When You’re Ready, Select the Easy Button

Dear Ones,

Many of you are stalling now because the knowledge that you are powerful enough to create anything is too frightening for you to contemplate.

We are not chiding you, merely reminding you that you are much more powerful than you yet dare display.

Many of you have past life traumas associated with displaying your skills in 3D. So it is you are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) as are many who serve in the military or observe violent scenes.

Such is neither good nor bad, merely how you evaluate your current phase. Even though you wish to move through this phase rapidly, your reality is like that of a military veteran who fears gunshots whenever a loud noise disrupts his or her being. Similar to the PTSD experienced by many, your need is beyond someone telling you that all is well.

You have to discover you are well even though whispers of past fears float by and through your being when you feel the need to actualize your current skillset.

For many, it is easier to ignore that skillset for by doing so, you are not forced to acknowledge how fearful those past lives were. A bit like those of 3D terrified of water activities discovering, in what you label a past life, one of their segments was forcibly drowned. Even though that fear is no longer logical, the fear lingers.

The result is you are attempting to dislodge those fears from your being for you feel you must move forward immediately. Forcing you to be at odds with yourself by encouraging ailments and other means to slow you down.

Of course, reading this information creates deeper feelings of loss, fear, and internal anger. “Why can’t I just move on? What’s stopping me?” As always, the answer is you. The difference this time is an acknowledgment of that fact. For clearing issues is different and easier in 5D even though you have not yet grasped that concept.

Request help from your segments, your council, your guides, or whoever feels most right to you as you read this piece. You no longer have to live with fears for years or even days.

Yet, you continue to clear frightening memories with the 3D format that used to be most beneficial for you.

You merely need to request help in acknowledging and clearing your deeply hidden fears. You need not rest, stay home, vent, or whatever you think you should do. All that is required is to ask for help and then allow that help to smooth out your fearful rough edges.

You no longer are of 3D. So you do not need to fear others or more importantly, yourself. For many of you remain concerned that you will say something wrong, react incorrectly, or stand out in some way that encourages others to punish you for your beliefs.

You have transitioned to personal freedom including your inner voice of rightness. So you no longer need to sift your words and actions through your cultural sense of rightness.

You will not be punished for being yourself as you have been in the past.

But then, you will not believe this until you allow your PTSD to float away as it will once you ask for assistance. This clearing consists of two actions. First, allow yourself to experience and express your PTSD. Then ask for help in clearing your PTSD easily and effortlessly. You do not need to be in your home or sanctuary, nor do you need to create illness or exhaustion as you clear this.

Many of you are so afraid of cultural shame or ostracism that it is easier to hide your true being from even yourself. A need that is an extension of eons of living in 3D obscurity.

To discover if you are afraid to let down your personalized PTSD fear barrier, merely ask yourself if you are fully ready to be yourself or if you wish to be of both 3D and 5D. If you answer that you wish to hide behind 3D convention, it is time for you to reassess how much you wish to live in freedom.

Most of you had extremely traumatic past life experiences when you attempted to display your true self with true power. But that was then. Do you wish to clear those fears or to continue them so you are no longer part of this transition?

Many of you are quite upset with that last statement for in your mind you have proved over and over again that you wish to be an instrumental part of this transition. That even though you have a definite role to play and you wish to play that role, those memories are too painful to ignore. Which is little different from those of you who experienced physical, sexual, and emotional violence in this lifetime. You have the choice of continuing to slow or stop your development because of that violence or to forge ahead knowing that such is part of your history but not a stopping point.

You were almost certainly abused in many lifetimes for displaying your Universal powers in a 3D world. But that was then. So are you willing to receive help easily and effortlessly by merely requesting it or do you wish to simmer in your internal fears for a bit longer? That is your choice. One that you have always had even though never before has clearing such a dramatic piece been this easy.

You are in a different place with different skills and a different physical body. Allow that to be part of your knowingness. And then, that fears from the past are no longer required because this is a different time with different needs.

You are not of 3D, you are a 5D god or goddess who can easily clear that which stops you from being part of this New Earth/Universal tapestry if you so desire.

But for many that desire is not yet there. Allow yourself to move at the pace right for you, but know that when you are ready, that piece is easily cleared.

Compared to your clearings while of 3D, this is a ‘piece of cake.’ The only part stopping you is fear of yourself and how you were treated by others generations, eons, or decades ago. So be it. Amen.



spiritdiver 7th February 2018 5:36 pm

Hi Brenda,

Let me first preface this as coming from, covers up to my chin, in bed mid day, I am embarrassed to say.

I so desire to ceate and share my visions and on my way to acting creating.

Substantial energy downloads came in so easily, in such abundance just after the new year. And continue to in shifts. So many potentials, flowing over, in.

Yet now i am experiencing, finding it quite bit like mud. Literally difficult to move. One or two tasks a day is about all I can manage. All should be falling in, around me. It's not. And see some out of the blue, quick manifestations actually don't know if those are coming from the future, or thoughts in the past. I would like to move to a position of greater freedom, but it's the feeling of it's out of my mind and definitely physical control. So in slow steps i go, is all I can manage. Feel like a huge presense moving through jello contrete..here in slow-mo.

Perhaps there is a purpose, I trust.

I thought I had cleared it all! Does not feel like fear.

I asked for the PTSD clearing. Thank you. I hope it helps.

spiritdiver 8th February 2018 11:27 am

Ok. I asked for the clearing, and then I experienced it last night with my boyfriend in full. Thank you. I guess I did not realize I still had this fear, all along brewing in the background.

My PTSD, and associated fear, is in seperation anxiety. Perphaps that goes back as far as my first incarnation. But serious relections of the same in this lifetime I have experienced tramatically and been aware of for years. And in my immediate family, my mother and her lines going back probably for eons. I thought it was fully dissolved in me, not so.

Now I am fully asking for the clearling to release this scare scar from me, effortlessly and easily. I am done with that experience in my life. And, I am ready to fully move on to 5D, and beyond.

And as far as the healing release, the piece below stumbled into my awareness this morning it is a beautiful reflection offered by my astrologer, Eric Francis. The thought here is helping me move through this release, and feeling of stuckness.

*Remember that service to others moves spiritual energy much better than service to self.

debs go lightly 8th February 2018 3:43 pm

Hi Brenda, hi Spiritdiver :)

This message is just so perfectly where I am at right now. Never ceases to be amazing.

Two days ago I had two people knock at the door, representing their church, I was asked: "Do you think the bible is still relevant?". I laughed and said whoa that's a big question!. Then I calmly and easily and quietly spoke my truth. As I spoke I observed that my heart pounded so hard I thought I would fall over. As I spoke I took deep breaths and calmed my body, I told body not to fear. It was as if another part of me talked and I simply observed. I remember the man said that he had never heard anybody talk about these things before and could they come back for more?. The soul voice in me said: say yes!. I said yes. I was shocked. Later I had a strong feeling they won't come back as 3D fear will kick in.

This experience showed me how much fear/resistance body still has when put in a position of saying who and what I am now. I have been working on this by asking the team to help in my sleep - great suggestion Brenda, thank you.

debs go lightly 8th February 2018 4:09 pm

I am a channel. I have always had this skill set active since a child. Channeled privately during the eighties, harmonic convergence, etc. Never done this in public. Two years ago my team asked me to channel publicly. I felt ready a year ago, and then, as for many of us, it went sideways for a year with extra clearing. Now I feel ready again and just writing this is causing my heart to pound. I know the steps to take, I'm excited, it's an act of trust. I know I'm going to love this experience but I'm resisting. I think that it's going to be a case of 'feel the fear and do it anyway' and maybe it will get easier. I'm guessing I was 'channeling' at the doorstep the other day. This feels crazy. The resistance is very strong. Just saying 'I am a channel: soul-merged channel' is hard. Phew.

Brenda Hoffman 8th February 2018 5:02 pm

Dear SpiritDiver,
You're not alone. So many, including me, feel as if everything is in slow motion - including me. Obviously, we need to slow down, rest, recoup, do whatever it is we're doing right now for the next big push. Or, maybe this is the next big push because it feels so unusual for most of us experiencing it. Go with the lack of flow is my current mantra!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 8th February 2018 5:04 pm

Dear SpiritDiver,
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 8th February 2018 5:08 pm

Hi Debs Go Lightly,
And another HURRAY for you, Debs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa, we're evolving minute by minute instead of month by month. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Ongoing Creation Sparkles,

spiritdiver 9th February 2018 12:35 am

Debs go lightly,

That is amazing! I think it is so exciting. I have noticed fear gets right there too when actually saying clearly what you desire, truely are. As Brenda's channel says there is so much from the past that would give good reason to feeling valnerability too. Going directly into the fear, is the only true way to fully clear and ascend.

I noticed when a truth is spoken, out loud, that litterally ,'rings the truth', in my ear. Being In-tunement To You.. You can almost feel the shift in present soundwave time. It is such an exciting and liberating feeling. So new it feels foreign, yet at the same time so alive you know it has always been right there.

Beyond words, utter foundational, Rock Solid confidence and knowing. And on we Go, Debs! Flittering, fluttering onto the next flowering, resting stop. Yes we do Go Lightly cause we are lighter, each pass. You picked a very appropriate name, sister. :angel:

Brenda: Related.. think of it, I have noticed a pattern of slow grounding physical feeling, before any big shift release. Which makes sense, 3D is the heaviest, matter.

spiritdiver 9th February 2018 12:48 am

...taking off the cocoon suit!!

Thank you Brenda, for all you share.

Love, best thoughts, and a band of sparkels surrounding you too. : D

debs go lightly 10th February 2018 3:38 pm

Hi Spiritdiver,

Thank you! Yes, "going directly into the fear", it's a total letting go now. So much of what I am experiencing is surrender, trusting that all is ok. I have strong memories of other lifetimes and persecution. Now feeling into the place where I can do this, totally let go and just be. It is so exciting! Memories of wonderful lifetimes are returning, hadn't even known I had wonderful lives! how crazy is that?! The heaviness, yes that old density thank you, it didn't occur to me that this tiredness was in fact old density moving. Not just my 'resistance'. I find I can't explain things easily, so many layers.
"go lightly" indeed! We are so much lighter with each pass!, I had no idea when I picked that name, it makes me laugh! And the tone, yes, actual sound through my head like a bell tone, a sound wave, incredible!

Spiritdiver, sister, I always thought what a beautiful soulful elegant name, resonant with great courage, so well chosen! :)

debs go lightly 10th February 2018 3:45 pm


Bless you for your endless love and encouragement, you inspire courage, so much joy!!!!!

Much love and sparkles, Debs :)

Brenda Hoffman 10th February 2018 4:19 pm

Love and Blessings to you, Debs, SpiritDiver and all!!!!!


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