Starve the Fears | Feed the Love

Hi Dear Friends!

With viruses, politics, and more, the world can be a fearful place. The angels talk about how we can "rise above with love." I'll share tips for getting out of fear when it tries to grip you.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have an old saying on your planet, "Starve a cold and feed a fever." We would borrow that and say instead, "Starve your fears, and feed your love!"

The viruses on your planet live off fear. They starve with love. Fear creates a chemical cocktail in your body that weakens your healthy cells and creates imbalances that allow these parasitic energies to take hold. You might say to us, "Wait a minute... I get sick when I get tired and worn down, not when I'm in fear!" We would lovingly point out that getting tired and worn down is a result of fear, vs. faith in a loving Source that would support you if you more freely supported your own well-being.

Likewise, the greed, corruption, and misuse of power on your planet feed off fear. If others can lord death or doom over you, your fear gives them power. If you stop worshiping false idols and make God your God and love your life, then these individuals cannot manipulate your minds or your lives a minute longer.

There have always been viruses on your planet. There have always been wars. There has always been corruption, misuse of power, and a variety of other human behaviors less than loving. However, there has always been love. God is still God. Light is still light. Truth is still truth. Always.

So, in the face of epidemics, untruths, and other unpleasant realities how do you find your peace? Our answer is simple. Reconnect with love, one moment at a time.

In a space of love, you become a vibrational catalyst and a force for positive change. If more people were praying for a solution to the recent viral epidemic, than fearing it, a vaccine would be found within weeks. Fear feeds a virus. Love starves it.

If more people were praying for the world's corrupt and wounded leaders, than hating them, they would transform in ways you cannot imagine and become a force of love. Fear feeds greed. Love starves it.

Dear ones, when fear threatens to infect you, possess you, or take control over you inherently loving being, stare it in the face, breathe deeply, and say to it, "Be GONE! Love is my power. God is my power. Truth is my power. I am safe in the arms of the Loving Presence that lives in all things! I am Love. I am LIGHT. I am safe. I AM."

There is no greater immunity to the worlds ills than to know that the light of the living God lives and breathes within you, and indeed IS you. Rest in that truth dear ones. Within that reality no darkness, disease, or destruction can harm you.

After all, a single candle illuminates the darkness and yet there is no darkness powerful enough to put out that light. You are that candle.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I have been watching the world's reaction to the coronavirus. We have seen it before with SARS, anthrax, bird flu, and even mumps and measles when I was a kid. There have always been viruses. The new ones without a cure spread quickly. The angels have told me this is the case because the panic around them spreads so quickly. Fear, it would seem, is more contagious than the actual virus.

At the time I'm writing this, the site states that 25,000 cases of this virus have recovered while 2600 have died. The flu, cancer, car accidents, and prescription drugs claim more lives on a regular basis. The only reason this virus inspires such fear is that a) it is contagious, and b) there isn't a known cure. Cancer is not contagious. The flu has some known remedies. Prescription drug interactions can be prevented. We fear the unknown and the uncontrollable, yet we have more control than we can imagine.

Years ago, I went to Peru. Our tour bus stopped at a roadside stand. Friends were horrified when I purchase a bunch of grapes, dipped them in a bucket of water to wash them as the natives were doing and promptly ate them. They were sure I was going to get sick. I got a full belly of good grapes instead. I was naive to be sure, but I had no fear. I was in total joy over being on this trip. In that bliss, I had no room for illness.

Since then I've had plenty of times in my life when worn down due to one fearful reason or another I've become very ill. As soon as I get back into the experience and faith of pure light and love, things healed quickly. A breast lump disappeared in three days. "Permanent" nerve damage healed. I untwisted a twisted ileocecal valve that could have been fatal according to medical professionals. Love is the healer. Light is the healer.

As the angels like to say, "Everything goes right in the light!"

A friend got sick a few weeks ago. I brought her some food, cooked and bit and stayed and chatted. I knew I'd be fine. Of course, when I got home I washed well, and took a few herbs/essential oils that bolster the immune system. I keep my house religiously clean, sprayed, and disinfected for the sake of my clients. Nonetheless, the light I'm sitting in these days prevented a problem. When I'm taking care of myself I become a "bug zapper!" So do you.

Rather than fearing coronavirus I am sending it love. Rather than fearing world leaders and disasters, I send love to them and to our mother earth. We can't control the outer, but we can control our inner world, and in a world of light we are guided away, or immune to the dark.

It isn't easy. Sometimes I get worn down because I fear not helping others. Sometimes I fear not being able to do all I want to do. Sometimes I fear the actual problem and invite it right into my reality as in the case of a time I feared a friend could heal from shingles, and feared my light wasn't powerful enough to assist. In the middle of the night, I woke up and wished I could "take it away from him." "Don't wish that!" the angels cautioned me. In my sleepy state, I foolishly said, "I can handle it..." We were in different states. I got shingles within the week. He started to heal quickly.

Our vibration attracts validation for what we believe!

In a fearful world, we need not be in fear. I know it is a powerful force. I have had fears grip me till I shake. Nonetheless, it is possible to be released from its clutches with a few simple practices, that over time makes us strong and more and more immune to its effects.

Here are some pointers to banish fear when it tries to possess you...

1. Ask yourself, "What am I creating?"

Every single time I have a worry and ask the angels, "Is this or that going to happen," they respond by saying, "What are you creating?" They cannot allow me to think that my outer world is more powerful than the God given force of light within.

They have, at times, sent me to the mirror to say, "I am creating perfect well-being! I am creating abundance! I am creating self-love! I am creating a morning in which I get the thousand items on my to do list done, or at least as many as I truly need..." the list goes on.

What if you are worried about another? They angels still urge me to focus on what I'm creating, "I'm creating a light so strong it assists this person. If they die I'm creating my response being one of love and connection and understanding. I'm creating a relationship with God so strong, that I know loss is an illusion."

That one isn't so easy, but it is truth. Fear cannot survive when we are intentionally creating.

2. Move the energy of fear out of the body

I have had fears so irrational and yet so strong, that they shake me. The angels told me to put some good music on and dance vigorously to shake them off. I imagined them coming off me as water comes off a dog when they shake after a bath! Sometimes I've had to lay on the floor and allow my body to quiver and shake off fear. There's a therapy called "trauma release exercise (TRE)" in which facilitators help people get into a space of shaking off trauma.

There are ways you can breathe to release fear - vigorously from the belly, or if you wish, slowly – slower out than in – to engage the calming vagus nerve in the body that tells the physical vehicle it is not under threat.

Fear is an energy that tries to freeze us. Dance it off, shake it off, vacuum it off (I've cleaned house vigorously to release it!), or breathe it out until the body is at peace.

3. Ask yourself, "What if? How would I deal?"

Fear feeds off the unknown. It feeds off feelings of helplessness and feelings of not being in control. It dies when you know you could handle a situation. You have power. You have God. You have angels. You have the kindness of strangers and an entire internet filled with good Samaritans.

Ask yourself, "What would I do if my fears came true? How would I handle them?" Come up with a plan, with resources, with friends you'd call on, or professionals you'd engage to help you.

I'll never forget a speech given by Dr. Christiane Northrup, a very famous doctor. She said when she got divorced in her sixties she was aghast to find that she was afraid about how she'd cope with life. Never mind that she was rich, famous, and loved. The old program that a woman needs a man in a marriage to survive was weighing heavily on her psyche. So, she looked at this fear head on and got a team of professionals around her to help with all the things she didn't know how to do. While many of us couldn't afford her team, we have websites, social media, and plenty of resources should we ever be in need.

I've even told myself at times... Even if I suffered and died alone (old fears!) I'd end up in heaven among friends and forget all the pain!

Fear shrinks when you imagine solutions.

In a world with so much fear, we can slowly begin to starve the fears in our own lives, and live in a space of love so bright and beautiful that we become the "bug zappers" for the darkness in our world.

Love you all!


VAARRR 3rd March 2020 12:47 am

(instead of thousand, corrected- bad leaders_ .)
If more people were praying for the world's people lest they be afraid corruption, bad...) leaders, than hating and afraid their, them, they would transform in ways you cannot imagine and become a force of love,
we get hundreds millions, free, joyful, people, with the power of love, for quick changes consciousness, and the world

VAARRR 3rd March 2020 2:28 am

you have to feel that by changing people - you will change the politicians too, and those behind them


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