Indigo Children


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Date of Publication: 2009-02-26

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10 Years Later

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Bright, intelligent, strong willed and active, the indigo children were seen as part of a spiritual revolution, the children of a new age of psychic growth and understanding. Ten years later the indigo children are now the indigo teenagers, finishing school and starting jobs, and facing an entirely new challenge: how to adapt to adult life. Their reactions to this have been strong, and sometimes surprising; the indigo children are fearless and free, and while some have shone, some are having trouble. This book explains what might be happening to the Indigos, why they do what they do, and how to help them through the difficult teenage years - even harder when you're an Indigo!




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After graduating with a business and economics degree from California Western University in California, Lee Carroll started a technical audio business in San Diego that flourished for 30 years.


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