Creation Limbo

Dear Ones,

You are in a rebuilding stage. Even though you might have some plan for the final product, all you are sensing is the upheaval without a concrete idea of what to do next.

You are probably feeling overwhelmed with all that seems to need completion before you breathe a sigh of relief before you fully sparkle with the joy of knowing a job well done.

In truth, many of you are feeling you are failures in the creation game. You know what you do not want. Yet, you are not certain what you do want. And you have no idea how to create anything – much less a new life or a new world.

So it is you are questioning yourself, this transition, and anything and everything. It appears as if your diligent work is for naught, that you are where you were or perhaps in an even more precarious position.

Your immediate world might not be in shambles, but most certainly your outer world is. How and when does the rebuilding begin? Or is rebuilding a dream that will never come to fruition?

Many of you are now too exhausted to even dream of what could be.

Even though we can tell you that all is well, your immediate and outer world does not display that. Instead, it appears as if this chaos, this fear will last for decades – far longer than you feel you have the energy to circumvent it.

What you have forgotten – and given your circumstances, perhaps rightly so – is that the creative powers of new you are not like those of your previous earth existences.

In the past,  you hoped, dreamed, prayed, and meditated to encourage the Universes to create what was best for you in Universal time. You felt you had no control over the timing or even the creation. Some of you moved beyond that point in 3D, but only after completing the steps required according to your belief patterns or those of someone you felt more spiritual than you.

You are now transitioning beyond those 3D belief patterns. You are allowing yourself to remember how to create in Universal terms instead of earth hopes.

You are starting a new lesson plan that you are not yet comfortable with. Similar to what you perhaps felt the first day of geometry class. You are learning, or perhaps a better term, remembering your innate creation skills.

There is a gap between what was and what is. Your obvious question is, “What hoops do I have to jump through to access my Universal creation skills?” None. You have always had them even when you allowed yourself to negate those skills while of the 3D earth.

It is not about finding your creative skills, it is believing that you have innate creation skills.

It is time to believe in yourself as much as you believed in someone outside yourself to gift you with your wishes – whether that be God, angels, Universal beings or someone in your 3D life.

You create your miracles just as you create your life. They are one and the same. Yet, most of you separate the two. You finally believe you create your life, but still cry to the heavens or others when your miracles, your dreams do not appear in the timeframe you wish – or ever.

So it is you are now in creation limbo. Half believing that you create your dreams and half believing that you only do so with the help of the Universes and special incantations of gratitude, forgiveness, and blessings to or from the Universes.

You are your own guru. Not only do you create your life, you also create your miracles, your dreams.

Perhaps you do not believe this truth – you will – just as you once did not believe you create your life. Evolving into new you is a process. And the process segment you are now in is believing that you and only you create your dreams.

For some, that concept is frightening for it is much easier to have someone to yell at and scream to when your creation does not appear. Yet, there is only you.

Perhaps that thought seems mean for those of you who prefer to have someone or something to blame. For if you are your creator – and you are – and you are your magic genie – and you are – who can you blame when your life is not going as you anticipated? More to the point, how frightening is it for those of you starting to believe you are your magic genie but nothing comes out of the magic lamp?

What are you doing wrong? What do you need to do to change your life or your hopes and dreams? Nothing. Allow yourself to flow into your new beliefs instead of forcing yourself into a fear corner. Allow yourself to be, to evolve quietly and peacefully.

Do not fret. You will remember how to create when the time is right. Most certainly before you, “crash and burn,” but not before you stop blaming the heavens, other earthlings, the earth or other entities for your tribulations.

Allow yourself to flow and all will be well. Fight against yourself and all will be well, but you will be battered and bruised unnecessarily in the process.

All is well in your world and in your life – it is time for you to believe that such is so. Just as was true for the first day of that traumatizing geometry class. Of course, you did not understand the geometry concepts the first day of class, but you grasped the rudiments as you completed your assignments.

So it is for you now. Your only assignment is to allow yourself to remember your creative skills in a peaceful, knowing understanding that you are in a class you have never taken before – Universal creation while of the earth.

Complete your assignment, and you will remember. Fight against this assignment, and you will remember – but without the peace that is your right and your Universal joy. So be it. Amen.


kitegirlcoach 20th November 2017 5:56 pm

Beautiful post, Brenda. For a while there, your posts seemed to be moving further and further ahead of what matched me when before they were perfectly aligned. I worried I had fallen behind the group that matches this channel. Looking at these last two posts, all is back to where it should be now though.

I am a very different person from last year and unsure where I am best placed or with whom. Trusting it to unfold and having fun in the meantime is the key, me thinks...

debs go lightly 20th November 2017 7:24 pm

Hi Brenda, Creation Limbo sums it up so well!

I close my eyes and talk with soul, I am light, multi-dimensional, easy, aware, clear, joy, love, free. I open my eyes and I am human, and it doesn't take too long before I forget, blur things and frustration creeps in. Merging human and divine after eons of separation and then trying to create, manifest a new 'blended' life... a new kind of human. Well that certainly takes some practise!! We are trying to do the craziest newest thing there is. I'm not surprised some of us wanted to go back over a few details, really figure it out, really feel trust in ourselves. I felt excited to move forward in October and then 'I'm not ready' hit me like a wall. It was hard to accept, admit. So disappointing. Now, much angry and emotional clearing later, I understand a little more. Sometimes I feel so stupid!! Sometimes it seems so obvious!! Practise, practise.

Thank you :)

Toni 20th November 2017 8:54 pm

I read the first paragraph & thought wow me…That thing I thought was going to take 2 months is more likely to take 6 & there’s 3 paths I can take to get there…more thought required than I originally thought.

That’s where it ended tho cos I consider myself an awsome creator & everything I’ve created this past 10yrs has only inspired me to evolve. If I think back before that tho to when I cracked my 3d shell in ‘93 due to failure, yes I can relate. Failure is a 3d concept. When I expanded to a 5d awareness I realized I only ever failed when I was trying to be who someone else wanted me to be in order to be loved & fit in.

Our reality on the outside is a direct reflection of the reality within us. When we own that we create our reality then we create the power to change it. We become our own God & the awareness of how we created it starts flooding in. Feeling the grief is the worst part. If I added up how much time I’ve spent in tears this past 24yrs I’d say it was equivalent to 18 months 24/7...yet it clears the DNA & gives me a blank canvas so I am grateful.

:thumbs: Brenda

Toni 20th November 2017 8:55 pm

Was thinking also 4d’s like a realm that separates 5d. Like how veins separate as they get closer to the surface. 3d’s like capillary flow whereas 5d’s the artery experience. 6d’s more a heart soul flow.


Brenda Hoffman 21st November 2017 5:44 pm

Hi Annabelle,
Me thinks the same - "trusting it to unfold and having fun in the meantime is the key."
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 21st November 2017 5:50 pm

Hi Debs,
You're not alone. I might channel the info, but I have to remember and practice like everyone else. Kind of like we've been hearing 'we're our own guru' for decades only to really start internalizing it the past few months. Practice, remember, practice, play, have fun, remember, play, is where it's at.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 21st November 2017 5:56 pm

Hi Toni,
Yup, we're getting it tears and all. So much has shifted within us including understanding the why and how - at least for now. We just keep keeping on as we delve further and further into new us one foot or layer at a time. Who we were a few years seems so elementary, yet I'm guessing we will feel similar next year at this time and the year after and the year after that as we let go of more and more 3D beliefs and actions. Courageous, skillful, amazing forerunners that we are.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Energies,


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