Are Your Dreams of 3D?

Dear Ones,

You have transitioned far beyond Old Age you. Yet, you remain within the confines of many 3D actions and reactions. You work, pay bills and so many other pieces that have little to do with new you. At least how you now define new you.

Many of you expect to travel through dimensions, frequencies and time with little regard for daily 3D necessities such as jobs or paying bills. And that, earth and you will transition so rapidly your unpleasant activities will disappear overnight. While such is possible, your reality is that you are not of the heavens, you are of earth.

For some, that last statement seems harsh. You are tired of your day-to-day routine. You want some excitement, some extreme joy in your life. Such does not seem possible if you need to shop for groceries or interact with those who make you uncomfortable.

How do you combine heaven and earth as you desired before entering earth in this lifetime? Have you not proclaimed for eons that heaven on earth is your goal? Yet your daily tasks do not feel as if they are part of your heaven on earth. Where is your joy?

So it is you are beginning to define what YOU mean by heaven on earth. Perhaps you have laughed at the heaven image in which all are wearing white gowns and playing harps. Yet for some that image is joyous.

You create your reality – including your new you and new you environments.

Your current transition stage is processing what is possible for you. For each of you has a unique life on or of earth in mind. Perhaps such a thought seems chaotic, but it is right and true. For you cannot create the life of your dreams from what you have experienced on earth to date. Nor can you create that life from what you experienced in the ethers/heavens or whatever term you wish to use.

New you is your creation. New you is your dream.

You understand that some wish to live in a little beach hut, while others wish to live in a mansion. But you cannot yet comprehend that you are capable of creating something on or of earth that has not yet been defined or created.

Your current images of heaven on earth are no more logical than your biblical images of angels or the heavens. It is all conjecture. “If I do or feel this or gain that, then I will create the perfect environment for me.” Such may be true. The caveat is that you are trying to create a life of what you know – another 3D life.

It is time to free fall. And that is why not all of your segments are yet enamoured of new you. They are taking a wait and see attitude for they know that your current assumptions and creations – while greater than just days ago – remain limited to what you have experienced in 3D. Perhaps you are dreaming of a better job, a vacation or a new car. All wonderful, but limiting ideas.

Instead of trying to create a specific item that seems to match your current needs, create results based on your intent. Such will draw your hesitant segments to new you.

Again, your hesitant segments are waiting until you dream bigger than 3D – which for many will be frightening.

What is beyond a new home? What if you do not create something that seems of value now? What if that dream means you need to zoom to new dimensions when you wish to experience that home?

We cannot tell you what your dream intent will mean for you. Merely that replicating your life dreams in 3D terms will not create your heaven on earth.

To truly create a new you life, you must dare move beyond your 3D visions of what is possible or what will bring you joy. Such is new territory – exploratory territory. For you do not yet know what options you have available once you shift your dreams from what you know to what is possible. Will you be more joyful doing so? Of course. Will you be frightened doing so? Probably – because your new intent does not have a logical conclusion. You do not know what you are going to create for yourself, any more than we do. For we are of the heavens – as you term it – and you are of earth.

Creating dreams of 3D earth does not move your life or earth forward. Creating that which you do not yet understand, pushes you forward in ways that are not yet definable.

Perhaps it will help you understand if you think of your computer. Would you have believed your current dependence on your computer was possible 40 years ago? Yet someone who dared dream outside the expected did. So it is that once you allow yourself to move your dreams from a specific 3D comfort to the intent of “Even though anything is possible, this is what I wish to feel,” you will merge all your segments into new you.

Granted, there are 3D, 4D, 5D earth segments of you who will retain the bridge to new you, but mostly, your segments are no longer of earth in totality. Let us explain.

You are creating heaven on earth in this lifetime. Not a new 3D earth with a few more items. To do so, you must realize your unlimited potential – dreams beyond dreams – so your 3D/4D/5D earth segments eventually fall away as is true for the first phase of space rockets. The end product is you zooming here and there returning to earth with new thoughts, beliefs and intent.

Earth is recreating itself – with your help. And you are recreating yourself – with earth’s help. What is no longer appropriate is for either you or earth to merely coat your old life with a bit more glitter or expected activities. You are truly new and so is earth. So be it. Amen.


Brenda Hoffman 21st April 2015 9:09 am

Hi Barbara Jean,
So be it indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Pambailey 21st April 2015 11:37 am

Dear Brenda, thank you for another WOW!!-moment. It's been on my mind for days: The free fall and everything is possible. It's a deep feeling, but there is a lot of resistance. Making it hard to open up to new energies. It's quite uncomfortable, because I have no idea how to start and how to jump :) But I'm so sure there will be something completely new and refreshing. For example: I'm a professional designer and for the last 2-3 years it's hard to create something new. No inspiration, no ideas popping up in the middle of the night. I miss it and I miss the flow. I'm still making and selling a lot of my old creations, because my old and new customers love them. But I have a deep feeling it's time for a new adventure, although I have no idea were to start. I wished and prayed for new ideas. After reading the message, I know I'm wishing for repeating the same, with more glitter! There's an eyeopener. So here's my next step: reading the message again :) To be continued.... Thank you Brenda! Love and blessings ? ? ?

debs go lightly 21st April 2015 3:20 pm

Hi Brenda, wow! that gave me a shake up! So shocked at how many bits of me did a little panic,
until I settled them down and started considering the possibilities. Putting the focus on how I want to feel,
rather than how I think my future 'should look' definitely is a big clue.
This is exciting! And I can dream as big (or small) as I like. No pressure.
As I move forward, new me can keep changing, at whatever pace I like.
The possibilities are endless....

Thank you for your wonderful messages!

Much love and light, Debs.

Brenda Hoffman 21st April 2015 4:54 pm

Hi Pam,
I thought I was quite knowledgeable about this segment of our transition. Only to wake at 4 am of the morning after channeling this blog in deep fear about the most trivial concerns imaginable. During the next few hours, I discovered that those fears were a cover for my fears about jumping into new me creations. Kind of amazing given that I have jumped so many times in 3D - leaving jobs, buying a home without a job, divorcing my husband without a job or funds, etc. etc. - and yet I discovered deeply hidden fears about this phase of our transition into unknown creations.

YAY for you daring to be you - even if it doesn't make sense in 3D terms. Can't wait to discover what new design pieces or new creations you create now that you're shifting. Keep us posted!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 21st April 2015 5:00 pm

Hi Debs,
This channel shook me up too - intent not 'my life should look like this' was the piece for me. I have a physic friend in Minneapolis, MN who's been channeling that piece for years. It finally hit the right note for me this week - and obviously you also.

You're so right that you're in charge of new you. So transition as fast or as slow as you want in whatever direction you want. You're your own guru - and the boss of you!!!!

Life is good and so amazing!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

zorro 21st April 2015 9:43 pm

Within a square representing the mutiverse draw a circle and call it your "Comfort Zone". Now draw another circle off the side and call it "Where the Magic Happens". Feel any tension between the two circles? Now overlap the circles a bit to create a vesica piscis. This represents an achievable "creation zone" where the potential for magic happens for YOU. This is your creation zone which does not deny your comfort zone but also acknowledges where you need to go to move a bit outside your comfort zone. It is a representation of heaven and earth in creation. It is your target zone, and you must endure a little discomfort to move into it, bravehearts!

zorro 21st April 2015 9:47 pm

The number 153 is a number used to illustrate the closest approximation to the square root of 3. 265/153=1.73206….(infinity). The square root of 3 is 1.732058…(infinity) and is related to the vesica piscis.

When the Master asked his disciples to cast their nets to the side of the ship exactly 153 fish were netted (where previously where they were fishing they weren't catching anything). 1+2+3+4+5...up to 17 equals 153.

Concidence, or a message? Move the net out of the comfort zone and in to the creation zone where the magic happens!

17 : 17

"Wilt thou be made whole?"

Your "hesitant segments" await passage with you through an intentional passage through this opening at this time.

Peter fox 22nd April 2015 4:11 am

Hi Brenda! Just an awareness- I am subtly becoming more and more aware of the synergy that your messages are creating- the comments from the contributors added
to your original message and then further comments are creating a whole which seems greater than the sum of the parts. If this seems a bit long-winded or even stupid to
some(which I'm sure it does!) I will put it another way- Thanks everyone! Lots of Love to all...Peter.

Brenda Hoffman 22nd April 2015 8:01 am

Hi Zorro,
A great explanation that our new magic zone sometimes takes a bit of discomfort for a change of this magnitude - from 3D creation to unlimited creation in unlimited arenas.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 22nd April 2015 8:18 am

Hi Peter,
We've created a family of sharing, learning, growing - a self-directed global classroom in which we share our information and create a bigger whole. Perhaps our preliminary in beyond 3D creations. Kudos to us!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 22nd April 2015 8:20 am

Hi Nikos,
It's always our choice. The energy is out there - we can hitch a ride or not - our choice.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

cyndy 22nd April 2015 11:09 am

First thank you to Brenda. And then to Peter. I became very, very aware of the energy and the added comments and the almost tornadic effect of messages and comments. I wondered out loud if anyone else was sensing this. Peter I am so very glad you spoke of it. I have some words and no words. It's creating some huge kind of expansion with many parts added. Thanks to all for the many parts. ALL parts count.
Zorro, what a sweet blessing for the timing, of the reminder of, Sacred Geometry. Mandalas. The architecture of nature. The MAGIC of it all.
ABOVE BELOW BEYOND and into the "be-yonder". Stepping into the magic.

zorro 22nd April 2015 11:38 am

Peter, Cyndy, all...I love all Your input.

Yes, I think it is amazing to see what rolls out of our consciousness right now. Brenda will get a flash, not doubt herself as to why she needs to put it out there, and lo and behold, I sometimes cannot write fast enough as thoughts rush in from several angles. Her thoughts proactively "perk" the creation terrain, and don't always make immediate sense to me, when all of a sudden I am "flooded". And what a delight to see the continuing cascade roll out from all of us. Of course, this is relatively uncharted waters. Many participants on the other side want in as well, and will tap any of us all to participate with them to give a voice. To my surprise, I will think I have a clear idea of what I want to convey, and then get a sudden "tap" with another piece of the story to pass along which I hadn't previously given any thought to. This has most definitely intensified over the last few weeks.

Pambailey 22nd April 2015 11:57 am

I can feel it too :) It's pretty amazing what's happening here, especially the last few weeks. Thank you Peter for your comment, I wondered if I was the only one feeling it. Thank you for bringing it up! A big, very big THANK YOU to Brenda and ALL OF YOU for contributing to this wonderful energy. Lots of love and blessings ? ? ? ?

Brenda Hoffman 23rd April 2015 7:20 am

Hi Cyndy,
We created some sort of synergy didn't we? I'm not sure how it happened but I love that it did. Stepping into our magic creations indeed!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 23rd April 2015 7:25 am

Dear Zorro,
I so agree. Somehow we've created a community of love and light that builds on each other's consciousness. Exactly what we've been discussing and for me, dreaming of for months. No formula, no shoulds just us being us and sharing our pieces of the puzzle - and as we do expanding all of our beings. Delightful, fun and so wonderfully heartwarming. Thank you to all.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 23rd April 2015 11:43 am

Hi Pam,
I'm feeling it too - as are others. And we did it without a preconceived notion - at least on my part - just a sense of love. WONDERFUL!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Holly 23rd April 2015 10:08 pm

I'm 59 & have been dedicated to 'ascension' since age 24.I now believe we're no different from each generation changjng their consciousness but perhaps we're evolving faster. Anyone who explains what's going on now or in the future is manipulating & keeps you in their belief system. Ones who have difficulty with differing views are promoting chaos. Does a disembodied voice that SAYS they see more than us do?I met my inner Divine at age 25.I don't presume what my inner Divine says applys to everyone.I've spent perhaps $20,000 over the past decades seeking help from alternative practitioners.Not one helped. I was told tinnitus is angels talking, that all diseases were from past emotional trauma, the $2000 medical intuitive diagnosis was ascension sympyoms. So what if they are, my body still needs healing, 2 MDs said 'theres nothing wrong with you", etc. My 3-7 yr debilitating symptoms ended with BHRT with hormone specialist, not health stores!! The symptoms are gone & life is great. People mean well, they don't know enuf, GO INSIDE YOUlRSELF.SINK BELOW THE MIND.YOU ARE YOUR DIVINE.

Brenda Hoffman 24th April 2015 6:46 am

Dear Holly,
You are indeed your divine.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Holly 24th April 2015 8:36 am

Thank you Brenda, Your writings are about the only ones I enjoy reading these days. You're so well grounded. I'm enjoying earthy life now and 'spiritual' conversations tend to bore me. I'm too busy enjoying sunsets with loved ones and smiling at the people I used to avoid because I see and hear them differently now. My dreams are finally arriving more and more each day. I actually awake with a smile rather than saying 'Oh crap. Am I stll here!' Mine are such simple dreams like enjoying being in my body, enjoying good health and having the freedom to be and do whatever gives me pleasure..lately its playing in the dirt (org, veg. garden) and dancing to iPod music in nature. Love you so much Divine One, Holly

Brenda Hoffman 27th April 2015 7:49 am

Hi Holly,
So pleased that you're conscious of being of earth....and playing. Two pieces we sometimes forget during this transition. We're earth beings creating a never before global transition. The operative phrase being' earth beings plus'.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,
PS We're divine creators indeed!
PPS Sorry abut my response delay. Some computer glitches have been repaired.


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