Once Upon a New World, Book 3


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Date of Publication: 2004-08

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Book Three of ONCE UPON A NEW WORLD gives us SPARK'S fifth adventurous life, "REWARD AND REFLECTION," which begins as a gay tale, a reward life for Spark, which takes place in Portugal during the 14th century. Although Antonio (Spark) is born into a rich, loving family and has all he desires, he is not truly happy. Antonio sails to many exotic ports on his family's beautiful sailing vessel, the Contessa, ejoying some wonderful adventures. Through some treachery by some of his crew, he almost loses his life, but is rescued and gradually recovers. He finaly realizes that the only thing that truly matters in life is to love another more than himself and to be loved in return.

SPARK'S final story is called "ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS," and takes place during the great world depression in the 1930's in a small, southern town in the USA. It follow's Laura's life from her humble beginnings through poverty and tragedy to success in the business world, loving relationships and many crative accomplishments. After a challenging, but rich, full and exciting life, Little Spark finally attains what he has sought on Earth for so many aeons of time: ENLIGHTENMENT.




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Ronna is an internationally known author, lecturer and messenger for Archangel Michael. Over the past twenty-five years, his messages of hope and inspiration through Ronna have been featured in thousands of inspirational and spiritual publications around the world.


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