A “How To” Experience Travel Lesson

Dear Ones,

In past blogs, we have discussed items in your new tool kit. Today we wish to help you start implementing one of your tool kit abilities – Experience Travel. Unlike our other blogs, this  one is experiential. Before we provide you with your Experience Travel instructions, we wish for you to remember that each of you is a unique individual.

Perhaps you will access this information visually, but not via the written word. Or one or more of your senses might provide you with information that is unique to your being. Brenda has found that she most easily accesses her Experience Travel key via her word processing equipment. In the near future, she will be able to combine her word processing skills with her inner sight.

As with any new skill, you will find that practice increases both your skill level and your number of access points. Let us begin with this brief and relatively simple explanation. Please find a place that is quiet and comfortable. You may prefer a location that provides access to your computer, note paper or you may merely need to close your eyes to obtain the sensations and pieces of information that are most pertinent to you at this time.

There are no rules for accessing this information. And you are neither a slow nor a fast learner if you access the information immediately or need a bit of time to process your beliefs. Please remember that you have hidden this information from yourself for eons so your belief patterns may have to adjust a bit before you allow yourself to Experience Travel.

You have the tools to access any time period, any state of being or any information throughout the Universe. Think of your Experience Travel key as the cut and paste keys on your current computer. Those of you familiar with typewriters, must remember when replacing a paragraph or erasing a mistake on a long document was extremely difficult and time-consuming. Using razor blades, white out and carbon copies to correct typing errors are of the past.  Word processing your documents is so much easier now – especially with the tools that are standard in almost every software package.

And so it is with your Time Travel of the past and Experience Travel now. As might be noted by the title, Experience Travel is a more sophisticated version of Time Travel – much like the difference between typing a long document with a standard typewriter and word processing a document with the appropriate software.

Let us begin.

  • Find a comfortable and quiet location.
  • Gather materials  (paper, pens, your laptop, crayons, magic markers, etc)that might be helpful to you as you initiate your Experience Travel.
  • Contemplate what you wish to explore: a particular time – past, present or future; other planets – past, present or future; other galaxies; times between your lives; Universal knowledge of a specific nature or whatever piece of information appeals to you today.
  • Then write or word process the following:  what you wish to explore; the vehicle or transportation system you wish to use (automobile, time capsule, magic carpet, steps, special animal, etc); what you would like to look like or feel as you are exploring; what results you would like from this exploration; if you wish to participate in this exploration or merely observe and finally, why this information is important to you (“Just for fun” is as important as any other reason!)
  • Once you have completed preparation for your exploration, get comfortable and allow yourself to access the resulting information in any fashion that feels most correct for you. Perhaps you most easily smell the information. Or visualize the information. Or dictate the information. Or draw the information. It does not matter how you do so. Just know that you are now able to access information you probably did not feel comfortable accessing before the introduction of the New Age energies.

You are no longer limited to the information you access on earth with your five senses. Nor are you a god who is so unique that others need to worship you, as was often true in the past with those who allowed themselves to cross the barriers to Universal information. You are merely you with a new tool kit. A tool kit that allows you to more easily implement aspects of your being you were afraid to access in the past, because you needed to tie yourself to the energies of the earth.

You are of heaven and  earth. Allow yourself to explore the spirit world as you once explored the earth as a toddler. Poke your fingers in the water of the spirit world, pick up the tiny creatures of heaven and explore them through taste, sound and feel. Listen in joy and wonderment to future words of wisdom that have been collected for you.

You are comfortable with your earth skills. It is now time to initiate the same comfort level with your Universal skills. Play with your new skills and by doing so, become a master of heaven and earth – as long has been heralded by all who have tuned into the energies of the New Age.

So be it. Amen



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An intuitive since birth, Brenda formalized her channeling skills with her internationally noted book, A Glimpse of Your Future. This prophetic classic describes your role in this transition, as well as answers questions such as why baby boomers were instrumental in introducing the New Age and what earth will be like in the year 4000.

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