A New Light on Ascension


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Date of Publication: 2004-12-01

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A revised and extended new edition of Diana Cooper?s A Little Light on Ascension.

A New Light on Ascension gives us everything we need to fulfill our highest spiritual aspirations. In clear, down-to-earth language, the author introduces us to important aspects and beings of the spirit world, showing us how to connect more deeply with ourselves and with the unseen spirit guides.

Numerous examples from daily life illustrate Diana?s explanations. Helping us to work on a practical level, the book includes easy-to-use techniques for purification, empowerment, and release, as well as ways to connect with the Ascended Masters and Archangels.

This book is for readers who are looking for a practical introduction to Ascension and would like to learn more about Angels, the Ascended Masters, and the Hierarchy in the spiritual world.




Author Information

Diana Cooper received an angel visitation during a time of personal crisis, which changed her life. Author of 17 books in over 20 languages, she has inspired thousands of people to fulfil their spiritual potential.  Well known for her work with angels, ascension and the wisdom of Atlantis, she was asked by the unicorns to write her new book The Wonder of Unicorns.


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