Release The Dark To Free The Light

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take heart! As you watch the turmoil on your earth, realize that any turbulence is ultimately caused by a very great influx of light, that by its very nature will stir up the darkness that has been dormant - both in the world and within human hearts. You cannot take a flashlight into a dark room without seeing all the things that are dusty, dirty, out of place, or in need of being discarded. Likewise as more beautiful and refined energies come to your planet, old pains, old upsets, old angers, etc. come to the surface - both to be revealed and healed. This is happening on a social scale, and on a personal scale for many.

However, at the very same time there is great opportunity for growth, ease, grace, and expansion. As you let go of what no longer serves you - ideologies that create separation, limiting beliefs, unloving circumstances, etc. you make room for wonderful opportunities in your life. As you see the old patterns rising up within you, choose to love them, thank them for the growth, and let them go. You are stepping into a greater and more beautiful truth, and hence, a greater and more beautiful reality.

Growing does involve "letting go." A seed must release its pod to sprout. A chick must release its shell. A rosebud must break out of the leaves surrounding it to blossom. A forest must periodically be cleansed by fires. A child must outgrow their helplessness to become a powerful adult. And so dear ones, always, when you grow, when you want more, there will be limitations that you must release. If you want more abundance, you must give up your thoughts of lack. If you want love, you must give up your unworthiness, or your disbelief that anyone would be a match. If you want a better career, you must release the notion that you have to figure it all out all by yourselves. So when you are wanting to grow, to create more in your life, or to be more of who you really are, seek out those things within you that run contrary to your new desires and creations, bless them, and release them.

In truth you never let go of the real you - the light within. You only let go of those limiting beliefs and circumstances that were, in a sense, your "classrooms" for a time. You only let go of what once felt like "shelter" or "protection" and in so doing, you find out how completely sheltered, protected, and loved you really are.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Every now and then a song completely grabs my heart. The one in the video below did that recently, "I don't dance," Is a song about a man who is giving up what he "didn't do" for the love of a woman. The reason it touches my heart is because I have given up all I thought I once was to discover a love greater than I ever thought possible - a love that lives in every crack, corner, and crevice of creation... and inside our own hearts.

Two decades ago if you had asked me who I was I would have said, I am an avionics engineer. I am religious. I am married. I am "smart." I thought psychics were full of nonsense, and I thought the "woo woo" people were really weird. I thought I had my whole life planned out.

Little by little, I admitted to myself that in spite of having everything I thought I needed to be happy, I was empty, lost, and lonely. And thus began the journey of seeking happiness that led me to shed so many layers of identity. I gave up my marriage, my dogs, my career, my home, my judgments, my unworthiness, my forgiveness, my arrogance, my anger, my pain and sadnesses from the past, indeed all that defined me. I gave up my need to identify with being "the smart girl" and learned to turn off my brain so I could access a greater intelligence. I gave up my need to be "in control" of everything so I could surrender to a greater ease. I gave up my need to "save" and "fix" people so I could truly be of service. I gave up my "disease to please" so I could live more authentically. The more I let go, the more I received.

There will always be more to let go. We are, after all, human! Just a few weeks ago when the storm hit my house it took every ounce of will power not to get into drama, but instead to choose peace, ease, grace, and joy in spite of the impact to my time, bank account, and emotions. I'm glad I did. As I write this a/c repair guys are inspecting my attic for leaks in the duct work. I'm not leaking my energy over it!

It does take will power to release what does not serve us. Our cultures supports drama, victimhood, martyrdom, and a whole host of other unhappy behaviors and beliefs. It takes courage to look at yourself and say, "This isn't working." Let me choose a better situation, better thoughts, or a better way of dealing with life. It takes courage to say, "I trust God. I do not have to be in control of everything once I've done my part." People may not understand or support you in releasing the culturally accepted patterns in exchange for higher truth. It doesn't matter. As we let go, we gain. As we release we are embraced. As we discard the illusions, we walk in greater truth.

My letting go didn't happen all at once. It happened one small decision at a time. And it wasn't always easy. It was once hard for me to let go of my scarcity mentality long enough to pay $3 for a cup of coffee. It was once difficult to say, "I can't do this," to someone even when I was near exhaustion. It was once hard to sit still and rest. And yet with each tiny choice to let go of what no longer served, a greater light and greater joy came into my life.

As the angels say, "When you open to a trickle of love, soon it becomes a stream that runs into the rivers, that cascade into oceans of love." See if you can let go of a few thoughts that don't make you happy this week, a few tendencies towards drama, or a few self-criticisms. Trade them in for better ones, and as you do so, notice how greater joy is and always has been there waiting to be embraced.

Love you all,



QuantumRok2010 20th August 2014 12:54 am

Wow, you are becoming my favourite spirit libray writer....There is a section you wrote about I GAVE UP THIS....and I wanted to take that info and put it in my women's workshops with your permission because your authenticity is so heart warming.
I too am going through the loss of just about everything in a big way now,..extremely stressful but your words encourage me to dare to be calm in the face of releasing the old energy of debt, banking and servitude. You are right, not knowing where this will lead is somewhat frightening, but as I said your words encourage me to do the right thing for me...just a little love for me rather than judge myself with dark energy that has a negative impact on my joy in life.
Thank you Ann for being Ann...You Rock Girl!!


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