Don’t Put Yourself in a New Age Box

Dear Ones,

Your emotions will swirl in the next few days. Some days you will feel as if you are filled with a sparkling substance and you are capable of anything. Other days you will feel as if you never left the third dimension.

All is well.

Perhaps some of you remember your feelings during the birth process. You did not care if you gave birth as long as the pain stopped – yet within seconds you were joyously excited about your baby’s birth. So it will be for you in the next few days.

The emotions you feel will not last for more than a few minutes or days. But they will be erratic and for some, frightening. Not because those emotions are abnormal, but because you thought you had moved beyond them.

You are, in a sense, running your fingers up and down a piano keyboard determining if you prefer high notes, low notes or a combination thereof. Even though every lifetime you lived on earth, you were capable of playing all the notes, at different points in earth history, either high notes/emotions or low notes/emotions were expected by your society. So you granted yourself very little power when selecting the notes most comfortable and right for you. And if you did not hit the correct note of the times, you were likely ostracized, physically injured or thought odd.

Perhaps you want to know if high or low notes are now the notes your should aspire to. Yet another societal thought process. “How should I feel and act in this New Age?”

The New Age is freedom. Freedom from society and even your own rules and beliefs. Many of you will feel anger this week – perhaps for a few moments, hours or even days. And as you do, you will chide yourself for not being a better Lightworker; for not being or doing enough to put those “bad” emotions aside.

All emotions are part of your personal rainbow. In all likelihood, you will eventually feel most comfortable with joy, peace and love. But you cannot know until you test your personal emotions.

We have stated you moved through your fear and pain lessons. And so you have. But those lessons were in relationship to how you “should” act in your society. The emotions you are speeding through in the next few days are your personal emotions. Emotions that have not been dictated by society or “dummied” down by you for whatever reason. They will be raw and free emotions that belong to only you.

Think of the birthing process. Perhaps the new mother in question is a demur, quiet, gentle soul – that is until labor begins. Then her personal pain and fear create a persona her significant other has never seen, nor quite knows how to interact with. So it will be for you.

Not that you will be screaming in pain or raging at others. But that the emotions you feel in the next few days will not be stifled by what you should feel or created by environments that are not of your making.

Many of you believe you should interact with other Lightworkers or Wayshowers. Yet not all Lightworkers or Wayshowers feel comfortable to you. To force yourself to be around them or explore their materials because you feel you should is no different from how you acted in the Old Age.

Your emotions are experiencing a full range of possibilities. Possibilities not tied to your society, or even your expectations – often another cage or limitation. Your emotions are instead like that of a toddler’s, “What happens if I push that or pull this?” You are being born anew.

Allow that freedom, that joy in being. Do not replace the emotional boxes of the Old Age with New Age emotional boxes.

We have stressed that joy will be your ultimate demeanor. That joy is based on your freedom to laugh, cry, be angry and feel sad. You will be joyful because your emotions no longer need to be sifted by society dictates or personal preferences.

New Age freedom is being who you are in all your glory. It is perfectly acceptable to be angry some days or hours. Just as it is perfectly acceptable to laugh out loud and run, skip and jump. Does a toddler not cry when they are angry or upset? Have we not told you on many occasions that you are moving into your second and glorious childhood?

Allow yourself to express what you feel. Allow yourself the freedom to be you.

Some days you may be sad because someone does not wish to play with you. Other days you will be joyously happy because you see the beauty of nature.

But now, some of you are putting yourself in New Age boxes of who and what you should be.

To do so is to ignore and deny the very New Age you are moving into. Anger, fear and pain will not be eliminated from your emotional repertoire – merely less dominant. But such cannot be if you are afraid to feel them because you believe a true Lightworker cannot feel such emotions. All emotions remain in your rainbow, repertoire.

In the next few days you will run your emotional fingers up and down the scales to determine which notes feel most comfortable.

What if anger is your favorite key? Allow that to be. You are feeling comfortable with that emotion for a reason. Perhaps it is part of removing your core fear. Perhaps it is because you have never allowed yourself to truly tap that feeling. Or perhaps you need to do so as a last gasp of something you no longer wish to explore in depth.

Does a two-year-old ask themselves or others if they should feel an emotion? Or are they just themselves in all their “terrible two” glory? So it is for you.

Allow yourself to be, explore and feel what you need to feel. Trust that your inner-being will lead you to the joy of you in all your glory. You truly are a unique person – which cannot possible if you believe you should experience only joy.

You have left the Old Age. Do not place yourself in another box labeled New Age. Explore and glory in yourself – with your full range of emotions. So be it. Amen.



Sandra Smyre 1st November 2012 9:22 am

FABULOUS!! Couldn't have expressed it any better or more real. Thank you for your honesty. In Lovelight, Sandra :angel: :angel:

Brenda Hoffman 1st November 2012 10:30 am

Dear Sandra,
Yeah! We're finally becoming us.
Blessings, Joy and Sunshine,

Leigh42 2nd November 2012 2:37 pm

By far one of the most topical posts of late... It is so true, and it can be said for all things now: Religion, Politics, Spirituality, Nutrition, Education -- whatever...

There has been an old box and we have spent considerable time pushing off against that box (thank goodness) and in doing so have been classified largely in the new-age-box. There are a number of light-people who believe now for example that if they are of the New-Age they must vote for so and so or must eat so and so... and it is a continuation of not thinking for themselves and getting in touch with Inner-Guidance. Just a recreation of error at a different vibration you could say.

And we are finding that there again, there is NO RIGHT and NO PERFECT in the material realm... Only vibrational alignments according to essence.

I appreciate the reminder and the "permission" to explore what that is for each one.

Blessed Be

Brenda Hoffman 2nd November 2012 5:25 pm

Dear Leigh,
I love your phrase, "vibrational alignments according to essence."

Isn't it silly that we need to give ourselves permission to explore the world according to us! We've put on so many layers to live in the 3rd dimension.

To paraphrase your thoughts, "It's time to be you and me!
Blessings and Joy,


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