As of Today, You’re a Cleansed & Sparkling Star

Dear Ones,

Today is an unusual for many. You are moving or have moved into a place that you cannot yet fully understand. We have told you that 2012 was a year of ongoing shifts. But what happened in the past few hours is beyond an ordinary shift. It is as if you have found yourself. Even though that phrase does not seem out of at the ordinary for many, the energies of January 23 and 24 are deeper and richer than most you will experience throughout this year.

Have you ever been delighted by the sparkle of a newly washed car? Such is what is or has happened to you. You have been cleansed of many elements that muddied your thoughts and actions. It is as if your being has achieved an AH – HA sensation. Even though some days, you may want to return to your Old Age beliefs and patterns, you can no more do so than you can proclaim your automobile dirty after it has been washed. You cannot lie to yourself.

Perhaps you feel that we have addressed this issue for some time. This transition is different. Former energy shifts were directed at specific areas or actions. Most future energy shifts will again be directed at specific areas. This shift cleansed you overall. We have long called you diamonds in the rough. Today, you are being polished and becoming sparkling and radiant.

Why is such a cleansing important at this particular time? As Lightworkers, you need to be beacons, to shine as an indicator that you are the ones who have the information to help others with their transition. Perhaps you know people who walk into a room and everyone wants to be near them. In the Old Age, such magnetism was labelled charisma. Think of charisma and multiply it by one hundred and you will understand of what we are speaking.

This thought frightens some of you. Do not be concerned. Only those who are looking for answers, who wish to learn more about the New Age/new earth/new life of joy will see or sense you. Have you ever bought a new car only to note that every other car on the road seems to be  either the same design or color? It is a matter of perception. Those who are looking for the light will see it in you. Those who are not interested will merely see you as another human. Will you have a great deal of charisma? Only for those who want to see it.

Unlike your movie stars, political leaders and sports figures, there will be limited, if any, media telling the public how wonderful you are. So at any given event, you might find one or two people listening to your every word and the rest not even really seeing you. And so it will be as you share your light throughout this wondrous transition. You are a star, a sparkling star …. and of the stars, but only those people who wish to see or sense you will. The rest will see you as they always have.

How will your sparkle power entice those filled with rage and anger to move into the New Age? Your sparkle power has absolutely nothing to do with others’ direction. If they wish to move into joy, they will see or sense you immediately – whether you are wearing blue jeans or a designer evening gown. Your outward appearance has nothing to do with your sparkle power. People are connecting to your inner-being not your physical being. Physical being connections are of the Old Age. Communications, true communications, are rapidly evolving from words to interactions between inner-beings.

Have you ever had the Old Age trauma of a “bad hair” day? Others will not necessarily notice the hair color of those of you cleansed – but they will know that they felt joyful in your presence. Your internal cleansing is what will generate your sparkle, your beacon. Not a new suit or pair of shoes – it is your inner-being, your heart that others are now seeking.

Will there be days when you beacon is not shining brightly? Yes, at first you will need to monitor it a bit. But soon – sooner than you think – your radiant beacon will draw those people to you who wish to better understand your spiritual travels and therefore, their own. And your beacon will also help draw those people to you who are part of your new community.

Be proud of your beacon, your radiance. You are a sparkling Lightworker of the highest magnitude. You are you. You are a god. You are a goddess. You are a tremendously sparkling – and cleansed star.

So be it. Amen



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Brenda Hoffman

An intuitive since birth, Brenda formalized her channeling skills with her internationally noted book, A Glimpse of Your Future. This prophetic classic describes your role in this transition, as well as answers questions such as why baby boomers were instrumental in introducing the New Age and what earth will be like in the year 4000.

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