Are You Feeling Blah?

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are not feeling the love and joy you anticipated. You feel as if nothing is interesting, different or new.

Do not fret or become discouraged. Such ‘blah’ feelings are merely your physical body shifting.

All phases of your being shift in an expected fashion. First, spirituality – you believe such is true. Second, emotions – you sense such is true. Third, physicality – you know such is true.

Those of you who exited your cocoon are most likely in your physical stage.

This Universal/global transition was long anticipated and planned to the last detail. That is, for the first to awaken – most likely, what you term Baby Boomers or those now of earth of a similar age – to build a bridge to the New Age. A bridge your children would cross and your grandchildren would destroy.

Interestingly – and perhaps to be expected – the always belligerent and courageous Baby Boomers decided to create a new plan. One in which Baby Boomers crossed the bridge – and so you are. But you cannot remember in any part of your being the next step for you are now creating that step. Slowly in your mind and very rapidly in Universal terms.

So it is that you are creating a new plan day by day, minute by minute.

You have grasped and lived the big pieces you anticipated such as: moving beyond shoulds and have tos; remembering how to love yourself; creating a life most compatible for your new being; and moving beyond old fears. Even if you have not completed all those stages, you know what you wish to do and why. And because of that, you are marching through a major holiday season with new thoughts and actions – pleased with yourself and all who dare to be.

But you do not understand what is happening beyond that. Where is the joy? Where is the fun? You continue to push and prod others to help you experience it – yet you feel flat, lifeless, dull or whatever word you wish to use.

Such is true for you are creating something far beyond what you expected. You are off the anticipated path – not in fear, but in courageous joy.

It is as if you are a scout master who anticipated following the path of former scout masters only to discover a new and better path. Even though it is a better path, this new path is filled with unknowns to all including those observing and sending you Universal energies.

We relish your courage and wonder at the joy of it. But such observation does not create a distinct path for you. You are exploring areas never before explored. The theme prior your entrance to earth in this life was that each adventure would build upon former adventures until new earth was reality for all.

You Baby Boomers, new beings or whatever term you wish to label those now feeling lost within themselves, are jumping generations to create a new world not initially planned for this time.

Such rapid growth is not at all wrong. For you are discovering that all aspects of your being are stronger than anticipated before entrance to earth in this life time. But you have NO map or path to follow. So you are frightened within your physical being – at the same time you are filled with joy and anticipation in your spiritual/emotional beings.

Will you stop or slow down? Perhaps. But given the determination and findings of new you as you sometimes slog through a path that feels as if it is encased in slippery mud or wet cement, you will continue as long and as far as you now wish.

Your physicality is holding up much better than all anticipated. Such is true because you took the time and effort to build your new being with care and expertise.

Is it possible you could ‘fry’ your physical being with your new path? No. You are ready.

Granted, some may return to the plotted path you created prior to earth in this lifetime. But enough of you are smiling within your being to continue the bridge crossing to New Age.

Your joy will return once you find secure footing. In truth, your joy will radiate from your being as if you received an A+ for a very difficult course you did not think you could master.

Know that you are capable. Know that the Universes are marveling at your tenacity and courage. Know that you moved earth to New Age faster and more efficiently than any – including you – thought possible.

Allow yourself to feel a bit dull and lifeless as your physicality adjusts to your new path knowing that you have completed the work or joy – depending how you wish to label this effort once thought to require two earth generations. Glory in you and all that is. So be it. Amen.


Spirit Library 2nd December 2014 9:37 am

Thank you for this message Brenda! I have been feeling so incredibly "blaaah"... it's been scary! ;-)


Kara Schallock 2nd December 2014 10:20 am

Nice article, Brenda. Thank you so much.

I am one of the first bridgers and I have lots of physical things going on...nothing serious, just different; it's all coming out on my skin.

About the blah...part of ascension is detachment. We can judge it as blah or boring, but it's an essential part. All our Joy comes from within and sometimes it is very still and quiet; a quiet Joy.

Much Love, Kara

Jo M 2nd December 2014 10:53 am

Dear Brenda, dear Kara,
feeling ''blah'' these days to me feels like calling it quits altogether, to outright leave this place and go home. Nothing short of wanting to die. It's not at all scary, BTW, it feels good! Call it detachment.... : -)
But, I must add, Brenda and Kara, I very much like your messages, so there is still something (much) that keeps me
going down here. : -)

Homeostasis68 2nd December 2014 11:29 am

Goodness, thank you Brenda. I feel totally Blah. Yesterday I sat down and went over my 'passion' list that always excites me, but I was just Blah. For a second I thought if I am depressed or something, or maybe just tired of the intense last few months. So much has happened. Glad to hear it's a process. I can see the big changes ahead, and I see myself coming from a different place, I feel I approach this completely different this time. That idea feels good. Can't wait until Blah is over!
Thank you Brenda!

debs go lightly 2nd December 2014 3:49 pm

Hi Brenda thank you for your great message,

You have helped to put a piece of the jig-saw puzzle in for me - kept thinking I was in some kind of 'free fall' and I am.
When I started this work in the early eighties I could not have imagined how truly beautiful this life is (and weird!).
The aches and pains will pass, we are safe, we are loved.
Bless you Brenda, thank you,


Brenda Hoffman 2nd December 2014 4:45 pm

Hi Mariu,
Not to worry. I'm feeling blah (my channels often feel as if theyrre just for me!!) as are SO many others. This blah feeling is global - I'm getting so many responses and reads.

Even though this blah feeling will pass, it certainly isn't a favorite feeling of mine or yours! I'm just allowing myself to 'fall into' it. I seem to need lots of rest also - as again, so do so many others.
Sparkles Soon, Blessings and Love,

Brenda Hoffman 2nd December 2014 5:02 pm

Hi Kara,
I'm experiencing more emotional than physical indicators - but then, emotions seem to be my arena. You're so right about the joy - and it will return.

Just now for me and for seemingly many, full joy and other new emotions seem to be less evident than has been true for a very long time.

I'm constantly amazed that we KNOW deep within us that we're creating something joyous and new - and that knowingness allows/encourages/almost forces us to continue no matter what physical, spiritual or emotional roadblocks are present.

And so we are and so we will. Create a new being and a new world of joy and laughter. This blah feeling is just a minor stage along the way.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles Starting to Light Up Again!

Brenda Hoffman 2nd December 2014 5:07 pm

Hi Jo,
We're all in this together including these funky blahs. They'll soon pass. It's just a phase (an unpleasant, unexpected phase I have to add!) but just a phase.

Hang in there and help us create wondrous new earth and new beings. I bet you'll be shining your beacon in just days or hours - as will the rest of us.

Shoot. Most of us wouldn't want to continue if this were the feeling for the entire transition. Joy it is. If not today tomorrow or the next day!
Blessings, Love and Yup Sparkles Once Again!

Brenda Hoffman 2nd December 2014 5:17 pm

Hi Homeostasis,
I can't wait until the blahs are totally over either. But just knowing that this feeling is global and deep for so many helps me sparkle.

That sounds a bit nasty doesn't it? But it's about - as you stated so well - yet another process. We're finding new footholds and until we do, we're going to feel as if nothing is right.

I'm thinking of Maslow's Hierarchy - basically that until you're comfortable with food and shelter, you won't think of self-actualization.

We're worried about 'footholds' so our dreams just don't seem that interesting right now. For all we know, we might have different dreams when the 'dust settles'

We're good, just a bit cranky because we don't intuitively know what's next ie blahs and "are you kidding? Where did this come from?"
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 2nd December 2014 5:21 pm

Oh Debs, I so KNOW the same. We'll be fine. We're safe. We're loved. And we're doing great. Even though I still feel a bit blah and am a bit cranky, I'm thinking that this has to produce something big. So I'm anticipating our next big surprise. Interesting that it's happening before 12/12 and after 11/11. I wonder if that has any significance? Or the winter equinox?
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

anniewings 2nd December 2014 7:24 pm

Not sure if "blah" is the right word for my experience, but more of a compelling letting go--as if trying to hold onto the my past just isn't possible. It is as if I am being compelled to let go in order to move forward. It does seem to take quite a bit of energy. And it does feel like it is all taking a very long time--though I know that it is not.

Jazzyj320 2nd December 2014 9:28 pm

Thank you so much! I've been praying lately for my faith to return and realize (after reading what you wrote) that I've been just feeling blah. Now I am not so resistant to feeling blah or trying to make myself not blah. :) <3

debs go lightly 2nd December 2014 9:32 pm

Brenda, yes, 'our next big surprise' sounds right to me.
I felt in the last week that we are going to get a really big Christmas present.
Maybe the 12th - the pressure of the energy feels very high. It feels like relief coming or more than that.
Like Anniewings I have been compelled to let go of my past, and big chunks of myself.
A clearing out to make way for something new. I wonder if the magic of the 6th Dimension is part of this feeling.

What an amazing time to be on Earth, to be part of Earth.


Brenda Hoffman 2nd December 2014 9:56 pm

Hi AnnieWings,
YAY for you. YAY for daring to let go; to even know that you want to. Shine your light brightly for us all!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

stepaniehlmt 2nd December 2014 9:58 pm

I really really connect with everything you share and always look forward to the validation and sense of connectedness that come with these posts....I have been connecting here for several years, but always question my place in things because I am not a baby boomer, I'm only 34......I've always questioned if age really matters, but would love to understand what the distinctions are with different waves.

Brenda Hoffman 2nd December 2014 9:59 pm

Hi Jazzyj320,
You've stated it perfectly. Blah isn't so terrible when you realize you're not alone with a certain feeling - and others care. YAY for us all!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 2nd December 2014 10:18 pm

Hi Stepaniehlmt,
I've never really thought any label was that important. I know that sounds odd given that I labeled a group as Baby Boomers - I hope I can explain this so you understand what I believe/know.

It doesn't matter if you're an Indigo, Crystal Child, Baby Boomer etc., etc. One of the most psychic, intuitive people I've ever known is too old to be a Baby Boomer. And I know there are multitudes of younger people who are the same.

Labels are just a way of marking something with words. From what I've read and known, anyone who feels/senses what you have is as important and as much at the forefront of this transition as anyone.

And I promise your joy will return as is true for all of us. We wouldn't have struggled this diligently against all odd to remain in fear.

I'm a natural optimist also and haven't felt it for a few days - but I can already sense that it's returning.

This is just a bump in the road, we're all still definitely on the road.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 2nd December 2014 10:20 pm

Hi Debs,
YUP!! I so feel the same. Can't wait to see what happens next either.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

blissbunny 3rd December 2014 4:05 am

I feel like I've just been thrown out of a chaotic, windy helicopter ride. Landed, resting, but taking a moment to get my bearings.

Mind chatter has changed stations to a nice stillness. Nothing much going on upstairs right now, thats for sure :)

Brenda Hoffman 4th December 2014 12:30 pm

Hi BlissBunny,
Great update!

We returned home from Baltimore last night and as we were driving yesterday (10 hours), I sensed my manifestation dreams returning.

I must have had your stillness when we were in Baltimore because the two months we were there I couldn't even remember why I cared about those dreams.

Isn't this ongoing transition absolutely amazing and fun at the same time? I wake up each morning wondering what surprise in feelings, skills and sensations will express itself through me or others going through this transition now.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,


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