How Will the October New Moon Impact You?

Tomorrow we celebrate the October new moon. In the Old Age, new moons signified new beginnings. Let’s see if new moons have similar connotations in the New Age and what this particular moon might mean for you.

Dear Ones,

The astrology indicators that you are familiar with have changed somewhat, but not in the sense that you perhaps think is so. The tides continue to impact your physical body – you remain ‘water creatures,’ if you will. The difference is that as each new moon arrives, your creative skills become stronger. Your creative skills or new energies are arriving in waves rather than all at once. So for the next few months, the process will be a new moon correlated with new energy and energy shifts. Full moons will bring the incorporation of those new energies.

The New Age has arrived. But there is so much energy connected with the New Age, and thereby so many shifts those of you currently on earth need to move through, that energy is being ‘delivered’ as a process, rather than all at once. Your physical bodies could not take the entire burst of energy in a short period of time, even though your spiritual and emotional beings might be saying, “Bring it on!”

You have always had creative skills. It is just that you opted not to use them for eons to better fit into society and because they were much more difficult to activate prior to the energy bursts of the past few months. Envision that you have purchased the latest creative skills software and that every couple of weeks you download a new update. Just as is true for any software,  the basic software was available from the day that you downloaded it, but each update increases your software capabilities just a bit.

And so it is for your new moon energy downloads. You have the basic New Age package and you can perform with great skill all of the creative ventures we have discussed in these blogs and our books. But with each download, the task becomes a bit easier and a  bit more colorful. So at the end of every new moon cycle, you will find yourself thinking, “I didn’t know I could do this with my New Age software.”

There is one more piece we wish to address before we close. Some of you are finding that your sleep patterns have been altered dramatically in the last few months. Perhaps you require less sleep, you wake up at odd hours or you require more sleep than is normal for you. All of those sleep pattern changes are associated with the new energy downloads (new moons) and processing (full moons).

How long will this energy download process continue? As long as you continue to ask for more. Some of you are extremely comfortable with the basic software – you are not interested in new downloads or new skills. You merely wish to exchange emails and do a bit of research on the internet – your basic computer skills. Others of you want to fly – you want this widget and that. You want full color and rapid downloads. You want it all. Those of you who only want the basic package will stop receiving energy downloads by the end of this year. Those of you who wish explore everything with the latest New Age ‘software’ available will continue to receive downloads throughout next year and perhaps beyond. For as you move through one download, you create a need that was not there before and the Universe will respond to that need. ‘Your Wish is Our Command’ – or more to the point for Brenda’s writings – Your Wish is Your Creation!

So be it. Amen



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