What’s Happening, When It All Happens at Once?

Times of profound personal change.

You know the point in life, when everything seems to be happening at once. It can be a whole run of amazing events that you’re really pleased about, or a whole run of things that add up to an awful month or year.

It’s easy to hand our responsibility out to the universe and feel we had little to do with these un-seen dramatic shifts, after all if we caused them, then we would have seen them coming, right?

There is always a catalyst behind ever great time of personal shift, and its starts with a shift inside of you. When you shift your perception it can cause a ‘life tuning on its head’ change. A little like removing one small rock at the bottom of a mountain and creating an avalanche of rocks.

When you’re in the thick of all of the change it’s sometimes hard to remember what was going on for you before the shift started to happen.

One of my friends was telling me a story of how everyday on the long commute to work, he thought about how much he hated his job and how much he hated the commute. He felt trapped and was trying to think he way into an idea that would mean he could still pay for his kids education, the house the car and not have his wife kill him. The from out of no-where the opportunity came his was in the form of a jack-knife lorry. He was in hospital for months and had a real opportunity to think about what he wanted to do. He came up with the thing he always wanted to do. When his wife left him he felt this enormous relief. She went back to work and was able to help with the kid’s education. They sold the house and got smaller places and with the insurance pay-out he could start a business doing something he loved.

Sometimes a shift of perception comes from doing something you didn’t think you could do. When you step out of your comfort zone or get chuck out by life you find out remarkable things about yourself.

From that shift of perception you attract into your life the very thing you were waiting for.


keryndawer 18th July 2014 9:52 am

So True!!! Your message is so important Becky. Thank you.

I too was in a similar situation. I knew my life was terribly out of balance and I was miserable and something " had to give", but I didn't know how to make the changes. Well, as you demonstrated, Life is wonderful about taking care of the HOW!!! It was devastating at the time, but I see it all now as the greatest miracle. Not only did I have a spiritual awakening (the greatest gift of all), but everything has gradually fallen into place in the most amazing ways. It truly took losing everything for me to appreciate my life. Now I have immense gratitude for everything I previously took for granted. Life is the greatest teacher :)

I think many at SL have similar stories :)

Thank you and Blessings,


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