Trust you are cared for, safe, & protected

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

If you knew how deeply you are loved by God you would never worry about a thing. The creator of the universe loves you and if you are willing to listen to your own hearts, you will be guided, protected, and cared for in all things.

You seek security in your bank accounts, your schedules, the locks on your doors, and in the comfort of those of like mind and like heart, and yet dear ones the only true security rests in the knowledge that God love and cares about you. The force and the love that makes the flowers bloom, causes the sun to rise and set, and moves the stars in the heavens, cares also for your lives.

If you worry, you are putting your faith in fear rather than in love. This limits our ability to assist you in your lives dear friends, because even the angels are bound by the laws set forth to govern your reality and we must, honor the energies you are radiating out to the universe. These laws are more like the laws of physics rather than the laws of man. If you put your faith in fear, we must step aside, and allow for it. We can warm you through instincts, intuitions, and variety of signs to keep you out of trouble, and yet if you don't pay heed to your own hearts, you will miss the guidance.

So many of you worry about the economy and yet God's economy is always and forevermore above anything humanity can create. So many of you worry about safety for yourself and your loved ones and yet true safety only exists in God. So many of your worry about securing your bodies against illness and yet true well being already exists when you are experiencing the love of God. So to ensure true security in your lives dear friends, trust in God. Pray. Listen to your hearts, and then just like the birds, the animals, the trees, and the stars in the heavens so too you will be guided and cared for in all ways.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

It has been a very exciting couple of weeks - too exciting really for my tastes. Last week on Tuesday, a client didn't show up on time. I hadn't felt like checking my phone messages the previous evening so when she was not at the door, I sat down and listened. Sure enough she had called the day before with apologies. It was too late to put anyone in the empty slot so I just listened to my heart and went out to the back yard to relax. Within minutes I started smelling smoke - the bad kind. I checked my house, checked my neighbors', and then it occurred to peek over my fence. I have a small drainage canal behind me and then another row of houses. Sure enough the house diagonally behind me had smoke coming from its back corner.

I ran for the phone and dialed 911, all the while watching the fire grow. Soon it wasn't just smoke, but large flames I saw lapping over the 6' fence. My adrenaline shot through the roof. The 911 operator took the call and as soon as I was off the phone, it occurred to me that on this very windy day, sparks might fly because the wind was blowing my direction. In my dress clothes, I hauled the hose to the far back corner of my yard and proceeded to hose down my dry trees and the neighbors as well. The flames kept growing. The fire department arrived and at long last put the fire out. It appeared there was only one burnt wall of the home involved and some of their back yard. No sparks had flown and I fell to my knees thanking God for the fact that I hadn't checked calls last night, for the cancellation, for listening to my desire to go out back and rest, and for the fact that the entire neighborhood as a result hadn't been affected by fire. It shook me to the core to once again realize how truly powerless we are in some senses, and yet how truly powerful our souls can be.

Nevertheless, the stress of the situation registered in my body. I'm so sensitive I cannot afford to get off kilter emotionally. Within a few days the abdominal discomfort I've been experiencing turned to pain. I chalked it up to stress but when, Friday night I bloated out to the size of a pregnant woman about to give birth and found myself up all night in excruciating pain I feared the parasites from last year may have made a comeback. I knew I would not be able to work as a result and rescheduled all my clients this week. I resigned to just take the parasite cures and tough it out since there is not much else to do. However, when there was no relief three days later and I hadn't been able to sleep, eat, or lay down due to excruciating pain, I knew something else was going on. I just didn't know what. I reached out to all my amazing friend and the help came pouring in.

I was blessed to get a reading with my friend Summer Bacon who channels Dr. Peebles. Apparently, I did have a few parasites, but the real pain was being caused by a twisted valve between my large and small intestine and nothing was moving and the pressure had just been building and building.The angels, in spirit, helped me untwist the valve and gave me a whole host of instructions - both physical and spiritual to get me back to normal. Within hours I was feeling some relief and within two days I looked like more like just a swollen human again instead of a walrus.

The whole thing really brought me to my knees and made me once again think about how powerless we are in the human sense, and yet how powerful we are in terms of the spiritual. I had to give up control. I had to cancel clients not knowing how I'd make up the lost time and income. I still don't know but God always fixtures that out. I had to rely on friends who came out of the woodwork to help me. Some got me needed supplies. Many sent healing energy and all prayed like crazy. My dear friend Susan Palmer did remote healing sessions on me that were a godsend and offered the only relief I felt all day till I got untwisted. She is amazing. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

So once again I am reminded that security does indeed rest in God. Had God not set things up so I could see the fire and call 911 it might have been horrible for the neighborhood. Had God not directed me to reach out to friends and actually ask for help, for once, I might have had a serious medical crisis on my hands... or worse. And yet all the while, in spite of these scary events, the care, the assistance, and the guidance was there. I just had to listen, reach out, and receive.

No matter what life throws you, you are cared for in so many ways, beyond anything you might realize. You might have to be humbled at times and reach out for help. You might have to trust that what looks like an inconvenience is a blessings. You might have to surrender and we are not in control so much after all. And yet, the Divine presence within us IS in control, and that is where all solutions and answers reside. Have a blessed and Beautiful Week abiding in the Security of God's Love!




MICHELLESTAR 26th September 2011 9:06 am

I have been having experiences like this too. I appreciate your sharing your experiences on Spirit Library, you make me feel very supported. Blessings on your health and work,

misterkite 26th September 2011 1:08 pm

This is a beautiful posting Ann, it really resonated with me and 'choked me up' somewhat. Hoping you are soon back to excellent health! Best wishes, Dave

mattyman 26th September 2011 1:45 pm

Ann, thanks for this post, it is very helpful to me right now - a great reminder to trust in higher powers, especially when the chips are down. Wishing you vibrant health and lots of inner peace :)


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