Once Upon a New World, Book 2


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Date of Publication: 2004-08

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Book Two of ONCE UPON A NEW WORLD gives us the third story in SPARK'S adventures, entitled "MYSTICAL ATLANTIS," which takes place just before the final sinking of the Continent of Atlantis. As a young priest, Argon is assigned to the Temple of Science to help develop new uses for the giant crystals. He falls under the influence of a few power hungry priests and unknowingly helps to create a slave army of mutants. He is imprisioned when he tries to help rectify the wrongs that have been committed, but a high priestess and his twin sister, Bellinda help him escape to a secluded island hideaway. There he learns what is really important, peace of mind, love and respect for others.

Spark's next incarnation is called "THE WARRIOR MAID," and takes place in 950 AD in Scandinavia, in the time of the Vikings. As Lilliam Beemer, she suffers great conflict between her masculine and feminine nature. She finally gains her dream and realizes, too late, the great price she must pay.




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Ronna is an internationally known author, lecturer and messenger for Archangel Michael. Over the past twenty-five years, his messages of hope and inspiration through Ronna have been featured in thousands of inspirational and spiritual publications around the world.


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