Why And When You Are Guided

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today wish to speak to you about guidance. Each one of you is made of the very same light that moves the stars in the heavens, causes the seeds to burst forth and grow into full bloom, and guides you in all of your interactions. This light is known by so many names - God, Love, Universal Intelligence, and so forth. This light is nothing less than the love that created and sustains the universe. So too, it creates, sustains, and guides you, for it IS you.

It is the human mind that makes you feel separate from this light. It is human fears and anxieties that make you forget that you are eternally connected to the source of all creation and that this love WANTS you to feel at peace, WANTS you to feel in harmony with the universe, and longs for you to know the love that created you and guides you. What the mind wants however is entirely different. It wants the illusion of control. It wants certainty, predictable outcomes, and assurance that it will be the boss. As you learn to surrender your mind and to listen to your heart however, you find a divine balance between the two. The mind was intended to serve the heart, not vice versa.

So when when you find yourself in fear or in challenging times, know it is a human tendency to start strategizing, reacting, figuring out ways to manipulate the universe. Far better however, to stop, breathe, sit in silence and ask yourself, "What do I really want out of this situation? What is my heart trying to tell me?" Ask, "Heart, what do you want? What are you trying to tell me?" Invite the presence of God within you to speak clearly through your heart. And then, listen, not so much with your ears, but with your inner knowing. Be willing to 'hear' things your mind might disagree with.

Suppose you want desperately to get a new job . In every minute of your spare time, your mind says, work, work, work! Send out resumes every moment. Make those calls! But your heart says, I want to go outside today and relax and read my spiritual books. I want to reconnect with myself and God. And during this quiet time you realize there is something else entirely that you want to do with your life. You want to go back to school or change careers. Now dear ones, now that you have gotten in touch with your hearts, now the universe can and will support you. Now doors will open. Now you will receive inspiration and guidance.

When the mind is trying to control the heart, you can only be guided into situations that force you deeper into your heart. When the mind is honoring the heart, you can be guided easily towards the heart's goals.

Only when you are at "one" with your true self will God guide you in your outer world towards your goals. Suppose your earth said, "I do not wish to revolve around the sun now! I want to go in a different direction." Well my dear friends, she would not receive any help and assistance in that endeavor because she was created to go around the sun. And so guidance would be withheld until she said at long last, "Ah it is in my heart to revolve around the sun as gracefully and beautifully as I can." So be it! Guidance would be immediately forthcoming.

Suppose you want a relationship to make your life more interesting, or to help you feel happier. If you insist, we can guide you toward one to do just that, however realize you will attract someone who wants YOU to make their life more interesting and to make them feel happier as well. And this will drive you deeper into your heart and you will say, "But I want a relationship with someone who is happy with themselves, and feels good about their own life." And then the realization will follow, "I want to feel happy with myself and good about my own life." Then dear ones, you will receive guidance as to how to go about realizing this truth, and in this deeper truth you will attract healthier and happier relationships.

Suppose you say, "God I want more money! I want to be able to pay my bills more easily." Well dear ones we could guide you there in a heartbeat, but many times we do not because what you really want, underneath these desires is, "God, please show me that you really love me, support me, and care about me." Far better to ask for this, because it is a deeper truth and in this deeper truth you will be guided in many ways that show you how much God loves you. You will develop faith, trust, and an awareness of greater truth, perhaps even in different directions than you might have chosen had the money come easily, and then... the money will come as well.

There are always very deep desires beneath the more human ones. Dig deep into your hearts, find them and ask for them, because these are the prayers that are answered in beautiful ways that you might not even imagine. In asking to feel your light, the light of God's love, and the universal support for you, you are admitting to yourself you are worthy of it (and this is truth). You are admitting that you are a valuable part of the universe. You are allowing the Divine to guide you as was originally intended, and you are surrendering to a grander vision of your life than one you could ever dream for yourselves.

So by all means, pray the very human prayers for we care about your human life, but don't forget to dig deep and see what prayers the heart is trying to pray underneath these human desires. You all want to know God's love. You all want to feel safe and secure in that love. You all want to feel that your life has purpose. And we can easily guide you in these endeavors, for a life centered on love is one in which your material needs will truly be satisfied, your desires for connection will be upheld, and a joy that is natural to the soul will be allowed to shine through you to others on this school called Planet Earth.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels




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