Embracing the Present


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Date of Publication: 1997-01-01

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Living an Awakened Life

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In this book, the author shares how to become and remain fully present in the moment. He offers clear guidance on side-stepping the traps and limitations of the mind and ego, overcoming destructive patterns and beliefs learned in early childhood, and releasing anger fear, pain, guilt, and limiting patterns of judgement and control. No verbiage is wasted in these simple and concise passages. Every word leads to the same end. To bring the reader into the realization of the awakened state of Being, where one lives fully present in the moment The author shares many valuable insights on how to integrate awakened higher consciousness into every day living. This book touches readers deeply.




Author Information

Leonard Jacobson is a spiritual teacher, mystic and gifted healer, who is deeply committed to helping others break through to the joyous experience of living in the NOW. 


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