The You Beyond Death

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take heart! There is no death. You live eternally, changing costumes, changing lives, and yet never you never lose the essence of who you truly are. You let go of the illusions of your material life each time you transition, but you keep the memories, the lessons, and most importantly the love.

Let's do a little exercise to illustrate this. Shut your eyes and imagine that you are having a life on an exotic tropical island. What might you be doing? Who would be around you? Next, shut your eyes and imagine that you have a life in a beautiful cabin in the mountains. What does it look like? Who is around you? What is that life like? Keep this up with as many lives as you like. You can imagine present lives, "past" lives, or even lives in the future.

As you continue to imagine different lives, realize that they all live within you. You can check in on each one of these and see how each one is doing. As you learn something in your “inner” life on the island, perhaps you will apply that wisdom to your “inner” life in the mountains, or even your “outer life” that you live now.

If you play with this exercise each day, asking each personality what it has learned and perhaps gently suggesting and guiding each, then you have become like your very own soul!

If your lives are like roses, the soul is the rosebush.

Your soul is the real you, the essence of who you are. Your lifetimes are like shows that you act and star in. You write the script and edit it as you go along. Just like an actor or actress has a "true identity" above and beyond all the parts they play, your soul is your "true identity." Beyond that even, the Divine is your true identity... but we'll leave that discussion for another day.

Now, can you imagine... Everything is happening right now. Your soul is starring in past, present, and future lives all at once, as surely as an actor or actress might star in several television shows playing all at once. Your soul has an awareness of all of these roles, and helps them learn from one another.

This is not so “far out” as you might imagine. For example, within you lives an inner child, an inner tyrant, an inner healer, an inner wise person. Maybe you have several inner children – an innocent playful one, a creative one, a rebellious teenager… The list could go on for some time.

At various times, various parts of yourself “come to the surface.” Sometimes you act out and get upset and you haven’t a clue why. Perhaps your “rebellious inner teen” is coming to the surface. Maybe you just need a little nurturing. That could be the “sweet inner child” needing a hug.

Ideally you – the adult you – takes care of each of these parts as they reveal themselves in your day to day life, learning from each, evolving each, and most importantly loving each. Your soul, takes care of each of its lifetimes in similar fashion –  learning from each, assisting each it their evolution, and most importantly loving itself in all its roles.

So what does this mean in your daily lives? This means you need not fear death. You need not fear loss. You are eternal. You will see your loved ones who have transitioned before you. They walk with you right now, sometimes in spirit right next to you, sometimes connected as if by an intangible “spiritual wi-fi.”

You need not fear “missing out” on anything because you have eternity to experience anything you might wish. You need not fear your “mistakes” because they are simply opportunities to learn. You need not fear anything dear ones because in the physical world it is all temporary.

You are grand, glorious, amazing, incomprehensibly magnificent beings! More than you can possibly imagine, you are multi-faceted, wise, and have so much depth it would take volumes to write your story.

Take delight in this dear ones. You are nothing less than the love of God, dreamed by the creator, having your very own dreams of lives and adventures.

You live within the infinite, love without limits, and are free to manifest and explore any existence you choose. We are here to lovingly support you in the adventure.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I got the email three weeks ago. “My uncle is in the hospital and may be ready to leave. Can you check in on him...” I was in between clients, but quickly tuned into Uncle D. “Are you going to live?” I asked. “Not sure yet,” came the answer. “Ask me later.” I checked in after work. “I’m leaving but have to give the family a little time,” he replied. He was in a coma.

My friend confirmed what I felt. He asked me if he could arrange a conference call with his sister to talk to Uncle D, who was at this time, expanded out of his body in the hospital room. What followed was an incredible two and a half hour conversation with a beautiful soul in transition.

Uncle D explained that once he realized “he’d be a vegetable” the rest of his life, he decided to leave. He told us he had a choice. He was currently experiencing himself as a consciousness, expanded way beyond his body, and feeling a freedom he had never felt on earth. He could see into the past and future. He knew his wife would have a hard time but that she’d be OK.

He gave us clear advice on how to help his kids deal with his transition. He detailed how each would feel and what they'd need. He joked about feeling the presence of his relatives in heaven, hearing them, sensing them, but not seeing them yet. He told us “the light” was right there and he was using every ounce of willpower not to let go and go into it because it felt so good. He was waiting till his sister arrived before he let go, but it wasn't easy to resist the love that was calling him home.

He explained that he could see, feel, and understand everyone he loved all at once, no matter where they were. The amazing thing was, when we were talking to him, so could we.

We started to feel as he did. My friend was driving home in one state. His sister was in her home in another. Uncle D was in the hospital, and I was on the couch in Arizona far away. Separated by miles, we felt no separation whatsoever. We were all aware of our individual realities and yet we felt as if we were completely with one another in a space outside of normal space and time.

In my former engineering life, we’d say that we become “parallel processors!”

We finally ended the call as my energy waned. Uncle D was thrilled to share his joy and freedom. My friend and his sister were delighted to hear it at a time which otherwise would have been terribly sad. I was in awe. As promised, he waited until his sister reached the hospital and quietly, joyfuly gave in to the love calling him home.

These types of conversations have comforted me, educated me, and given me great joy over the years. Some spirits give me details some don’t, but they've all convinced me, beyond a shadow of doubt, that we are so much more than these bodies.

I know we will meet all our dear ones again I know there is no loss, only a never ending expansion into our understandings of love.

Here are a few pointers to help your loved ones in spirit learn to connect with you:

1. Set the rules

When you start dealing with the spirit world, set clear intentions. We have free will and they must respect that. I’ve learned the hard way over the years, so now you can learn it easily! Simply say a little prayer before attempting contact:

Only spirits of light and love are allowed around me and to be in communication with me.

Or if you like ask only for the specific person. For example,

Only grandma and my angels are allowed to be around me and to be in communication with me.

2. Sit with spirit

Set aside a little time each week or every few days – only 1-2 minutes maximum. That’s about how long most people can hold a focus without getting frustrated. It is best to have a schedule and do it at the same time each day or week (e.g., Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm). Tell the spirit you are trying to connect with your schedule. That way they can make you a priority during those times.

For just these few minutes, set aside sadness and grief and simply focus on your love for them – not your longing, not your regrets, not guilt – just love. Feel it expand in your heart. Then wait. Pay attention to your body, your mind, your emotions. Notice any different feelings, like heat, tingling, coolness, a pitter patter in your heart or an expanded feeling. See if you see colors through your closed eyes, or have sudden memories pop in.

Just be the observer.

3. Give feedback and repeat

Give your spirit feedback. Even if you feel nothing, say so. You can say it out loud or internally. “I feel nothing. I feel a little heat. I think I felt a tingle. I am seeing light.” The after a minute or two, stop. Wait till next time and repeat.

It is the job of your dear one in spirit to figure out how to shift their energy to reach you. By giving them feedback, they learn how their energy is affecting you in the body. They can then go back, work with their angels and guides and make adjustments. Some spirits get through instantly. Some take months to figure it out. It is a matter of them learning how to match your energy and focus long enough for you to feel it.

It is not your job to do anything but love, notice and give feedback then repeat!

If you keep this up eventually your loved one will figure out how to get through. It is best to work with one at a time at first.

It took my grandpa months to connect with me this way, after his passing, but now every time I sit still I feel my right hand heat up, as he holds it. I love him so much it is a huge comfort. Some spirits come with an embracing warmth, a feeling in the heat, a fragrance, a song in your head, etc. You never know what they'll choose to be their "calling card." Just roll with it until one signal or sign becomes consistent.

Have fun with this. As the angels like to say, “There is no death… only doorways through eternity.”

Love you all!


Heartfelt courage 15th May 2018 2:19 am

What a beautiful thoughtful way to let us know our connection to all. When my father was in. his last few minutes, I talked to him. (Not out loud) I held his

hand and said squeeze one for no and two for yes. He hadn't spoken since whatever happened to himself a state away where he retired. I went and got him

to the hospital where I worked. My sister's said, "Sure you talked to him!", but it didn't matter because I wasn't losing him! He was just moving on... I realize

now that I must tell my children and loved ones that story! They have to "know", faced with the possibility of Alzheimer's.....

Love to all and thank you Ann!

spring 15th May 2018 6:47 pm

Truly Wonderful and Uplifting - thank You Ann soo much. I Love your writings and can totally relate. I shall 'save' this and read it often. Much love to you, Spring :smitten:


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