset, and even joy in a time when many would not find reason to feel joyful. You can train yourself to relax when you say the world, "relax," and to become more energized when you say the word, "energize."

This is a skill that will come in handy during the next few months. Your mother earth is releasing a great deal of energy. She loves you. She is not trying to hurt you, nor is she punishing humanity. She is simply releasing the pent up pressures in human hearts, the torrents of unexpressed emotion, and the passionate, burning desire for a greater, kinder, and more connected, loving, reality.

No matter what the external world, however, peace lives inside of you. No one, and nothing can take it away. Love exists within you. No one, and nothing can take that way. Joy exists within. It is yours to call upon. You can practice these feelings, practice associating them with a word or two, and practice entering these states at will

As you focus more and more upon these high vibrational states of being, you will find yourself centered even in the midst of a world that feels turbulent. As you wire yourself with these energies your decisions will no longer require agonizing thought processes, but rather answers will arrive organically, easily, and joyfully. You will literally be moved by the spirit within. You will be steered around life's storms, or in some cases you will be the ones to steer the storms with your intention and your positive prayers.

Peace. Love. Joy. We wish you this, and so much more, dear ones. We are here with each and every one of you, loving you, guiding you, and amplifying your positive vibrations. We are sending you our love, our peace, our intentions for your joy. We want for you what you want for you.

As you practice these higher vibrations, or others that delight you, you will hear our guidance ever more clearly, feel our love, and know that you rest securely in the arms of the Divine. In these more refined energies, you can "weather" any weather with peace, love, and joy, and you can be the calm, powerful, voice of prayer, that either steers you around the storms, or calms the storms around you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Peace. When I say the world I think of growing up and going to Catholic mass. We shook hands with those around us in church, saying quickly to each, "Peace be with you." Some people said it by rote, barely looking you in the eye. Others felt like the hands of God itself, connecting with you, emanating a nurturing, and calming presence. I wanted to be like them. I tried to make eye contact and send feelings of peace too. In turn I felt peaceful. Now I find peace in nature or in thoughts of nature, and more importantly resting in the knowing that I do not have to "create" peace around me. I just have to focus on the feeling and allow it to flood into me, and out from me. Peace.

I feel the grass under my feet. Breathe. "Peace." I crawl under a cozy blanket. Breathe. "Peace." I sip a cup of tea. Breathe. "Peace." Then I try to conjure it up on my own. Breathe. "Peace." Wow, it works.

It was one of the biggest revelations in my life that I could learn to practice vibrations inwardly rather than just reacting to the outside world. The angels used to get in my head during suspenseful parts in movies and tell me to practice watching in peace. They'd get in my head when I watched people argue and tell me to emanate peace and love. I had no idea at the time, the power of such practices.

As you practice various positive vibrations, you develop the ability to call them up at will. The more you think of things that make you feel peaceful, the quicker you can conjure up the feeling, no matter what the circumstance. I find a leak in the yard. "Peace." It will be fixed. The winds are howling around the house. "Peace." It'll be fine. The world is about to enter and unsettling and difficult time. "Peace." In this state of deep connection the Source I can be a greater contribution. It is Friday night and I'm doing the newsletter later than usual in the week. "Peace." Everything is in perfect timing. I shut my eyes, think of all of you and emanate peaceful wishes for your life's journey. There is much I wish to achieve tonight still, but it can wait. "Peace." All is in right order.

The world needs our peace, our love, and our joy. Together, in peace, I have faith that we can call upon the gentle rains to soothe fires, calm the storms, and uplift and comfort human hearts. Together in peace, our vibration is a wave that raises people up rather than knocking them down. Peace knows no race, no political party, no division. Peace knows no fear. Peace finds no blame. Peace reminds us we are eternal. Peace knows all problems are temporary. Peace understands that grace is available.

I wish you peace. I wish me peace. I wish all humanity and our entire earth peace. Let us join together and emanate that vibration to the best of our ability, now and in the months ahead. Together, as in that dream I shared last week, we can be the calm center of life's storms.

Here are a few additional pointers to help you practice peace...

1. Listen to sounds of nature

I think we know this intuitively, but now science has shown that the sounds of nature decrease the fight/flight response and lower heart rate. Listen to the wind, the crickets, ocean waves, babbling brooks, chirping birds, or even a purring cat to help the body become more peaceful.

When you're listening, after awhile pay more attention to the feeling than the sound. See if you can memorize it, and call it up at will.

2. Stop. Breathe. Become Deeply Present

Stop. Breathe. Look around you and see if you can look at your environment as if you are looking at it for the first time. Examine things around you without judgment. Look for things you've not noticed before. Appreciate all that is around you. Presence brings peace.

3. Be a channel for peace

For a few moments, sit quietly and breathe. As you breathe focus on anything that gives you peace. Imagine peace is pouring into you and emanating out from you into the world. Imagine allowing this peace to flow through you and into the hearts of those you love.

If you like, imagine you sit at the center of a storm swirling around you, but you are in a peaceful clear energy. You can see blue skies above. Imagine the peaceful energy from above pours into you and emanates outward. As the peaceful energy joins with the swirling storm, it slows it, soothes it, and calms it until its energy dissipates.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for you, your light, and your commitment to be the peace on this earth. In peace, and in love, and in joy, grace, guidance, and goodness are allowed to flow freely, not only into our lives, but out into our world.

I love you all.



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