New Is in the Air

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are traveling or moving to a place you did not expect. Maybe it is a new romance or friendship. It does not matter for new is in the air. What was is no more. What is arriving is shifting from the vapors to clarification in your new world.

Such might not seem likely given your former 3D life in which most shifts required years, months, or weeks to clarify. Your current shift is more like “Of course.” instead of “I don’t know.” Even though you have likely been creating this new experience for decades, your knowing that such is a reality will be almost instantaneous.

You will know that this new something is right without anyone needing to reassure you or define this new something for you. It just is. Processing is no longer necessary.

So you will feel like celebrating and not celebrating at the same time. Your celebratory thoughts will be something like, “Can you believe how wonderful this is?” And the need to not celebrate is that you always knew within you that such would be part of your new life.

This is a new world where dreams becoming a reality is the new norm.

Maybe your new reality is a bit different than you envisioned because that dream was initiated in a 3D world or while you were of 3D.

In your 3D past, you perhaps moved to a new home while mourning your former home. Even so, in a few years, you were no longer interested in returning to your former home. Such was a 3D process you experienced before knowing what you needed within.

The difference now is the lack of that 3D process. It will be right for you from day one. Something that might surprise your friends and relatives. For in 3D, change was always a process.

Your choices will be more apparent – and likely, rapid. “This is right for me because…..” No longer will you need to consider the concerns or wants of others. Or need to create those 3D pro and con lists. You will just know. Not because you are such a different person, but because your 3D filters no longer exist, filters that fogged your want lists with concerns about the rightness for others as much as yourself.

This is the new world you created.

Some of you may be concerned that your creations and/or actions will be too hasty. That you will select this then that. You might. Maybe you will need to feel like a child in a candy store for a bit. Or maybe you will immediately determine what one item or person you need. It does not matter for your creation skills allow you to play with your dreams.

In truth, you will likely play with your dreams for a time, testing your new creative skills, or as a reward for your patience waiting for this time.

This new you creation phase is no different than any other phase. Even so, you will likely feel your first creation is a long-held dream that finally came true.

ThreeD earth focused on money and power. Such is no longer true for new you. But not a few of you will create those items just to test the reality of your new world. Creating a beautiful yard or discovering a new friend may not seem unusual enough for you at first.

You will probably be surprised with your first creations, knowing that the results are not wrong, but wondering why those creations were ever important to you. And you will likely believe you only have one or two wishes like your fairytales until you understand your creations are unlimited.

You are a new creator being of the earth.

That which you create initially might not fulfill your dreams. So you will try another creation and another. Even so, those first few creations will seem unbelievable to you – and perhaps others. As if your dreams are limited, which is no longer true.

In 3D, you felt fortunate if you had the perfect job, you and your family loved and respected one another, and you found appropriate housing. Luxuries like exotic vacations were merely frosting on the cake.

You will soon discover that 3D dreams may fulfill part, but not all of you. After satiating yourself with what you thought you wanted or needed, your creations will be more unusual. Creations that combine new you with the Universes.

So it is that we, of the Universes, welcome you new creator beings into your new world. What was is no more. And what will be, you are beginning to create. We observe you in love and amazement, knowing you have shifted from 3D fear to a new you in one lifetime. Courageous, creator beings all. So be it. Amen.


OlgaF 14th August 2022 11:21 pm

thank you so much ♥


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