You Want Love

Life does not have to be difficult. In reality, you simply want to be happy. You want to feel the Love that exists within all of creation. You want to express the qualities of your soul and share your gifts and talents with others. You want to be seen, acknowledged, and appreciated for the Love that you truly are.

Your soul knows exactly how to create heaven on earth for it knows that heaven is not a place, or a collection of things, but rather a natural state of being in which you feel connected to God, your own heart, and all of creation. “In” heaven, you experience your uniqueness while at the same time your know and experience your unity with the love that lies beneath all of creation. You are loved, cared for, and guided.

Everything you seek upon the earth is something you perceive will give you this feeling of being loved. In reality you already are loved! If you want a new car, having one feels like love. If you want a relationship it is because you want to feel and share love. If you want more money it is because you want to do things that feel like love, share things that feel like love, or have a feeling of security, which feels like love.

Here is the good news dear ones! You do not have to wait for your things, your situations, or your acknowledgment from the world to feel love. You have that love inside of yourself. You can give it to yourself. You can drop into your heart at any given moment in time and ask yourself, “How can I bring more love to the surface in my life right now, given the resources I have right now?” You will get an answer. Sometimes the answer is so simple it seems insignificant, and yet any act of love for self or another IS love, dear ones. And love is a vibration that you all seek.

The more you bring love to the surface, internally first, then in your own life, then in the lives of others, the more it will be reflected back to you in magnificent ways. The things, relationships, and situations that bring you true joy will be brought to you easily and the rest will fall away. You will learn to live in the moment, trust your own heart, and trust that there is a higher power that truly loves you. You will, one moment at a time, be finding that vibration of heaven on earth.

So right now, right after you read this sentence, ask your own heart? What can I do to bring more love to the surface in my own life, right now, given the time, energy, and resources I have… right now? Trust that. Act upon it. Be with it. Do this often, dear ones, for in your heart you will find the keys to the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

Message From Ann

I strive to live by heart in each momen, and although I do a good job of it, it seems there are always deeper levels of listening, trusting the flow of the universe, and finding more joy when I do. Heaven truly is found one moment at a time.

My recent “office day” was yet one more example of this. I have been running huge amounts of energy through my body, and have had huge intentions to return to an incredible state of heath, vibrancy, well-being, and perfect alignment. I’m ready to feel 100% amazing in this body, and the miracles to facilitate this have been occurring at a rapid rate.

So It was not too surprising that although I had intentions to edit sound files from my recent class on a recent office day, I got the urge instead to go see Dr. Shawn Warwick who is an incredible chiropractor and energy worker. I felt pretty good to begin with but knew better than to ignore such a strong feeling. So off I went. I lay on his table for two hours as he came in and out and adjusted my energy field until the flow was incredibly strong. I still didn’t know why I was there, but I left feeling great.

I went home, still intending to get some work done, but the feeling to go sit in the Butterfly Garden was overwhelmingly strong that I surrendered once again. Instead of working, I sat in silence amidst these beautiful creatures and experienced a deep, waking two-hour meditation. I came home feeling even more relaxed, peaceful, and present, without having a clue as to why my day had been reorganized for me to relax so deeply.

The answer came the following day, when all of the sudden I got up to walk and my left knee locked up in such screaming pain that I collapsed onto the floor! Strangely, I didn’t feel any fear. Something in me knew that my intentions to realign my body were being fulfilled and this just wasn’t the most graceful part of the exercise! So I lay there, like an upside down bug, with my knees bent and sticking up into mid air, contemplating my next move! I knew if I attempted to walk I’d rip something in my knee, so I just called upon my angels and the healers I know and waited for inspiration. Suddenly I had the urge to get to the nearest chair. I could not unbend my knee without excruciating pain so I waddled like a duck, reached the chair, and pulled my leg into a position that simply felt right. I sat there breathing and waiting patiently for more guidance, when suddenly, “POP!” I felt either my kneecap or a tendon snap back into a new and far more comfortable place . I got up and walked easily, feeling more aligned and balanced than I have in years! Even better, an ankle that has been somewhat locked up for years was now moving easily. My prayer for alignment was totally being answered, and all the relaxation the previous day allowed my body to shift into a new position without injury. Suddenly I felt like a marionette with all my tendons and joints popping back into a new place!

The “listening” exercises, however, weren’t over yet! I had errands to run during my lunch break so I hopped in the car. Before I even left the driveway something told me to pay attention to the fact that my car felt “bouncy.” I had recently put air in the tires, but the feeling to get them checked was so strong, that I changed plans, surrendered to the fact that my errands might not be accomplished and drove to the tire shop. “It’s a good thing you came in!” the mechanic told me. “These tires are worn down so far they aren’t even safe!” Within minutes, he scheduled an appointment to have my tires replaced a few days later. I drove off, completed my errands, and had time to eat just before my afternoon clients arrived!

I could have been in real trouble if I hadn’t relaxed the day before my knee realigned. I could have torn a ligament or tendon if I had been stiff. I could have been in real trouble had I ignored the feeling to get my tires checked. Instead, I’m standing taller, my car is safe to drive once again, and everything is being accomplished in God’s time.

So this week, trust those urges within you even when you don’t have a clue why they are there. The Creator loves you. Your angels love you. You have a team in the heavens doing everything in their power to guide you to live a more joyful and grace-filled life. It is our job simply to be present to ourselves, to listen to our hearts and guidance, and to trus.



realist_idealist 11th July 2013 9:40 am

It's a beautiful concept, and one that probably all mankind craves more than most, to feel loved, and to feel that inner love.

But I wouldn't say that it is easy to do. Sure it is if you already feel comfortable in your own skin, and have a healthy sense of confidence (not ego), and the means to do it, it is certainly achievable.

But if someone is battling with something terrible (ie: depressive illnesses, addictions, self-harm, disorders, etc), or external influences (ie: poverty, countries with oppressive regimes, corruption and abuse, etc), or if life has simply just got on too much (ie: trauma, bereavement, etc), it's an impossibly Sisyphean task to do indeed.

I do sincerely hope that humanity can reach this level of deeply divine love, here on earth, one day....despite the insurmountable odds.

Skyhawke8 11th July 2013 6:59 pm

Beautiful and well said Ann...

Thank you!

I agree with you, realist_idealist. Not everyone is in a place to listen to the higher guidance as Ann has shared. Yet each person who does so helps to open the way for the rest. We do have a ways to go. Most of humanity seems to be more interested in redecorating hell than creating heaven on Earth but it only takes a few, and then few more and then these new age ideas are gaining momentum and shift happens. The lights come on. We are then even more aware of the mess we've created! This part is upsetting because sometimes the truth of our lives is painful, yet only in the clarity of truth can real healing take place.

Ann, you're post really inspires me to get to that place where I can meditate in my butterfly garden. Wow! What a really fabulous reality you're in!
Thanks again!

Tiff 14th July 2013 11:51 am

Beautiful. Thank you :smitten:


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