Those Awakening Might Frustrate You

Dear Ones,

Those now awakening will project images and thoughts that are not necessarily what you expect – a bit like watching an infant learn to drink from a sippy cup. You know a cup must be grasped securely and placed to your mouth before drinking. Your infant, with unskilled hands and very little practice, might put the cup to his or her lips, eyes, hair or just throw it on the floor in fun.

Those of you who have reviewed your new earth thoughts and actions for some time will watch in wonder as those newly awakened race around in ‘helter-skelter’ fashion. One day they will be immersed in astrology and the next deny the validity of anything related to astrology. Or extremely excited about THE guru or book that will change all earth beings’ for the better.

Perhaps it is difficult to remember that you started your new earth quest in a similar fashion. Jumping from one thought or guru to another until you realized you had the knowledge within you. Your self-love, self-respect did not happen overnight. For many of you, it has been decades.

Those newly awakening do not need years of study – merely weeks or months.

In the meantime, you may be frustrated or overwhelmed by what they require of you. “Tell me about this.” “Show me that.” “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” “I have the answers.” “My traumas are so much worse than were yours” will be a large part of your interaction with the newly awakened – if you so choose.

Your newly awakened friends and relatives will seem more new earth infant than adult in the next few months. You wish to fly and the basics enthrall them.

Slow your pace to care for them if you want. But the Universes do not require you to do so, nor is it likely your role. You only need do so if doing so feels right for you.

Perhaps  such a seeming lack of concern bothers you for are you not a beacon for those following? You are indeed. But new earth is much different from the Old Age. It is no longer about believing that all or most are less wise than you. That all or most must be taught what to think and do. You are not parents of those newly awakened. Nor are you their caretakers.

Of course, if it feels right to help those just awakening to better understand what new earth is about, do so. But most of you will feel frustrated by their questions and concerns. You are in graduate school and they are just beginning to read.

To assume that your role is to care take them in any way is to revert to what was not what is. All are capable of learning what they wish to learn at the pace they wish to learn. Who held your hand as you moved through the many layers that is the new you? Perhaps a friend or a teacher here or there. But overall, it was an individual journey that you managed to do without books, handholding or a great deal of support.

Your new earth thoughts and actions are becoming part of mainstream - albeit in trickles for now – so those following have more support than was true for you. You were courageous enough to ‘go it alone’ in so many ways. Those following have access to your Internet messages, books and videos – your trail blazing paths.

You will be extremely frustrated if you attempt to maintain a guru status for them. Such a role will not feel right within your new earth being. And for your newly awakened friend, the victim role will not allow them to move beyond the familiar, Old Age victim/caretaker roles. Care taking others as they move through their ‘dark night of the soul’ reduces their capacity to clear and clean what they must to ramp up their new earth being.

Nothing that was is. And nothing that is was – including care taking those souls you feel somewhat superior to now. Do not fret. They will catch up – perhaps even surpass you at some point. As is true for the infant learning to drink from a sippy cup. Eventually that infant becomes your adult child who instructs you about finances and other areas as they increase their knowledge and your earth knowledge becomes static.

And so it is that you need not worry or slow your pace to help those just awakening.

The most appropriate assistance is expanding as it feels right and joyful for you – knowing others will do the same.

New earth is not one group pulling up the other. But instead, one group shining their light so others can follow – if they choose. So be it. Amen.



kitegirlcoach 28th March 2014 2:55 am

Gorgeous! That made me laugh. I'll remember when I am frustrated I'll say "they are sippy cup people for now. " haha

I wonder how those who have been advanced in certain ways such as psychics will feel as the rest of the world learns their skills. Identity crisis perhaps?

Brenda Hoffman 28th March 2014 3:28 pm

Hi KiteGirl,
Your comment made me laugh - sippy cups and identity crisis.

My thoughts are that as each wave starts their new earth trek (sippy cup stage), the waves in front progress to the next stage or stages - unless they don't want to.

Baby Boomers initially planned to stop at building the bridge to the new earth. But being belligerent as always, we just keep going.

I don't know if any one on earth or elsewhere knows how far we'll go. Fun!
Blessings, Sparkles and Love,

netdragon 28th March 2014 5:47 pm

Like those of us who "awakened" about 12 years ago, they will be getting through the imbalanced period of awakening much faster than decades ago since things on Earth will be more supportive of it, and we'll be more supportive of it and able to help them. But they'll get through it all even faster than we did 12 years ago. Yes, there will be things to cause frustration to us, but then like a flash some of them will be out of that imbalanced period.

Brenda Hoffman 28th March 2014 6:00 pm

Hi NetDragon,
I so agree. Because of the courage of so many, those awakening now and later will have more support both in materials created and those who wish to help them understand the process. I've noted something of that already in a family member. Compared to my process, this person is zipping through it.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Peter fox 29th March 2014 5:33 am

Dear Brenda- so many aspects of this transition just continue to surprise
and fascinate me (often after being initially frustrated by them). Just as an
example. There was nothing in your posting which urged me to make a
comment but when I read your final sentence to Kite girl well that was
different- it hit me like a rocket launcher! It seems to me no-one knows
what is going to happen because this glorious adventure we are engaged
in has never been done before on earth! So we have enormous influence
on the way it unfolds- so I think the message is - " we have already
travelled much further than we or anyone else imagined we could so now,
with that confidence under our belt, let's continue forward but now with
much more FUN! How about that! Lots of Love..... Peter.

Brenda Hoffman 29th March 2014 10:32 am

Hey Peter,
Blessings, Love, Sparkles, Daring Do and FUN,

realist_idealist 30th March 2014 3:52 am

With all due respect, surely if you are already awakened - and are encountering those who have just started their journey - you would react with kindness, empathy, patience, joy....and would be happy for them, gladly assisting them when possible.

...rather than frustrated, impatient, or overwhelmed, which IMHO is NOT a sign that one has awakened, it sounds more like a control issue, especially as you mentioned, you take on a guru status.

Spirituality and awakening should never be a hierarchy. It's a service to all others.

Brenda Hoffman 30th March 2014 11:48 am

Dear Realist_Idealist,
You might have misunderstood the message. In the Old Age, we were trained to care for others before ourselves - no matter how depleted we might be.

This message is relaying that if you feel joy in teaching others, that's wonderful & your path. But many Lightworkers are of the scout master variety. Their joy path is to find and report results - not reverting to unspoken 3D rules that don't relate to who they are now.

You appear to be of those who wishes to assist those just awaking in ways other than path finding & reporting. Wonderful. That's exactly where you'll find joy.

This is an expansive transition that's happening rapidly. Each of us has a role(s). Perhaps you're at a different place than some who have taken 3D caretaker role to the extreme. Each of us is a thread in the new earth tapestry and if we ignore our thread, the tapestry is less complete.

Follow your joy wherever it leads. But some find it difficult to so until they let go of their 3D care taking/victim roles.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,


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