Waves of Light

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate! There is such an incredible light and love streaming into your planet earth at this time! This is catalyzing great change and certainly inspiring great chaos as the denser energies that once laid dormant are now being completely stirred up.

No longer can you harbor emotions you have not yet been willing to deal with. No longer are people able to easily remain silent when they feel the stirrings of their hearts... or their hurts. No longer can the darkness exist in secret, because dear ones, "All that is hidden shall be revealed!"

If you threw open the windows and let sunshine and breezes flow in a room that had been dark, dusty, and dormant, you would create all sorts of chaos before things settled into a new and better state of being. So too, when the amount of light and love that is now flowing into your planet you are seeing a stirring of hearts... and hurts, unlike any before.

Be gentle with yourselves. You will all be feeling feelings you previously ignored. You will feel a re-igniting of passions and dreams, perhaps even a re-igniting of frustrations and fears that you will not ever get what you want. You will feel more opinionated than usual, less tolerant of unkind behaviors, and more apt to make sudden changes.

Be kind to yourselves. The energy to create your dreams is much stronger than ever before, but so too, the energy to create your fears. Choose your focus wisely. When you awaken in the morning, give thanks! Imagine the best possible day. Ask your angels and the Divine for help in everything you wish to accomplish. The minute you have a negative thought, counteract it by committing to the best possible outcome!

Imagine great waves of love carrying you towards that which you focus upon! The waves are stronger for loving focus, weaker for fearful focus, thankfully, and completely stirring up those with no soulful focus. As if you were on a beach, poised and ready to surf, these waves want to carry you to the shores of love! So be vigilant of your thoughts dear ones. Aim them towards your dreams, your peace, your joy, you love.

Divine Love is with you, always, and indeed with God all things are possible. You don't have to know how to fulfill your hearts desires. You only have to know that the Divine does.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann

The energy is indeed stirred up. I've been receiving hundreds of emails a week from people who are going through very difficult circumstances, sudden deaths of loved ones, people flipping out, you name it. I've felt the energies on this planet running through my body, sometimes in dizzying swirls, and have been hearing similar reports from sensitive souls. I won't even go into the spiritual insanity we are witnessing in our politics here in the US, terrorist attacks, and weather-wise,many winds of change.

It could make one feel as if our planet is heading downhill. Thankfully that's not the way the angels see it! Imagine if you only had a trickle of water running through a stream bed. Weather and erosion would deposit a lot of junk in there –  branches, leaves, etc. Because the current is so weak, not much would get moving. Now imagine the spring rains come and a torrent of water floods that stream bed. Suddenly all the junk is stirred up and gets moving. You notice it. It looks like a big mess for awhile until the water washes it away.

So too, the energies on this planet are stirring everyone up! But in a way this is good! Our fears are being stirred up to be moved out! I shook like a leaf before filming Series 7 and prayed for Archangel Michael to suck out my fears! As a result I entered and taught the Oneness, in such a beautiful way I have never felt my connection to the Divine more blissfully.

The energy is also stirring up passions and dreams. I was perfectly content with life for awhile and all of the sudden I'm dreaming of a future where I can contribute more, in a way that is even more in balance in my life.

If you choose to point your thoughts in a good direction, things are coming into our lives like magic! I wanted a piece of equipment that was more than my budget, so I gave it to God... "Thank you God. I'm ready for this in the right time / right way." Within a week I found a used one on sale for exactly the amount I saved on taxes this year!

I wanted a new pair of gold sandals. At an event where we had to take off our shoes and put them in a pile, I went to slip my shoes on in the dark and didn't realize I was wearing someone else's home! I returned them, of course! I felt bad about inconveniencing the owner. Yet, here was a perfect make and model for me... with no shoe shopping required! All I had to do was go order my own pair on the internet :)

So it is getting quite humorous how quickly you can manifest if you focus on the good things that your heart truly desires! And if you find yourselves in fear, just pray before bed for the angels to help vacuum it out while you sleep. You never have to change your energy alone! And ... stirred or not, enjoy the ride. Life is an adventure. Its all about love, and as soon as we start to be kinder and gentler to ourselves, things can shift quickly!

Have a blessed week. I love you all!




Deeni 29th March 2016 9:47 am

Thank You my beautiful Angels.

Thank You, Ann.

Life is a MIRACLE, and one I am very grateful for.

I am confident All Is Well, regardless of that which is coming up to be cleared, all over this fabulous Planet.

God Bless Us, Everyone!


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