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Hi Dear Friends!

Enjoy a beautiful message of peace and love from the heart of the divine and then I'll share some pointers about how you can deal with the world's unkindnesses... with love :)

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

It happened again this week. As I sat to channel the angel messages, I felt the most loving presence come over me and the words came with a great sense of peace. I suspect we'll go back to the angels' voice at some point, but for now enjoy the sweetness of the energy behind these words...

In the silent embrace of my Presence you will find the love you are seeking. In the quiet moments between thoughts you will feel the peace you dearly crave. In the eyes of creation you will witness me, always seeking to come to the surface in human hearts.

Feel yourself sinking back into my love as a wave sinks into the ocean.

As you breathe and relax into the embrace of my love, your pains will heal, and your problems will be resolved. You need no longer feel the sting of being hurt, abandoned, betrayed, or disparaged, for my love is so all encompassing it will overshadow all pain, as clearly as light drives away the illusion of darkness.

You are never separate from me. You cannot be. You seek me in the arms of another. You look for my love in the acknowledgment and agreement of the world. You find me in moments of bliss and in the kinder, more beautiful moments in life. I live in all these spaces. However, I am also there in the places where you cannot easily find me, and in the faces of those who forget that my love lives within them as well.

I cannot leave you. When others appear to withdraw from your life I am with you. When others don't see my light within you, there I still abide. When you are treated with less than my love, I love you and accept you exactly as you are. My love has no condition. You are perfect in my embrace.

Breathe. Feel my love pulsing within your every heartbeat. Inhale my love with the gulp and wisp of every breath. Feel the hum of my life in your cells as they go about their daily lives, creating the cloak that you call your human body. Allow me to rise up within you, simply through your breath and intent, and I will help you resolve all your problems, heal all your ills, solve your challenges, and focus instead upon your life being a joyful expansion of our collective being. Relax. I am within you and you are within me.

We are one

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Every year I go see a living saint called Amma Karunamayi. She comes to Phoenix around Easter each year. She is an enlightened being and her blessings are powerful. She says often we have only one problem and that is we do not know who we truly are.

Lately I have been feeling the powerful loving Presence of the Source moving within me more than ever before. I had the privilege of speaking with a dear colleague, Debbie Johnstone, at the recent Afterlife Symposium, at the Friday night banquet. We both surrendered to spirit, changed our talks to suit the flow of energy and had a great time. After surrendering once again to give a message from Archangel Michael the time came to gaze in front of the largest group I've ever gazed for before. There were about 240 people there.

I had a moment of feeling extremely vulnerable as I explained what gazing was, said a quick prayer and the slipped into the Silent Presence. I saw only vague forms and beautiful eyes looking back through a sea of white light and felt the most profoundly sweet yet powerful love moving through my body. My head turned on its own. I felt my small self within a Presence so much larger than I.

I came out of it and didn't know how it affected people until they started to tell me what they saw, felt, and experienced. I felt no ego, no sense of ownership for the experience, and only a deep gratitude, until a woman the next day touched my heart so deeply I'll never forget it. She grabbed my wrist and asked me if I knew the power of what I do. "It isn't me," I gently reminded her. "You need to hear this," she insisted.

She proceeded to tell me that in all the years of going to conferences and hearing about this "love" she never felt it, until the gaze. With tears in her eyes she told me for the first time she knew this love. I cried. She cried. This is the power of the Presence that lives within us when we surrender to it.

Something deep changed in me during the conference. I feel connected to this love almost all the time now. I felt nothing but love for someone who was very upset at me this week. I felt nothing but love when I received validation that a friend had betrayed my confidences and created quite a stir. I felt nothing but love when I heard about another casting aspersions about me and making fun of me behind my back.

Instead of seeing these things as personal and feeling hurt, I felt only compassion for the pain that drove these behaviors. I felt the presence of God within looking out through my heart and mind and giving me loving words that honored my own spirit and the spirits of all involved.

I pray to stay in this space. I pray we all know someday how deeply and dearly we are loved, and that we all come to experience the Love is that the life within us.

Here are some pointers this week to help you connect with this love when the world is not kind...

1. Remember Innocence

You are an innocent being. If you act unkindly, you do so from the pain of a child within. Others are innocent beings. If they act unkindly, they do so from the pain of a child within. You wouldn't beat up a wounded child. Try to see that within others even when they are unkind or cruel. They are only hurting. Try to see the hurting child within yourself when you don't feel you are being your best.

Imagine embracing these hurting children in spirit. They need our love.

If you can't find compassion for another, pray for the light to rise up within them. If you can't find compassion for yourself, pray for the light to rise up within you.

2. Sit in the Presence of Love

Sometimes the world is cruel. Sometimes you are stressed. Sometimes you have problems you don't know how to solve. Instead of handing these issues over to the brain, which can only solve problems from the limited experiences of the past, surrender to love.

Sit. Breathe. Receive. Imagine sinking back into an ocean of love, as a wave sinks into the ocean. Keep doing this until you feel the presence of peace come over you.

Don't take any action or give any response until you feel this peace.

3. Pray

A simple prayer works wonders when the world is not kind. "Dear Divine Source, heal this within me and all others involved. I know you live and abide within us all. I know you love us all. What would you like to say through me? What would you like to do?"

Trust the first loving impulse that comes.

Try relaxing in the embrace of the Divine before reacting to life. Try resting in the arms of the Source when you have a problem. It takes a bit of work to practice these things, but it will can save you years of drama, prevent or heal illness, and free up your energy to create the life of your dreams.

Amma was right. Our only problem is that we don't know who and what we are. As we sink back into the embrace of this Presence, suddenly everything becomes a dance of wonder and love.

Speaking of love... I love you all. Have a blessed and beautiful week.



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