Jump, Run, Dance into Love NOW

Dear Ones,

It is time to move beyond your comfort zone. Even though you have heard this concept many times, we wish you to fully understand how important it is.

You have become very comfortable in the 3D world through eons of training and the dumbing down of your brilliance. Such was appropriate when the Universes were observing extreme fear on earth in an otherwise beautiful environment. Almost like mixing opposites to see what would happen.

Before you become upset that your earth lives were scientific type observations, know you were part of that observation team between your lives on earth. It was and is little different from mixing blue and red colors together to determine if a new color is created.

Many of you are now remembering the pain experienced in this lifetime – and questioning the wisdom of that fear observation module. If that fear module were still active, you would not question the wisdom of such an overriding theme in your earth life. It is only when that theme is inactive – such as earth now shifting from fear to love and thereby joining the Federation of  Universes – that you question such observations.

Which is little different from countries joining the European Union(EU) and needing to adjust their currency and other aspects of daily life to blend with the totality that is the EU. Earth was, in a sense, a colony that did not need to understand love as a dominant theme.

You have completed earth fear lessons and are opening to the love lessons of the Universes. Such is a long explanation for why it is so important to accept and expect love – both for and with yourself and all other earth entities. You accepted the guidance of the Universes Federation and now you must adhere to their policies.

Of course, such statements smack of shoulds or have tos – words you thought were no longer part of your life. Such is true. For indeed, unlike the rules and policies of 3D earth, there are no guidelines forcing you into boxes or cages – but instead, an acknowledgment and thereby, acceptance of All there is.

Until now, every earth life you experienced was limited to fear rules strictly adhered to only on planet earth and no other segment of your immediate Universal system. Earth was an anomaly and given the freedom to choose how long limited fear lessons were explored.

Once you accepted the Federation of Universes invitation – which you did several months ago – you broadened your learning capabilities from a single note to a full orchestra. You could have continued one note, earth fear, lessons for eons. That was and is your freedom. But before this earth life, you decided to broaden your horizons, that you had studied one note long enough. You were bored. And so it is that you gathered like-minded entities together and created your full orchestra of earth possibilities.

The downside is that some are not ready to move into love in this lifetime. They have issues to resolve before they do – which is fine and good. But those of you who wish to move into love, or full orchestra, in this lifetime need to do so now.

Such is true because some of you are transitioning beyond accepting love to creating a new earth with love-based policies and interactions. Our ongoing plea is to move at your pace. At the same time, if you are shifting to love in this lifetime, start to do so now.

Perhaps you do not know if your time between accepting and experiencing love is because of pieces you wish to explore in this lifetime – or your fear of the unknown.

It is time to tell yourself that you are ready to explore those pieces you wish to explore before moving into love. Or allow yourself to remove your stage fright fears about life based in love. Others are waiting in the wings for your love energy to help them transition.

This is an unusual time. For we speak of love and all that follows, but you do not truly know if your end-product will be as glorious as we describe. What if you have given up friends and relatives only to discover you are alone? Which might be the case between the stage of one-note fear and your full orchestra of love.

Jump, dance, run into love. The stage is set. You have proclaimed to yourself that you wish to experience love before you exit earth in this lifetime – so do it. JUMP, RUN, DANCE into love. It is time. All is ready. You will not fall. You will not fail. So be it. Amen.



kay 16th January 2014 10:36 am

Nice little kick in the butt, Brenda! Thank you. Resistance can be a powerful taskmaster.

Mik 16th January 2014 2:54 pm

Thanks Brenda,,
I think the song goes,"dance into the fire"
The heart of fire,,where all is transformed and transfigured.
The heart is,,the crucible,,the cauldron,,the catalyst,the philosophers stone,,the all-chemical fire,, the exponential accelerator,,ect.ect.ect. haha
my comfort zone,,,
Mucho Lovo

Brenda Hoffman 16th January 2014 4:48 pm

Hey Kay,
Your response made me laugh out loud!!!!!! Great interpretation.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 16th January 2014 4:51 pm

Hi Mik,
I must be in a fun place. I'm thinking of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire.

Yes, the heart is....... It always has been but we were so busy learning about fear we didn't remember to click our ruby red (really silver in the original OZ books) slippers together!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,


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