Which Creation Area is Your Bogeyman Under the Bed?

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are confused or angry. The past few weeks, numerous channeled sources energized you to create big. You tried – and perhaps failed. Your capabilities to create in a specific area may be limited because your Old Age perceptions have permeated your physical, emotional or spiritual creation powers.

This deep Old Age fear is likely tied to your self-worth. Your earth self denied your true power for so many eons, you now struggle to acknowledge that you are as valuable and skilled as anyone.

In previous earth lives, you were probably extremely powerful in the physical, spiritual or emotional arena you are deeply fearful of now. You withhold that knowledge from yourself fearing that you will repeat whatever filled you with shame or worthlessness in that power arena.

It is time to introduce the you of now to that shameful piece.

Each of you reading this has a strength or area of expertise you are quite comfortable with. Healing (spiritual) is extremely easy, but physical creation (finances) seems beyond your grasp. Maybe finances are not an issue, but you dream of dimension-hopping and you cannot. Or you are comfortable with all sorts of earth entities, but cannot create your desired loving relationship.

You now wish to expand your expertise – for indeed that is the new earth. All who wish to be comfortable in all three realms will be – physical, spiritual and emotional. This fearful element(s) has most likely been painful for you for several lifetimes. It is the bogeyman under your bed that you do not dare even think about.

You have cleared for months, so you believe you have nothing to clear or cleanse. Such is not the case. If you tried to create a romantic relationship to no avail in the past few weeks, you need to address the issue or issues blocking that joy. And the same is true for physical or spiritual creation blocks.

You are angry that we did not tell you this before drumming up your creation hopes. If we had, you would not have believed us – some have trouble believing us now. You cannot imagine that you allowed such a large piece of your being to go unnoticed.

It is about perception. Perhaps that piece did not stop your joy in other areas or perhaps it did. It does not matter for until you tested it for yourself, you would have never looked under your fear bed.

And so it is that you easily create in your area(s) of expertise, but not in the area(s) that you have hidden from yourself for perhaps eons. It is time to forgive yourself and welcome that part of your being into your totality.

Most of you cleansed and cleaned all areas of your being – but you did so gingerly with your greatest fear. Perhaps allowing you to create a bit in that area. Maybe you allowed yourself to channel, but not heal – or to create a job, but not one that introduced financial comfort. You allowed a small piece of that totality in – but not enough for big creations.

The bogeyman under your bed is the area in which you lack self-worth. You would not have exposed that piece without a need to do so. Limiting your new earth life and actions has finally allowed you to review that – and to fully KNOW that shame/lack of self-worth happened in a different time, with different perceptions, a different knowledge base and in a different Age.

You are no longer of the Old Age. Karma no longer applies. You are wiser and different from who you were when the incident(s) happened.

You did what was right for you – there are no mistakes and never have been. You were not wrong, merely testing something that was important at that time. Perhaps you wished to explore Old Age power in great depth. And so you did. But the very thought of that type of power is abhorrent to you now. Different times, different person.

It is the same as accepting guilt for breaking your mother’s vase as an infant. Hindsight will tell you that your mother should have put the object higher or stored it away. She did not and you, as an infant, broke it. Are you a bad or guilty entity in that example? Or merely an infant exploring everything within reach as infants have always done. And so it is for those actions or thoughts that have you stymied now.

You did what you needed to do – either to fulfill your life explorations or to help someone explore theirs. End of story. You are no more responsible for that piece than is an infant exploring its surroundings.

We have told you that you are responsible for your actions. And so you are and always have been. But the actions or feelings you are now ashamed or fearful of happened in a different Age and in different circumstances. You were an infant exploring as required for growth in that Age – now you are an adult.

Your bogeyman under the bed is no different than an infant grabbing any object within reach without any intent other than exploration. But if you were to purposefully break your mother’s vase today, your intent and the results would be different.

The Old Age and related karma is gone – your slate is clean. Do not allow your Old Age fears to limit your being now. You are not terrible, guilty, bad or any similar word. You merely explored what you wanted to explore in that time.

You are exploring different issues now – and are a great deal more mature. Allow yourself to interact with that fear, to address the fear limiting you in any way. You will know the area of that fear by what you are unable to create now.

Perhaps you wish to ask on paper, “What fear is hidden under my bed and why?” Or visualize. Or do whatever feels most comfortable to bring that fearful piece into a dialogue. Ask that piece what it learned – and then forgive it. Send the results/feelings/fears back to the Universes in love – for that piece was extremely helpful when it was first introduced. And then, ask your higher self/inner-being/heart how best to incorporate that segment or segments of your being into your current totality.

You are not bad. That piece(s) is not bad. You are now merely expanding your inner community – and creation skills – in love and open communications. So be it. Amen.


Peter fox 2nd October 2013 11:25 am

Brenda- not any easy truth to take on board as there always seems to be
"yet another" reason why we are not manifesting our desires. However
(on the second reading!) I can see the truth in it. We tend to dismiss the
things that come easily to us and don't even think of them as powerful
abilities but other people do! It is the things we find difficult that we most
dearly want to bring into our reality and it makes complete sense that this
is where the fears and blockages are restricting us.
I have noticed recently that I am "almost!" enjoying the pain associated
with releasing fear as I now know it is doing me good- I hope I haven't
spoken too soon!
Another very insightful posting,Brenda.even if at first sight it might seem a
bit frustrating! Thank you.

cyndy 2nd October 2013 12:30 pm

You stated,"You are no longer of the Old Age. Karma no longer applies."
Yes, that is how we use to manifest the majority of the time. Now in the new energy/new world the very foundation of manifesting/creating is changing. The Field/Universe will be responding to the desires in our heart and soul.No more Karma/duality based manifesting.
Also, we have so surpassed where we might originally thought or intended to go. I use to say, as above,so below or Heaven on Earth. But that did not resonate anymore and it was forced to say those words. I just got more clear on that. "More than heaven on earth, these are coming together to create something beyond either."-Lightsmith
I am just trying to stayed aligned and in relaxed awareness. Love to ALL.

Deeni 2nd October 2013 1:33 pm

Okay . . . now I'm crying.

Here I thought I had processed it all, dragged everything out in the open, but now I wonder . . . have I really?

My bogeyman is physical (financial) and thought I had dealt with it, however the dreams I create in this arena just don't materialize.

I am going to confront this bogeyman once and for all, and Bless it, and send it on it's way.

Thank You, Brenda

Much Love and Light to All : ))

nachcam 3rd October 2013 1:46 am

Thank you Brenda, I have to re-read this and face my bogey man, it seemed made for me.



Brenda Hoffman 3rd October 2013 9:33 pm

Hi Peter,
I know I feel so similar - is it ever going to be over. And then, I think that it's kind of wonderful that I'm finding yet another piece of myself. Because I think that's the ultimate with all of our clearings - to find ourselves at the deepest level possible.
Blessings, Hugs and Love,

Brenda Hoffman 3rd October 2013 9:38 pm

Dear Lighsmith,
Yes! Whenever I'm channeling now, New Age feels so "yesterday" new earth is the phrase that is right for me now. Similar to your new phrasing. Isn't it fascinating how the words shift as we all do? I started years ago with New Age. Sometime after I started my blog in 2009, I needed to word process the phrase as New Age/new earth and finally just new earth. Trying to use New Age somehow created a big NO in my head.

Your new phrase feels so right - "More than heaven on earth" Thank you so much Lightsmith!
Blessings, Hugs and Love,

Brenda Hoffman 3rd October 2013 9:42 pm

Dear Deeni,
At first, I didn't like this channel at all, so I started over only to receive the same message in a few different words. AHA. I have something to review...and clear. And so I did. Finding new pieces about myself and of myself.

Blessings, Love and So Much Light!

Brenda Hoffman 3rd October 2013 9:43 pm

Hi Rafa,
And for me!
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

Tiff 6th October 2013 12:09 pm

Infinite thanks, Brenda :thumbs:

Brenda Hoffman 6th October 2013 4:43 pm

Hi Tiff,
So glad this channel resonated with/for you!!!
Blessings, Sparkles and Love,
PS I located a few bogeymen this past week. YAY!

Tiff 7th October 2013 6:45 am

It's 4am and I'm happy to say that I've finally faced my bogeyman...or at least one of them. Now, hopefully I can see evidence of my new found clearity through manifistion. Thanks again, Brenda. You're awesome.

Brenda Hoffman 7th October 2013 5:10 pm

Hey Tiff,
We're all awesome. Just think of our courage in daring to change the world while being fully enmeshed in a 3D life.

Here's to finding all our bogeymen under the bed - sooner than later!
Blessings, Hugs and Love,

Ela Rae 7th October 2013 8:01 pm

Funny, today I was thinking, aware that my fear has been embracing my full power. I know my full power. Each day it is expanding exponentially. It is time, I am ready for it now. I feel it pulsing through me. I know who I AM and why I am here. I love my space, quiet life. Where I am going, I will "loose" the anonymity. (I am a Pisces sun, mercury and venus so I like not being known LOL) I am also angry in a clearing sorta way, all energies, past life contracts, the people I have traveled with and we have supported each other through life times is falling away. Old contracts, promises, loyalties are falling away. Clearing. It is not for me to stay behind and support them. For it is now MY time. I do get a bit angry. They are staying behind. But I am aware the anger is energy clearing. They have not chosen the role of complete surrender and service as I have. So they get away with more! LOL Kinda sucks at times! LOL I feel very alone in a gf sorta way. Married to my twin, ascending so fast I can only allow. Thank you Brenda for helping bring up what has been coming up all week. :smitt

Brenda Hoffman 7th October 2013 9:11 pm

Dear Ela Rae,
I'm thinking you might want to read my blog this week - it's about relationships and how/why we still have some we didn't expect to maintain.

So much is happening to us all - emotions are up and down the scale for me and sounds like the same for you. Clearing the care taker/victim piece is not easy - we're been initiated into both for eons.

I'm a Pisces sun/Virgo moon. I know. Whoa!
Blessings, Love and Hugs,

Ela Rae 8th October 2013 1:08 pm

Look forward to reading it. Ooohhh and me to Pisces sun and my moon virgo! Not sure if it keeps me balanced and grounded or of it keeps be oscillating between spirit and earthly material reality! LOL Thanks You!

Brenda Hoffman 8th October 2013 1:47 pm

Hi Ela Rae,
You too! Pisces sun/Virgo moon? What are the odds? I think it keeps us both balanced and grounded and oscillating - we get it all. Kind of cool!!
Love Brenda

Ela Rae 8th October 2013 5:24 pm

LOL right...long as your rising is not Sag..now that would be super freaky! LOL My son is sun virgo/moon pisces rising pisce, my husband is pisces as well...a house of unconditional love, service and...procrastination! LOL and don't forget the emotional roller coaster during intense times!!! LOL

Brenda Hoffman 8th October 2013 5:35 pm

Hi Ela Rae,
Whoa - whole lot of emotions goin on in your house!

I've never known a Pisces family before, but once did know a family of five Scorpios. I'm betting they had some interesting times!!!

Most of my other planets are in Libra and Aquarius.
Love Brenda

dragonfly3 13th October 2013 4:28 am



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