What on earth is going on... on earth!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you are experiencing heightened sensitivity right now! So many of you are feeling your own hearts and the flow of energies in the world so much more strongly. This need not be a burden, but rather if you learn to dance with it, can become a great blessing.

Last year the political climate upon your planet catalyzed a huge "uncorking" of human hearts. Stuffed opinions and emotions rose to the surface. Those who once felt apathetic now felt the stirring of their own hearts and minds. Those who had unhealed childhood wounds found themselves triggered by public events and personas. Those with a strong desire for peace and unity were catalyzed to speak up and those with fear and anger did the very same. Basically, the human race started to become "unstuck."

This movement, if you can imagine it, was like pulling the plug on billions of people "pipes" that has been corked and stuck shut. Suddenly energy was moving once again, at times violently, though human hearts. Suddenly, because you are all part of the ecosystem upon your planet earth, the energy began to move upon her being as well. This movement stirred up earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, and floods – all more circumstances that opened human hearts to love their neighbors, assist their fellow men and speak up for what they believed to be true. This movement allowed God's circulation of LOVE to flow more freely through your three-dimensional reality.

What followed inside of each and every one of you was a desire for what you truly want, and often, an intolerance for what you truly don't. Many of you felt unusually cranky, intolerant of simply not willing to settle anymore. As we see it, that is fantastic. You are becoming more honest with yourselves and with life. You are allowing love to flow through you. You are allowing yourselves to be yourselves. You are moving towards that which delights and away from that which does not. You are starting to live as the angels do.

These changes are not always easy. You have been conditioned to please others rather than to simply "be" yourself. Many of you have created lives and realities based on pleasing others and these others are no longer pleased when you're not pleasing them! Truth can disrupt lives that were based on even the most subtle self-lies. And it is all going to be OK! When you rock your own boat because you're becoming more honest you will be carried by an ocean of love into a better, kinder, and more authentic reality

Movement after being stuck for some time can be quite challenging. Be kind to yourselves – and others – as you experience these changes. In time, as you become more comfortable being you, you will no longer require anger to justify your changes or beliefs. You will no longer need to blame others for not agreeing with you and you won't feel so sad about being different. You will simply allow others to be themselves, and move towards those of like mind. You will no longer feel uncomfortable and defensive when you have to speak your truth. You will become comfortable being your own true self and you will find peace in that reality. You will all learn, eventually to live and let live.

So enjoy your new sensitivities. Feel your hearts deeply. Know that you are perfect exactly as you are. If you are sad, cry. If you are angry, journal or vent in a healthy way. If you are overflowing with love and gratitude, let it pour forth from your spirit! If you feel the world's static, breathe it in and then breathe it out without fear. You, dear ones, are beautiful light expressing the many facets of divinity in billions of unique and precious ways. You are perfect exactly as you are.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Hi Everyone,

I knew when I started getting cranky last year that something big was going on. It amuses me really because it is not a typical feeling anymore. I watched myself in a bemused way much as I'd watch a cute tantrum throwing two year old. I got cranky with people who were rude in traffic. I got cranky when people who didn't want to embrace their own growth negatively affected my life. I got cranky with people from my past that I thought I had forgiven. On the surface I was polite, but inwardly I was all stirred up. This was interesting!

I chatted with the angels and they reassured me that it was just a strong energy moving through all of us, pushing us to be more honest with ourselves. So I dug deep and got more honest. I really wanted to be loving rather than sucked into the world's way of dealing with things. I started to love what I couldn't change and lovingly move away from what I could. I sent huge waves of peace to unpleasant drivers. I set strong intentions to attract only people whom I could truly serve. I went back and asked for people who hadn't done what they promised to follow through or come up with new agreements. I set time aside for my own well being again and re-prioritized self-care. Of course, the anger melted away. I was taking care of myself, being my loving self, and choosing to love myself again.

That's when the magic started to happen. I started to hear the angels in my life, for myself, in a much stronger way. I started to hear all of life talking to me much more strongly than ever before. I lost a quilting pattern the other day and telepathically asked it where it was, "On the second shelf to the right in the craft closet" it answered. Sure enough, there it was. I asked a thimble I lost where it was. (I finally took time to quilt while hollering "Go! Go! Go! at the TV during the super bowl!) The thimble spoke in my mind. "Near the sink." Sure enough.

A week prior, I had the strong urge to get up insanely early, drive up north and watch the eclipse. "Am I safe?" I asked Archangel Michael. "In typical angel fashion, he sent me to the mirror to look into my own eyes. "Are you?" he asked. "Yes!!! I create that!" I responded. "OK then, let's go." I hopped in the car at 4 am and got to the overlook an hour later just as the earth was starting to slip in between the sun and moon. Bundled in layers of winter clothing and blankets, I sat on a lawn chair feeling heaven, earth, sun, moon, cold, and warm seek their balance within and without.

As a side note, I was joined by a delightful woman who loved the sky as much as I did. My camera battery died, even though I had fully charged it, so she let me look through her incredible binoculars. The moon looked big as a tennis ball and magically tinted red, surrounded by stars against the backdrop of the pre-dawn indigo sky. It was breathtaking! (The photo above was from another eclipse, but looks a lot like this recent one.)

We started talking and soon I was chatting with her relatives in heaven, and she was promising to send me some of her beautiful photos. When I got home my camera battery mysteriously started working! It was yet one more event, in a series of delightfully orchestrated dances that have been going on in my life as of late.

So if you're still going through the cranky or intolerant phase of this cycle of growth, take heart! You're not a bad person. You're not going backwards. You're just diving deeper, scrubbing out the things you thought you had to be so you can turn into the soul you really are. And that, ultimately, is a blessing and a joy!

Here are some pointers this week to deal with cranky, intolerant energy if/when it rises up within you!

1. Be kind to yourself. Rather than judging yourself, observe yourself.

Say to yourself, "Well, there I go being cranky. That's interesting!" If you simply observe yourself, you'll have less need to justify, defend, or point fingers at anyone else. Watch yourself, as you would watch a passing storm.

When you don't judge yourself, it frees you up to see what is really going on inside of you.

2. Ask the anger for its message

Say to yourself, "OK Anger, OK Upset, OK Frustration... what are you trying to bring to my attention here?" It always has a message. It may tell you that you want to be treated more kindly, hence you have to treat yourself more kindly. It may tell you that a relationship or situation is no longer authentic and you need to make some changes.

It may tell you that you are not a victim and it is time to intend and focus upon creating a kinder reality. It may tell you that you really don't want to let anyone's behavior sway you from a loving reality and these folks you call "morons" or "crazy" are just your personal trainers, poking at you to help you grow stronger in your ability to love. Never mind their dysfunction or issues, somehow you've allowed them into your life and on your path for a reason. Your soul wants to grow.

If you ask your upsets for their messages, you take back your power to create... and the anger dissipates. We use anger when we feel helpless or victimized. We feel mighty in the face of injustice or unkindness when we embrace our loving power to create.

We set healthy boundaries. We speak honestly and lovingly. Our energy no longer permits the un-evolved to weaken our ability to love and create.

3. Listen to your heart

We say this nearly every week. If you honor your heart, which always wants to be loving to yourself and others deep down, you can say even the hardest things with kindness. You can move away from what hurts if only through your intention for now. You can do small things to make yourself happy and in so doing open the door for larger things to be attracted into your life.

Your upsets remind you that you don't like to imagine yourself small. They remind you that there is more power inside of you.

Embrace the power, listen to the heart, and love will be the new power that moves you.

Be kind to yourself! It is strong energy and it is dredging us all. Past lives are moving out. Our childhood upsets are moving out. Our truth is flooding in! And this may mean a few upsets and changes occur, but in the end, it is all to guide you towards a blissfully honest reality of heaven on earth!

I love you all! Have a fantastic week... cranky or not


Barbs2 12th March 2018 5:51 pm

Love you too.


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