Simple Kindness Leads to Big Change

Hi Everyone!

Today the angels talk about the significance of a simple kind act, and how it can create massive changes in the world. I'll share a story of your kindness, and how it touched my life, as well as some ways we can add a little more kindness to our world.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

A baby in a manger... a flame in the lamp... such small things really. The babe and the lamp were tiny lights in a darkened and chaotic world, a world in which there was political unrest, financial challenges, divisiveness between castes and nations – not unlike your world today. What difference could a baby make? What difference could even a miraculous lamp symbolize? What difference can your kindness to a stranger make, or your anonymous dollar in the charitable donation pot? How does your willingness to be happy regardless of what the world is doing around you shine a light upon this earth?

What difference can you –  a single person make in this great big, very chaotic world?

We would answer with great love, "All the difference in the world, dear friends. All the difference in the world."

You open a door and help someone.For a moment they feel loved. You donate a can to a soup kitchen and feed a homeless person for a day. You let someone get ahead of you in traffic with a prayer and a blessing for all. What difference can these seeming "tiny" acts of love possibly make? Ask yourself this question.

What if you were the one standing in front of a door, with your arms full, or simply having a hard time getting it open, when someone with a warm, loving smile came rushing over to open it for you. What difference would that make in your day, in your heart, and in your life?

What if you were cold and starving and someone you'd never met gave you a warm meal? What difference would that make in your day, your heart, and your life?

What if you were rushing to get somewhere, perhaps not driving as kindly as you normally would and someone waved you forward in front of them with a big smile. What difference would that make?

Dear ones, you know from your own experience that when someone is kind and loving towards you, it does make a difference. It might be the difference between creating a vibrational mess or having your day flow smoothly. It might be the difference between eating a meal or stealing a meal. It might be the difference between arriving at your destination on time or having a traffic accident.

Beyond the initial impact of your kindness, all those affected by the ripple effect must be taken into account as well. You didn't have an accident and back up traffic for miles. You didn't steal and cause a police officer to investigate, thus preventing them from stopping a murder. You had a smoothly flowing day and blessed others who were down and in need of love.

One, simple, tiny, act of kindness makes all the difference in the world to those whose lives it has affected. One act of kindness can stop a suicide. One act of kindness can stop recklessness that can change a whole life. One act of kindness can be passed on and on and on... and one act of kindness sends a vibrational wave of love rippling out into a world in need.

Dear ones, at the holidays and in all seasons, remember that even the tiniest acts of love can be a massive and brilliant contribution. Your prayer for all in need might be the warm energy that comforts a single mother who is praying for strength. Your prayer for world leaders might be the one current of energy that touches their hearts and makes them hold back on starting a war. You don't see the results of your prayers, your small acts of kindness, or your emanations of light, but there are huge and beautiful effects from every act of love.

Don't underestimate your value upon this earth. Never underestimate your power to do good, to sway the balance of energies towards the light, and in so doing to feel the Love that you are flowing to you, through you, and within you.

Dear ones with every act of love and kindness, you are that tiny babe in the manger, the miracle oil in the lamp, and the light of the Divine here upon your earth. Peace be with you. You are that too...

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

The angel message brought me to tears as it came through. It was so loving and tender. I could feel the angels' reverence – that is the only word I can find to match the vibration – for every tiny act of love or kindness as if each one were a precious gem that they would hold close to their hearts. I truly feel from their transmission that we have no idea of our real value here on this earth.

In their words, "Don't underestimate your value upon this earth. Never underestimate your power to do good, to sway the balance of energies towards the light, and in so doing to feel the Love that you are flowing to you, through you, and within you."

I was blessed to be at the receiving end of a lot of loving-kindness tonight. As many of you read in a prior email, someone hacked my Facebook account. I had on two-factor authentification and thought simply getting in safely and changing my password would work but it was hacked again the very next day. So my account was frozen, and because I'm not comfy uploading a my driver's license or passport, my only option was to say goodbye to Facebook, unless I can find alternate acceptable IDs. I'm currently researching that and will let you know what comes of it. I discovered after I sent you all that last email that without FB there are many other things that would make my life more difficult so I'm going to see if there's any way to reinstate it.

For the time being I still post my daily inspirations on my Instagram page, and will also come up with a way to stream my gazes. I'll keep you posted. I trust God will turn this to good. In the meanwhile one of my dear readers (Thank you Aida!) asked me to post a photo of me gazing so you can use it to tune into the energy. i do have one at the bottom of this page on my website.

Meanwhile, I was deeply touched by so many of you who wrote to tell me that you enjoyed my work. Sometimes I write these newsletters and wonder why I'm saying what I'm saying. The stories you shared amazed me. The light you share in this world inspires me. Your kindness touched me to the core, like a sweet soothing balm for my soul. I forgot about the hackers and the inconvenience of finding new platforms and felt your love. Thank you. In a wild, crazy, world, I feel blessed every day to know so many of you who strive to stay in the light, love, and higher vibrations.

So many times this lifetime a simple kindness has turned my entire day around. I'm human. I get tired too. Sometimes I get discouraged or down. I always bounce back but a simple kindness from a stranger has often been the thing that helps the bounce happen quickly.

I've been amazed in life too how a simple kindness that seems so natural to me can touch a life. I once had the rare urge to answer the phone myself and it was right as a dear client was preparing to commit suicide. We talked and she chose to live. I once got seriously prodded by some spirit to run errands during lunch, only to arrive on the scene right after a biker had been hit by a car. I did energy work and got him calmed down before the paramedics arrived. I left and discovered the spirit who suggested the errand was the son of the woman in my next reading.He had died in a bike accident and sent me to help another person who had a similar, less serious accident.

These are simple things really – answering the phone, running to the grocery store when inspired. Nonetheless, we never know when our simple acts are God's errands. We never know when our smile is God's light shining on another's heart. We never know when our kind word is angelic encouragement. We never know the ripple effects of our good deeds on this earth. I have heard from so many near-death experiencers, however, that as they look back on this life, the smallest things had value. The smallest kindnesses changed lives. I think someday we will all see "Its a wonderful life" in our own life reviews. You never know who you touch.

So many write me and ask when this world will change, and how this world will change, and the angels always respond, "one soul at a time, one loving act at a time." It seems like a smile or a kind world can't possibly solve the world's problems... but what if it can? What if your love gives hope to someone who has endured a lifetime of prejudice? What if your kindness keeps someone from drinking too much and hurting someone in an accident?

What if your kind words keep someone in public inspired to keep sharing the light in spite of late nights, long hours, and a lot of obstacles thrown her way behind the scenes? It does you know... That someone is me and your kindness ripples through my heart into all whom I serve. Everyone who has inspired me inspires me to help everyone I do.

You are far more significant in every loving thought word and deed than you will ever know on this earth. As the angels once said, we've got a lot of bright holiday lights in your hearts and souls!

Here are a few pointers on how to share small kindnesses...

1. Start with yourself

Tend to your own garden and your roses will inspire the world.

Kindness comes naturally when you feel good inside. When you take care of yourself, tend to your own body, mind, and soul, you want to share the good feelings. You want to see others happy. you want to let others know they're beautiful, talented, kind, valuable, and loved.

So the first step to kindness is to be kind to yourself. Hug yourself. Compliment yourself. Soothe yourself. Take care of your body. Read things that inspire you. Do what makes your soul sing, no matter how small.

One happy person is a lighthouse on stormy shores. Your kindness to the world starts with your kindness to yourself.

2. Let Your Heart flow through your Lips

Sometimes you look at a total stranger and think something wonderful about them. They're beautiful. They look so strong. They have a beautiful smile. They handled their kids with such grace. If inclined, speak up. Say, "I couldn't help but notice, you radiate and shine. You have a beautiful smile. You handled your kids with such patience and grace! What a loving parent you are. We need more like you in the world"... and so on.

It feels weird at first. When I started letting my "heart flow through my lips " I felt awkward. What if people think I want something from them? What if they think I'm hitting on them? What if? What if? I got over it. I stopped worrying about what others thought. And of course, I discovered the great blessing that it is to bless others.

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a soul light up with joy because their light has been seen and acknowledged.

3. Let Your Heart flow through your Actions

When you feel inclined or inspired to do something kind for someone and it feels good to you (good means God's guidance, not ego!) then do it. You might feel silly but if you get the inspiration, trust that this is one of "God's errands."

I've baked muffins for the convenience store clerks, brought cookies to the local postal center, helped people carry stuff to their cars, prayed with people begging for money, etc., and not because I'm trying to be some holier than thou person, but because it just felt right at the time. It felt good.

When God wants you to do something you'll feel good about it too, and so will the receiver of the love flowing through you!

While it is easy to look at the world's chaos and feel despair, we're the ones changing it – one kind word, one kind deed, one kind prayer at a time :)

Have a beautiful week :)



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