Self Love is a Gift for the World!

Hi Dear Friends,

How do you love thee? Let you count the ways! OK, that was a lame joke... but the angels do encourage us this week to focus on self-love as a starting point for being the change we want to see in the world.

I'll share thoughts, stories, and some down-to-earth pointers on how to incorporate more self-love into your life, so we truly can love the world into a new dimension too!

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are courageous, loving, beautiful, light-filled beings! You are souls who have an inner desire and a strong intention to be here upon this earth in this time of incredible growth and expansion.

You chose to wake up this morning! You choose to transition from your excursions out of the body in the higher realms of reality, and to reincarnate into your earthly dimension each new day. You chose to be here at this time in human history, helping to usher in a grand and glorious new reality during this tough, but nonetheless amazing, time of awakening!

You knew, at a very deep level, that no matter how tumultuous your world looks right now, it was absolutely necessary, at some point in history, for humanity to pause, for each of you to take stock of your direction, and to set a new, higher, and happier course. You wanted to "stick around for the good stuff!"

You wanted to be the midwives of a greater love here upon your planet earth, and indeed you are!

We know it isn't easy right now. Many of you are extremely sensitive. You look at the world's pain and feel the world's pain. You look at the anger and you get angry. You try to remain present but get sucked into a question floating around the mass consciousness, "When is it ever going to end?"

Dear ones, we ask you to ask yourself a different question – one far more relevant to your own life, your own abundance, and your own joy. "When is it going to end for me?"

Right here, in this moment you can decide that there is nothing more important to you than your own relationship with yourself. There is nothing more important right now than being kind to yourself, accepting yourself, and loving yourself as you are, right here, right now.

As you continue to be loving and kind to yourself, and as you choose to unconditionally accept yourself as you are, you allow the Source of all Love to flow to you and through you.

In this space of being united with the LOVE that you are, you become a powerful force of light!

  • You can bear witness to the world's pain while sending it love.
  • You can feel the vibrations of static, yet quickly dissolve them by focusing on love and light.
  • You can listen to angry souls without getting angry because you feel only compassion for their pain.
  • You can take potent guided action, or sit in quiet loving vibration and now that either way you are a contribution to the entire human race.
  • You can enjoy your perspectives and allow others to have theirs as well, knowing that in your diversity of experience and opinion you are stronger than you would be if you were all the same.
  • In love with yourself, and in a state of total self-acceptance you can even choose to dance around your fears by focusing instead on what gives you joy!

That is the power of self-love and self-acceptance! As you learn to love and accept yourself; to be kinder, gentler, and more tender with yourself, you will relax. Instead of fighting your fears. you can focus on what you love. Instead of fighting those who disagree with you, you can love your own perspectives. As you labor in love to see yourself through the tender eyes of love, you will eventually slip into the knowing that you ARE not only worthy of love, but you are indeed made of it! You will then be able to grant others the same. You will become the change you wish to see in the world.

It is time to say to yourself, "I'm done giving the opinions of others so much power. I know what I believe. I know where I am guided. I know what feels the most joyful in any given moment. I'll wash my hands, and do what I need to do to feel safe, and focus on all that is good in my life. I'll cast my vibrational vote now, and my civil one later. I'll focus on what there is to appreciate in order to resonate with my God-given abundance. I'll be in harmony with the diverse aspects of my own being so I can be in harmony with the diversity of life!

This is internal work. On the outside, self-love and self-acceptance will look different for each one of you.

For example, suppose you are afraid of the virus. You can't force yourself not to be afraid, so instead soothe yourself in ways that help you feel better and help avoid triggering your fears. There is nothing inherently holy about making yourself face your fears. Far kinder to focus on something you love and in that space, your fears will gradually dissipate. Be gentle with yourself, loving, and accepting. You wouldn't brutally force a scared child to do something that terrifies them. You'd slowly and kindly make them feel safer until they felt OK venturing, slowly but surely, beyond their comfort zone.

So if you are afraid, sequester yourself, wear the mask, disinfect, and take care, but don't obsess over things that inspire fear. Instead focus on things that are more joyful and that are within your control. Enjoy your home. Enjoy your friends via computer or phone. Enjoy Online learning. Enjoy being creative. Enjoy napping, walking, or meditating. Most of all enjoy the journey of developing an even kinder relationship with yourself.

You know what is right for you, right now.

Some of you have no fear at all. Obey the laws because you chose to live where you are for the lessons serving your spirit. Be sensitive and kind to others. Don't force those who still have their fears to think and believe as you do. That will only cause tension and inspire more separation. It is better to be loving than insist on being "right."

You know what is right for you, right now.

Live and let live dear ones. There is no one "right way" to weather this except to choose what feels most comfy for you and what helps you eliminate or avoid your fears.

Give yourselves permission to be happy no matter what circumstances you choose, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, and no matter what anyone else around you is doing. You were taught to be unhappy when things didn't look as you wish. As children, however, you came in designed to seek happiness wherever you were. You can regain that childlike wisdom. What is there to feel good about now? What is abundant now? What is well in your personal world now? These are the questions to ask often.

Dear ones, we know you want to help and heal the world, but you must start by loving and accepting yourselves first. As you accept yourself, as you are, in this moment, you will slowly but surely be able to grant others the same. As you stop empowering the vibrations of fear, anger, and separation, you will experience peace, comfort, harmony, and unity.

We know you want external change. The only way it can come about is in each moment, with one choice, one soul at a time.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Do you remember the moment you decided you weren't lovable? For some it might have been so early in life you can't remember it. For others it was a well-defined period in time or a moment when something didn't turn out as you thought it should. For many it was a series of moments that all added up.

We all have many such moments. A person you love leaves via divorce, debt, or disagreement. You feel unlovable. Someone criticizes you. You feel unlovable. You're spiritual and you got angry so you are disappointed with yourself and not exactly feeling as worthy of love as usual. There are a gazillion reasons we go there.

We may know better, but we don't always feel it.

I used to blame others for the times I felt unlovable. There were teachers who said I was "too zealous." In my past I had friends who said I was "too energetic," "too positive" or God forbid, not what they wanted me to be. When I left engineering – a heartfelt, guided decision someone I thought was a good friend, broke down screaming at me like a wounded child, "How could you leave me?" Never mind that I was following my own life path. There were incidents with parents that my little-kid-mind interpreted as me being unlovable. I could go on. I'm sure you could too.

Nonetheless, the empowerment isn't in blaming others for us not loving ourselves. It comes from deciding – choosing, one choice at a time, whether we feel it yet or not – to treat ourselves the way we want to be treated. It comes from knowing nothing less than the creator of universes, is living in this physical reality through you and me.

I'll never forget when that really hit me. You mean God is experiencing everything I do, or more accurately God is in me, as me, allowing me, to drive the bus, and choose the thoughts, beat up the body, get angry, upset, pissy, fearful, and tired, and experience it all while loving me through it? As if I could give my hand free will and love it no matter what it chose to do? Holy... Yes. Holy. I am holy. We can leave off the second word I wanted to say at the time. You are too!

The angels once helped me drive this point home by breaking me of a sad habit of self-criticism. Every time I said something derogatory about myself they'd send me to the mirror, tell me to look in my eyes and apologize to self. So I'd wander to the mirror and say a half-hearted, "Sorry." Like mothers in my head, the angels would lovingly say, "Mean it." They'd urge me to look into my own eyes until I felt love and compassion for myself. Tears usually flowed at some point. I started to feel sad about being mean to myself. Eventually I learned to see a greater Self in those eyes.

The more you accept yourself, the less you will drink in the poison of the world's judgments, and the less you'll feel a need to judge. If you're in love you want everyone to feel good. The more you treat yourself with kindness, the softer your expression will be towards others, because it just feels good to feel good.

We can't stop the virus for others, but we can stop its effects in our own lives. Whether you quarantine, wear a mask or not, what you do is less relevant than whether or not you love yourself to feel safe and comfy – whatever that looks like for you.

We can't single-handedly stop the entirety of systemic racial issues but we can make sure they end in our own minds, hearts, lives, and thus be a beacon of truth in our own sphere of influence. We can impact the vibration of the entire human race by sharing our love for all equally, starting with love and acceptance of all that lies within ourselves. Start by embracing your own inner diversity with unconditional love and it'll become easy to embrace external diversity.

We can't bully or manipulate anyone into agreeing with our political or social viewpoints, but we can love ourselves enough to have our own perspectives and to let others have theirs. No one has more power over you than you. The energy you emit determines your reality and what you attract. The angels once said, "you could have anyone in office, and if everyone prayed for them to have wisdom and focused on their light, they would perform well. No matter who is in office, if you send them hatred, you amplify their negative qualities." We vote very day with our vibration.

It is easy to get sucked into the world's vibrations, fears, and arguments right now. I was waking up feeling the static cling every morning until I realized I could change even this. I started to program my awakening the night before by focusing on all things bright and beautiful as I was drifting off to sleep with an intention to wake up feeling wonderful. Now I do.

As we transition to 5D, our energy is more important than our efforts. There is no more powerful energy than loving yourself enough to accept yourself, treat yourself kindly, nurture yourself, and allow yourself to have your own sacred point of view. In this reality we become a powerful, vibrational force of change. Love begets love. As the angels say, we "unclog God's arteries!"

Here are a few pointers on choosing Self-Love

1. Accept yourself, as you are.

Next time you criticize yourself, shift it and say, "and that's OK" If you like, add something soothing and kind. Here are a few examples:

"I wasn't loving, and that's OK I was doing my best."

"I feel so lazy. I'm not inspired to do anything, and that's OK I must need rest.

"I have baked so much I gained 20 lbs, and that's OK I was comforting myself."

"I believe in heaven but I feel so sad about a loss, and that's OK I care."

"I don't want to be in fear, but I still am, and that's OK"

Sometimes I go so far as to hug myself, and say, "That's OK honey. You're perfect as you are."

Self-acceptance gives Divine love a chance to flow in directions other than you might expect.

For example, on my office day last week, I was tired. I had no idea why. I couldn't write a newsletter if you paid me. I couldn't think of anything for social media. So I meditated. I napped. I sent energy to people with covid. I prayed for the world. And then without even thinking I wandered outside in the scorching heat to admire the changing clouds.

Suddenly I was running in the house to get my camera and tripod, filming a video of them. It was so beautiful I was inspired to learn just enough about time lapse to speed up 30 minutes of footage to fit one of Robin Miller's songs. In a few hours I had a soothing video that I uploaded to YouTube and sent to all of you. As I write this, that guided endeavor, based on self-acceptance, on a day when I would have felt "useless" in the past, has given over 700 people a healing dose of peace. God within me, knew better than my ego.

When you accept yourself, you'll live in a way that is guided by your natural instincts.

2. Compliment yourself more than you criticize

For every self-criticism you catch, give yourself three compliments, and really feel them.

"I should be doing something. I'm so lazy" becomes, "I'm listening to my guidance. I live in perfect flow. I'm so happy I trust God's timing!"

"I hate when I get angry," turns into, "I'm so proud of myself for noticing I'd rather not be angry. Most of the time I'm a loving person. I'm so happy I caught myself because I know I'll do better next time."

You get the idea... and if you can't find related compliments, pick random ones! The idea is to talk to yourself as if your best friend came and said, "Someone said something awful to me," and your job was to build them back up again.

3. Choose good-feeling thoughts.

As much as you can and as often as you can, catch yourself when you don't feel great, and choose better thoughts. It is self-loving to pick and choose what you focus on since that's going to tune you into the reality you experience.

We SO resist this because we've been trained to focus on what is wrong. Your brain is yours! Your mind belongs to no one but you. You can choose to focus on things that make you feel better.

Not everyone is going to like this. I dearly love some people in my life who are totally sucked into the news at times. I call them only when I'm in the right space to listen and send them love. I focus on the love while they're focused on fear, and love feels good to me. When I'm not in the mood I choose not to call. When I see all the people in line for food banks, I can be sad, or I can focus on the fact that they're willing to receive and there are so many willing to give.

When I feel the prickles of the covid vibe trying to move in on me in the middle of the night, I can feel fear or annoyance, or I can say as I humorously do, "Pucker up buttercup! We're playing in light if you're playing in my house! Love you. Thanks for transforming the world." After a few minutes of "Love you, love you, love you, love you" I feel so feisty and good that pretty soon I can't even feel Creepy Vibe :) After all, it is just a thought-form that has become a thing too. Why not think of love and make that your experience?

I know this is not an easy time. Trust me. I feel the world just as much as you do. I think of something and feel it. In a way that's been a blessing in disguise. 

The world has become my personal trainer, guiding me to think better thoughts, and feel better feelings, so I can lovingly treat myself to a kinder reality than the outer reality tries to dictate!

You can do this too. Self-love is the key. From there, we become lovers from the inside out, that shine the light on an external world in need.

Love you all!



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