Tune Your Radio

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are all so much more powerful than you can possibly imagine. You have the entire universe at your disposal. You are like a radio that can tune into any station you like, any frequency, any number of "songs" that are sung by the Divine. It is your focus, your attention that selects the "station" and your emotional attachment that holds you in a space of receiving the same frequencies over and over.

This is good news! This means that with your focus and attention you can change the energies that you "tune" into. With your joy, your passion, your excitement, you can allow yourself to receive new frequencies, new energies, and therefore new possibilities into your life.

Think of one of your biggest complaints, either about yourself or life. Ask yourself, "How attached am I to keeping this complaint? Am I willing to do the emotional work to let it go? Am I willing to stop "tuning" into this sad reality, and focus on a better reality? Am I willing to give up this complaint in exchange for a happier life?" Be honest with yourselves. Sometimes complaints buy you companionship for many others share the same. Sometimes complaints are comfortably uncomfortable. They are familiar. They keep you in a reality that is known. And so although most of you would say, "Yes! I want a better reality!" it takes incredible honesty to look at whether are not you are willing to give up the familiar, the old, and the comfortably uncomfortable situations in which you exist.

When you get to a point where you are willing to give up the complaint, either about yourself or life, ask yourself next, "What reality would I prefer to create? What reality would I prefer to "tune into?" Imagine you are a radio, or a television and you can tune into any reality you like! Then using your imagination, take time each day to imagine yourself in this new and better reality. Imagine the best possible outcome! Imagine joy! Abundance! Ease! Grace! Love! And every time you catch yourself going back to your old reality, "tuning into" what you don't want, change again, and "tune into" what you do. This will take time, patience and practice! Allow yourself to feel the joy and the excitement of an imagined beautiful reality. For as many of you have heard, the universe does not distinguish between reality and fantasy - it reads and echoes back your energy - conscious and unconscious. The more consciously you "tune" your being, the more beautiful a reality you will create.

You are powerful dear ones. Allow yourselves to start "tuning into" better and happier realities. Do the work to create the lives you actually dream of. You have the power. Divine love and all that it encompasses is within and around you, flowing to you, through you, and from you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

When I was sick with shingles several weeks ago and asking the angels about whether or not I'd be well enough to do all sorts of things on my schedule, the angels kept asking me, "What are you creating? Make a commitment? Focus on perfect health." And so every morning while doing all my self care routines, I also did beautiful visualizations - imagining light flooding every cell in my body, dissolving dark patches and programming my cells to respond only to love. I imagined beautiful skin growing over the hurt patches, and I imagined my system taking in only the frequencies it needed and releasing all it did not. It is amazing how very little scarring I had, how quickly I healed, and how responsive even the body is to the energies we imagine it accepting. I think I just may keep doing these visualizations frequently to help program me for vibrant health!

When I ask if something is going to "work" in my life, the angels always respond, "What are you creating? What are you committed to?" They are loving but tough with me because they know I want to step into a deeper and deeper understanding of my true being. What am I creating? I ask myself that now, often, daily, hourly. When reality does not look as I wish, I stop, sit, breathe, receive, and ask the angels to help me get both my energy and my attitude into a space to create what I want... or better, of course. Sometimes the Divine has an even better idea of what we would love or need than we do, so I always leave room for that!

I suspect none of us would ever worry about a thing if we knew that all we had to do was live in a space of being honest with ourselves, honest with God, and honest with one another. We'd know that the love of the universe flows through us, give to us to aim in any positive, loving direction we like. And while it is true that there is sometimes a "higher plan," tuning into the reality we want is often just saying "yes" to that, because if there is a true, heartfelt desire in your being, the Divine is the one who inspired it!

So this week, challenge yourself. Are you tuning into what you want or what you don't? A world of chaos, or a personal life of peace regardless of what the world does? A body informed by love, or plagued by fear. A financial situation reflecting the abundance of your soul and faith in the Divine, or one wrought with worry? We are powerful. We are nothing less than Divine love shaped into different forms and personalities and that love does live and breathe within us. The more we access that love, the more amazing our lives can become!

Love you all! Have a blessed week.



Deeni 9th September 2015 9:23 am

Thank You, Angels.

Thank You, Ann.

A lovely message.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

Peter fox 9th September 2015 12:49 pm

I've often thought about this "tuning in" aspect of our life experience so this is a very welcome message - Thank you!


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