So What Color is Your Inner Self Now?

Dear Ones,

You have perhaps learned that your body shape or communication systems may differ in the future. Both are accurate indicators of what will transpire. But now we wish to describe the changes within your being. For indeed before those outer pieces are evident, inner shifts are necessary.

You have learned how to access your angels, your higher-self, your inner-being – all spiritual/emotional elements of your new being. Granted, you do not necessarily feel adept in accessing those pieces of your being, but you know it is possible and you have most likely tried at least one of many techniques in the past few years. It is now time to address your physical being.

Your inner physical body is changing rapidly causing some of you to report headaches, stomach discomfort or other similar ailments. Or perhaps you recently had the flu, a cold or an ache somewhere in your being. All indicators your body is shifting.

Of course, please do not discount addressing your ailments with the medical world. Current medical knowledge is a large piece of this transition. For without the past century of medical advancements, you would not have as much freedom to explore your new world. Maslow’s Hierarchy described this as meeting the base needs of life – food, water and shelter – before self-actualization can be initiated.

If you feared you might die or have a limited life because of polio, scarlet fever, diphtheria, epilepsy, tuberculosis and so many other diseases that are no longer of great concern to you, you would have little interest in the New Age. Instead of discounting the medical world, realize that just as is true of your transportation (automobiles, airplanes) and communication systems (internet, cell phones), advancements on all levels are encouraging you to participate in this self-actualization transition.

That is not to say you need to worship any invention or medical discovery, but that you need to give all their due in this wondrous transition.

Let us return to your inner-being. Perhaps you cannot fully appreciate the changes in your DNA and cells. Most of you do not have the instruments to observe these shifts. You know you feel differently at times, but you cannot measure or detect how that different feeling is an indicator that your body is shifting.

An indicator, if you choose to observe it, is that your blood is helping to harmonize your inner shifts by creating the vibrations, harmonies and colors necessary to expedite your inner physical shifts. As we discussed during our internet Creation Energies show this week (, your blood may appear to be a different hue or color – ranging from blues to yellows to browns. Red will remain the base color of your blood, but the different hues will indicate what your inner physical being feels it lacks during this transition.

Will your blood remain this new color? Perhaps or perhaps not. Your physical body has always had the capability to regenerate itself even though you have not used those skills for eons.

Many of you are familiar with color and harmony therapies for your outer physical being. You are now opening your personal “medical kit” to harmonize your inner-being.

How is it possible for you to expand your DNA, change your cellular structure and yet maintain the same type and flow of blood required for your Old Age physical being?

You are changing. That is a phrase that applies to every atom of your being. Even though we have discussed cellular changes, many of you did not understand that a cellular change requires a complete physical, spiritual and emotional overhaul. You cannot maintain your Old Age being in your New Age world.

You are not alone in such shifting – you are just among the first to do so.

Many of you are wondering if your new body shape will be different from what is now the norm. Such thoughts are not necessary or even within your realm of understanding at this time.

All you need to concern yourself with is that your inner-being is rapidly shifting to accommodate your new DNA strands and cellular structure. That shift might include a different hue of blood, different intake of food and drink, different interests and different needs for rest. This is not a entry-level shift. In truth, your physical being is going through more shifts than was true during puberty or pregnancy. It is complete and permanent.

Such statements are not to frighten you, but to inform you that you are shifting physically. And by doing so, your needs, interests and internal physical being will be different.

Do not be concerned that your physician will report your unusual blood color, additional DNA strands, and other physical changes. Unless your medical personnel are of the Lightworker advance team, they will only detect what they have always seen. Their observations will be similar to the stories of Native Americans who did not initially see European boats for they had no historical perspective to understand the meaning of those boats. They could not perceive something they did not understand or expect. So it will be for your medical personnel.

Of course, the obvious question is what else is shifting within your being? We cannot tell you specifics other than your blood, cells and DNA are different or shifting to accommodate your Lightworker being. Other shifts will be more specific to your role. Just as is true for body builders developing different muscles than is required for a long distance bicycle racer or Olympic swimmer.

Do not be frightened of your physical changes. Relish them for you are a Lightworker creating a body to best accommodate your new role. Your physical body will never again be as it was. Nor will you wish it to be once you have completed your shift.

Your body changes are not a punishment, but a gift from you and the Universes to the Lightworker that you are. So be it. Amen.


Sandra Smyre 7th February 2013 9:49 am

Thank you Brenda! Always love your posts. Have a knee that needs to be replaced and am working on bringing crystalline energy up into my chakras and connecting all 12 strands of DNA. Acupuncture, massage and energy work help, anything not to go into surgery. Really think and feel this is a possibility--yea!! In LoveLight, Sandra :smitten:

Brenda Hoffman 7th February 2013 11:17 am

Dear Sandra,
I so hope you can mend your knee without surgery. I'm sending positive energy your way.

Have to admit that this week's channel was unusual for me. I'm more interested in sociology and history than science or medicine. So I was amazed as I channeled the info.

Sunday night - after channeling the first piece about blood on BlogTalkRadio show - I went to bed somewhat curious about my blood color but most definitely not willing to cut myself to find out. Woke up during the night and ran into one of our bedposts - we've had the bed for four years with no incidents! I thought my face would be black and blue in the morning, but instead I had a cut over my eye. Before I put the pieces together, I cleaned off the blood. Thought that was odd but I've been getting messages since I first posted this channel that others have accidentally cut themselves in the past couple of weeks and have noticed a different blood color from bright red to deep red.

This transition is amazing.
Blessings and Sparkles,

zorro 7th February 2013 12:56 pm


Have you been sleeping with those dilithium crystals under your pillow again? LOL!

Gene Roddenberry envisioned Orions , (Mr. Spock) , as having greenish blood as they had more copper in their hemoglobin than iron.

What's really going on with blood chemistry do you think? Care to share?

COBALT 7th February 2013 1:48 pm

Hi Brenda,

This is a curious message for me, as I determined not too long ago that my O+ blood type, and the foods I ingested were affecting me. I don't have much dairy anymore, and that has made a difference. The low vibrations don't phase me like they used to. Big hugs!

k 7th February 2013 2:34 pm

The mystics wrote that when we transform we will be in our body of light. Maybe that refers to leaving the dense physical body and being in our etheric body. It is the etheric body that gives the physical body life. Shamans and other mystics have known that to heal the physical body, the the wounds and tears in the etheric body have to be healed on a spiritual level. Without the etheric body, our physical body would be dead and turn back into dust.

Brenda Hoffman 7th February 2013 5:14 pm

Dear Zorro,
Your dilithium crystals line made me laugh out loud!I was wondering something similar as I was channeling the info!

I don't know how to answer your real question other than we're shifting and my source seems to be giving us info in a sequential fashion. I've never been very interested in science or biology - history and sociology are my areas of interest. So I have no idea why I was given this info other than to reassure everyone that we're changing into something/someone new and that all is well with our shift.

My sense when I was channeling both my blog and show was that the blood color has much to do with balancing our physical systems using our knowledge of chakra color meanings. And whatever color system you are comfortable with is how you will define what your blood color means.For example, brownish blood would mean you've added green or heart color, yellow or gold - courage/Universal knowledge, etc.

Trust me - my source will add more...and more if we don't
Blessings and Sparkles

Brenda Hoffman 7th February 2013 5:17 pm

Dear Cobalt,
Now that's an entirely new thought process. Thank you. I wonder if your blood color has changed? No don't do anything to check it out!!!!!!

But the most delightful part of your message is that you've effectively listened to your inner-being! Something we're all trying or learning to do.
Blessings and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 7th February 2013 5:20 pm

Dear K,
Extremely interesting thought and possibility. Maybe we are healing our wounds and tears in the etheric body.

I hope I get more info about this in my next channels.
Blessings and Sparkles,

k 7th February 2013 5:48 pm

As a master of the astral light, Jesus was able to bring Lazarus' etheric light/body back into his physical form. This body of light seen in auras is what gives life to the body. Most of us can not see the bodies of light or much in the astral plane. But the etheric body is what we really are, the physical is just a dense form made of dirt that our etheric body is bound to while going through this physical experience. To be a master is to be able to control the astral light and have the power to bring the etheric body back to join with the physical body that is just dirt. So, Jesus was able to bring Lazarus "back to life" when really he was not dead, he was just detached from the form people thought was him.

k 7th February 2013 6:24 pm

So, I am able to understand more fully that what I see in the physical is illusion. I am not able to see what is real since what is real lays beyond what I am able to sense. All I am able to see is what is manifested by consciousness projected onto the energy that is from the Source. But, even still I have to deal with these phantoms and hallucinations, because like Dumbledore told Harry at the end of the story, when Harry asked if it had all just been in his mind..."it may have just been in your mind, but that does not make it any the less real".
The hero has to face many challenges and defeats, but in the end he will win and in the process he will gain wisdom and self mastery. The Sultan Valad's poem, "if you do not feel pain, you are not looking for healing". The path of a mystic is painful until he can get by the Dweller at the Threshold, Saturn in Binah and be in his light body...formless, not bound by the dualities that create form anymore.

Baloneypants 7th February 2013 7:27 pm

Thanks Brenda. Your channelings always seem to know exactly what I'm thinking about and dealing with!

I know they are important physical changes and it's not 'supposed' to feel like 'punishment' but boy, does it feel that way at times. I just wonder when the bodily recalibration will be fully 'complete,' because its really quite a trial for me and I feel very frustrated at times.

Puberty was indeed a lot easier, because people knew what was happening to me, and so did I. Any symptom clearly from recalibration remains 'my secret,' which makes it harder. How do I explain for the 50th time I'm staying home to sleep and meditate? I just say I have a thyroid problem for now.

Anyway, I will get through it. Blessings and thank you. :)

cyndy 8th February 2013 2:03 pm

Interesting to me as I do not usually consider myself science and yet... Surprise last week at the color of my blood in a small cut. So BRIGHT.
Type AB blood type is one of the newer ones. AND in 2012 (this amazed some scientists) 2 more (new) blood proteins were discovered and the last new one discovered was 10 Years ago. So, 30 proteins identified for a basic blood type and now since 2012 there are 32. Humans are evolving at an unprecented pace.Ilove it. New world, new human experience.

Brenda Hoffman 8th February 2013 5:16 pm

Dear Baloneypants,
You're not alone in thinking that some of our shifts feel like punishment.

Since I usually don't have a lot of patience, I want the transition to be complete NOW. But my time frame is not necessarily good for our bodies or probably our emotions. So we continue - sometimes feeling as if we're slogging through mud - but always moving forward.

I can't remember puberty that clearly, but I do remember how I wanted to be an "adult" in college at the age of 13 - with boyfriends and dorm rooms and everything else. And how I yearned for straight blond hair. A few years later, my natural, curly look was what so many wanted. And so it goes.

It will happen - not as fast as we or many others would like - but the transition will happen in the right time and in the right way for us.
Blessings and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 8th February 2013 5:21 pm

Dear Cyndy,
Whoa! I didn't know about the new blood type discoveries.My sense is that science and medicine are going to discovering or creating so many new pieces.

Love that your blood was bright red. A gentleman from Canada wrote me on another blog sight that his was such a beautiful bright red he wished he could paint his car that color. But what I find amazing is how many of us have reported recent small cuts. This transition is amazing.

I also love the new world, new human!
Blessings and Sparkles,

IC2ITUC 9th February 2013 12:57 am

Sandra, Find a holistic physician who does Prolotherapy before you schedule a knee operation. Most allopathic physicians don't know anything about it. For info on it, go to Dr. Martin Gallagher's web site He teaches physicians how to do the procedure here in the U.S. and a number of them from other countries. God bless and good health!


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