Angry, Snarly, Sad? YEAH!

Dear Ones,

Are you feeling unexpected anger, rage or sadness?  You are birthing the new physical you!

In the past few years, you have experienced several physical shifts – but nothing as comprehensive as has occurred recently. Your internal physical form is shifting from that known by your scientists into a crystalline structure with different connections and abilities.

How will this shift change your physical being? Scientists and the medical world will not necessarily notice the difference in your physical being unless they are also Lightworkers. Do you remember stories of Native Americans not initially seeing European ships landing on American shores because Native American could not conceive of such an eventuality? So it will be for your doctors and scientists.

Even though parts of your physical being might shift a bit, the cellular structure shift we are discussing today will not become common knowledge for several years. The current human interior model required the study of thousands, if not millions, of humans. As is now true for those humans with achromatism (albino), the first Lightworkers will merely be noted as unusual.

Those of you at the forefront of the Lightworkers might be concerned that you will not receive adequate medical care because doctors will not understand the true you. Most doctors will not. But then, as your body shifts you will have less need of medical care. One of the important tools in your New Age kit is the regeneration of your physical body. Perhaps that concept seems like a fairy tale, yet you fully accept that starfish regenerate parts of themselves.

Please know that your current medical beliefs continue to be a factor in your physical health. Most of you Lightworkers remain too deeply enmeshed in your current medical model to allow yourself to heal or rebound from physical ailments – even though it is possible. Today, we are merely reviewing your medical beliefs and informing you that your internal physical being is shifting dramatically.

Your friends and family are not necessarily shifting in the same fashion. This recent physical shift is part of your Lightworker lesson plan – it is not global. So even though you may feel uncomfortable emotionally, those around you may be quite joyful.  Such a difference may make you believe that you are not a Lightworker or you have not accepted the New Age. The opposite is true.

In our Creation Energies radio show this week (, we likened your discomfort to the birthing process.

Perhaps you were extremely excited about re-entering earth in this lifetime – that is, until you were in the birth canal and shortly after birth. Both extremely uncomfortable sensations. In a similar fashion, your mother may have been excited to learn she was pregnant – until labor pains made her wish she had never thought of having a child. The earth birthing process is not a comfortable or even loving process. In a sense, it mirrors the belief patterns of earth – you will find joy after much pain. An interesting thought we will address in future messages!

We return to your emotional state as a result of your internal changes. Please understand that your physical body is trying to reject your physical changes. Your new cellular structures do not feel comfortable to your physical plant – they feel invasive.

Will your physical body reject your new structures? No – for this shift is an important part of your New Age/new earth role. But then, your physical plant will not adjust overnight. Have you ever been inoculated to protect you from an illness such as diphtheria only to become ill for a few hours? Such is the case now. Your body is protecting you and will continue to do so until your totality accepts the new you.

This physical transition is also part of your “learning to love yourself” lesson. Do you not allow yourself to be self-centered, crabby, exhausted, sad and so many other emotions when you have what you label the flu? Yet now that your entire inner-being is shifting, you expect yourself to be sunny and cheerful.

You will know if your recent mood swings are related to your physical shift if you ask yourself if it is so. Only you know. Perhaps you are depressed about other issues. Or perhaps there is a physical ailment that requires medical attention. You have to decide that for yourself. If the thought of taking medication or meeting with a doctor feels right, that is what you need to do. But if you ask yourself why you are moody and you see or sense a laughing bubble or entity, you know that you are merely birthing your new physical being. And as is true after human birth, the related bliss will soon occur.

How are you to explain this moodiness to those who are not experiencing similar shifts? That is your choice. You are a trail blazer. Just as family and friends often did not understand those who opted to live in the wild as they discovered the trails of the “wild west”, so too is it true for you.

Should you try to be more accommodating to help them emotionally? Again, that is your choice. But we will forewarn you that if you become too accommodating, your inner-being will scream for release from that care taking mode.

This physical transition seems convoluted and difficult does it not? Somewhat like pregnant women deciding if they are going to scream and rant during the birthing process or try to quietly accept the pain and fear. It is your choice. Everyone who wishes to move into the New Age will eventually go through this cellular shift. But then, those who follow will have your loving support doing so.

You are at the forefront of an ongoing wave of physical change. Once your change is complete, you will have more skills than you now think possible. But know that others may not understand your shift for they have not yet experienced it. It is your choice if you wish to dull the pain with medication or denial.

If you are a Lightworker of the first brigade you are experiencing the pains of your new physical birth. How long will these feelings last? That is up to you. Are you nurturing yourself and accepting the shift? Or are you denying or fighting it? Allow yourself to be and it will soon pass. Embrace the shift and you will sparkle from within. Negate the shift and you will feel dark and heavy for some time.

So be it. Amen



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Brenda Hoffman

An intuitive since birth, Brenda formalized her channeling skills with her internationally noted book, A Glimpse of Your Future. This prophetic classic describes your role in this transition, as well as answers questions such as why baby boomers were instrumental in introducing the New Age and what earth will be like in the year 4000.

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