Destiny Vs Free Will


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Date of Publication: 2007-06-28

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It's a question we all ask ourselves: Is it meant to be? This fascinating book explores destiny vs. free will and delves into what extent we actually have control over our lives compared to what is predestined fate. This book outlines a key set of guidelines you can follow to help you get what you really want in life and looks at life choices from a high aspect of the self - the soul. As well as exploring the possibility that we have the ability to overrule our genetics, establishing free will over destiny. Many factors, including positive thinking and being aware that the groups we are part of in life can have a profound affect on our life choices. They can help us to all ultimately realise that we can let go of past mistakes and start to create our lives from the present. This book will help you to realise that by living more consciously, as an example of how we wish for our world to be, we can take responsibility for our lives and choose what we create.




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David R. Hamilton PhD is the bestselling author of 6 books that fuse science, the mind, and spiritual wisdom.


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