Inspiring Unconditional Love - Reflections from the Heart


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Date of Publication: 2010-06-07

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Inspiring Unconditional Love is an amazing heartfelt collection of thought provoking timeless truths and universal impressions by visionary author, Harold W. Becker. These simple and profound statements encourage you to become aware of the power of your thoughts and feelings, help you discover your personal strength, restore inner peace and harmony, and cultivate your natural desire to genuinely live life to the fullest. Each of the 301 extraordinary quotes found on these artistically crafted pages is like a meditation on the very essence of love. You will find these Reflections from the Heart to be practical and useful reminders empowering you through self awareness, self acceptance and love. Use them as a source of insight, inspiration, and encouragement. Embrace your creative magnificence and deep personal wisdom and know that life is all about unconditional love!




Author Information

Harold W. Becker has dedicated his life to living and sharing the practical application of unconditional love. Since 1990, his consulting company, Internal Insights, has had its focus to “empower people through self awareness and unconditional love.” In 2000 he founded the globally recognized non-profit, The Love Foundation, Inc., with the intent to “inspire people to love unconditionally.” He blends incredible insight and intuition with humor, compassion and kindness for a strong inspirational and motivational vision in all of his endeavors which also include business, writing, speaking and personal guidance.


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