Vote With Your Vibration

Hi Dear Friends,

The angels remind us again that we vote in each moment with our vibration, and help us take back our power in a world that wants to suck us into its anger and fear. I'll share some thoughts and pointers on how to manage your vibration rather than letting the world's vibration manage you.

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate your freedom. You don't "vote" every couple of years. Rather, in each and every moment of your existence, you vote with your vibration. You vote for peace or you vote for war. You vote for unity or you vote for divisiveness. You vote for equality, superiority, or inferiority. You vote for health or you vote for disease. You vote for chaos or you vote for order. You vote for love, judgment, or even hatred.

Your words don't cast your cosmic "votes." Your beliefs don't cast your cosmic "votes." Instead it is the energetic vibration that you are emitting that casts your vote in the sea of mass consciousness, and the vote that will ultimately be reflected back to you in your personal experience. You can support a cause with love, or you can fight against something with hate. Your energy, not your action, is what calls a different reality to you.

What energy are you emitting now? Is it love? Fear? Anxiety? Joy? Contentment? Contemptuousness? You'll know by the way you feel. As soon as you realize what energy you are emitting, you can either enjoy it, or you can begin to shift it. There is never any judgment on our part. You get to define your own experience.

At any time, you can exercise your true freedom – your spiritual freedom – which is the ability to think the thoughts that give you the feelings you desire to experience. In so doing, you alone attract the reality you are feeling and focused upon. You can pray for those vying for leadership or you can loathe them. Your vibrational "vote" will ultimately define the reality that you will personally experience.

No one, no matter how inspired or loathsome in their words or behaviors, can dictate how you feel. You alone are sovereign in the kingdom of your emotions. You alone choose how you will act and react in the world. No one "makes you" feel anything dear ones although it is common practice to abdicate your spiritual freedom and to blame others for your vibration.

While it may be easier to say "my ex makes me angry," this person "makes me sick," or that situation "makes my heart sing," what truly is going on is that your anger makes you feel angry; your upset reaction to something you don't like "makes you feel sick," and your willingness to see the love in any situation "makes your heart sing."

While it is challenging to take such an impeccable level of self-responsibility for your vibrational vote, it is your God-given right and freedom to choose how you want to feel, simply by choosing thoughts – one thought at a time – that make you feel better and better.

We urge you very strongly at this time to "vote" for peace by focusing on thoughts that make you feel peaceful. We urge you to "vote" for kindness, by being kind and seeking examples of human beings that are doing kind things in the world. We urge you to "vote' for love, dear friends, because right now the hurting hurtful are coming to the surface to express their pain as never before.

Your every thought, word, and deed matter now. Your every vibrational vote counts.

Cast your vibrational vote for love as often as you can, dear ones. Cast your vote for peace. You are needed. There will be temptation in the weeks ahead to fall into judgment, fear, and anger, but do your best to focus on love. Focus on the good that is always present. Focus on the peaceful constancy of nature. Focus on the loving people in the world. Seek out examples of those who are living in peace, compassion, and kindness.

Every kind, loving, and peaceful vote brings your world closer to a kind, loving, and peaceful world, and while it may take the world at large many years to grow closer to that ideal, your life and your personal reality will become kind, peaceful and loving much sooner.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I've been bombarded with people asking me what the angels say about the US election. They wouldn't budge and tell me a thing about its outcome. Instead they remind all that, "God will win. God will be in power. God will be the author of an unfolding answer to the prayers humanity is crying for at this time." They've even gone as far as to remind people not to "worship false idols" by giving anyone else power over their life or emotions – whether it be a presidential candidate, an ex, or an upsetting and violent protest. It's to going to be a wild ride for a while here on this earth.

We came for this.

We came to be the peace. We came to love the light within all beings, whether we resonate with their beliefs or behaviors. We came to love ourselves enough to be honest about where we want to be and what we want to be doing. We came to live in joy no matter who is or isn't choosing that. We came to experience diversity and pick and choose from the buffet of life so as to create our desired experience. We came to earth, knowing we were nothing less than Divine love and seeking a joyful, creative expression of that.

The world tempts us to forget. The world tempts us to fall into anger and fear. It is all too easy now to fall into the anxious, angry, and unsettled vibe in the mass consciousness. Very loving people have been writing me, feeling irritable, upset, sick to their stomachs, anxious, and so much more in response to this pervasive energy. The angels remind me constantly that these feelings are "in response to" not "caused by" the mass consciousness. We get to choose our thoughts.

They've urged me, more than ever this year, to watch my energy carefully. The minute I feel anything but happy, I start choosing thoughts that make me feel better. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes not so much, but in all cases, the practice helps me reach higher vibes more easily.

Just thinking about the state of the world the other night, I tuned into a very unsettled and anxious vibration. It didn't feel good, so I dropped everything immediately started to shift my energy. I forced myself to breathe slowly and deeply. I talked myself up and out of it by thinking one happier thought at a time. I started to pray – for peace, for kindness, for love to rise up within the hearts of all humanity.

I gave thanks for my life, for the ability to help, and the ability to love. As I once again felt that Divine love flowing through me, a blissful, unreasonable joy rose up within me. I felt like dancing and there was no earthly reason for it. I actually turned on the news – something I rarely do – and felt the soul's elation while at witnessing the diversity of opinions coming to the surface. I felt excited that I could feel so good in the midst of events that in the past would have sucked me into fear and upset. I felt angels working through me, funneling love into this world. This is what is possible with practice shifting your thoughts.

It is humanly "unreasonable" but spiritually sane to feel happy when the circumstances are not. It isn't easy breaking through old, culturally accepted paradigms that say, "If the world does this, I must feel that." If we don't know which candidate is going to be elected, we can't feel settled. If we see protests and violent angry diatribes, we must be in fear. If covid numbers are rising we must put or lives on hold. In truth these things can give us even greater incentive to choose better thoughts, better feelings, and to create a better reality. "Be the change you wish to see in the world," Gandhi said. His peaceful, non-violent response to life inspired massive social change.

Be kind to yourself first so you can authentically share kindness with others. Be authentic. Take care of your need for rest, gentleness, and joy. Get outside if and when you can for a dose of reality in nature. And when you feel the world's unkindness, remember you can always "turn the other cheek" towards better feeling thoughts. It might not feel "reasonable" but it sure feels like love!

Here are a few pointers to help you manage your vibration in a world where it is all too easy to feel anxious and unsettled.

1. Embrace the Serenity prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 
courage to change the things I can, 
and wisdom to know the difference

– Reinhold Niebuhr

You can vote but you can't control who gets elected since it depends on millions of people. You can wash your hands, and maintain your health but you can't avoid every little germ. You can focus on an abundant energy but you can't control the economy.

The angels once told me that the number one cause of stress and anxiety is trying to control what we cannot.

2. Trust your guidance

Your guidance works no matter what the world is doing. If you breathe deeply, state your intentions for each little phase of life, as you go, and pay attention to your feelings, you can sail through chaos with grace and ease.

I wasn't guided to go up north and hike since January. I've never spent so many months staying in and going inwards, but guidance had me praying for the world in all spare time and resting to keep my energy up for all those whom I serve. In little stolen minutes of time I imagined standing with my feet in the creek. In late October I was finally inspired to spend two glorious weekends driving up north, just in time for beautiful weather, wonderful magical interactions, and time to refill my soul just before the election madness. Standing alone in the wilderness, with my feet in the icy creek, I felt nothing but peaceful bliss in the midst and broadcast that vibration out into the world.

Your guidance knows the perfect way and perfect times for your intentions to be fulfilled.

3. Choose your thoughts rather than letting them choose you

When your thoughts shift to anything that doesn't feel good, slowly but surely, one thought at a time, choose thoughts that feel better. This takes practice, self-discipline and a willingness to break out of old stuck thought patterns, but the rewards are immediate, better, feelings.

Although there will be a lot of angry clashes in the months ahead we can, one thought at a time, choose peace, choose love, choose to remain true to self, and to belove that a grander and kinder plan is unfolding no matter what we witness. Breathe. All is well in the bigger picture and these chaotic ripples on the surface of humanity are eventually going to call forth a kinder, more peaceful and loving world in the future.

Love you all!



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