Why Do You Need Fear-Based Contingency Plans?

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are not part of the chaos that seems to be rampant throughout the globe – wars, fear of war, starvation, earth upheavals – but then, you do probably wonder how long it will be until you are part of it.

Maybe your country will enter a war. Maybe an earthquake will destroy parts of your country. Maybe monsoon-like rains will alter your life in other ways. All fears that you hold deep within you. For has not your life on earth for eons been one catastrophe after another that you addressed or ignored, but maintained the resulting fear deep within your being?

Such are your fears now. Somehow, some where you believe you will have to face whatever it is you are dreading – like your phrase, “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” You feel sympathy or empathy for those most directly affected. At the same time,  you feel a sense of relief that it has not affected you or those you love.

That feeling is quite natural given all you have willingly experienced on Old Age earth. But such is no longer true. This hidden global fear belief is perhaps the biggest transition of the next few days – from expecting to react to an unpleasant something to knowing it does not matter.

If Old Age earth was merely a drama/play of sorts and you have left that drama/play – as those exiting their cocoon in the next few days have – you will not be traumatized. Perhaps your house burns – an Old Age trauma and fear. In new earth, that house will be replaced with a home more suited to the new you.

You will not continue to experience drama for you are now part of a comedy/loving phase of earth. That which was once devastating will be an obvious opening to a better, more joyful life.

You do not yet understand – but you will. Just as you once did not understand how you could feel more personal joy than fear.

Fear is of the past. Including the fear of what could or should happen given certain circumstances and Old Age historical perspectives.

This time is somewhat similar to the shift in thought processes required once a castle with protective walls no longer ensured safety – cannons and other technical inventions made such thoughts obsolete.

Fear – and a resulting “game plan” for fearful contingencies – has been an expected part of your life thought/feeling processes. “What would I do if an earthquake destroyed my community?” “What should I do if someone opens fire at a shopping mall?” fear plan after fear plan tucked away within your being – taking up valuable joy space.

Fear is truly no longer part of your repertoire. Do you remember how difficult it was – and maybe still is – to love yourself as you are?

Hidden fears that you could be next in whatever negative drama you envision, are as outdated as your dislike of you.

Why would you require fear-based contingency plans if your life is of or moving to joy?

Instead of creating a no-longer-valid fear drama, your new creations are now how an adventure, experience can be even more joyful – what creates a smile or laughter? Instead of,  “I am laughing now, but who knows what tomorrow will bring?”

Perhaps you wish to dwell on negative possibilities. That is your right. But know that such is as outdated as spittoons of the 1800?s. You can continue your chewing tobacco habit, but few will support you in doing so.

Unlike the past when fear dominated – the exact opposite is happening more rapidly than you realize.

Fewer find the media news of one fear image after another that interesting or entertaining. There will be a time in the not-so-distant future when news shows will shift – not because they want to, but because so few will care about the ongoing fears the media elect to report.

Now you are feeling that thinking nice thoughts and laughing does not negate the reality of starvation or war. Such is true. But when such images, such factors are no longer interesting, when entities on earth ignore fears, fears will disappear. A bit like a reaction to many bullies. Bullies love to be engaged, to create fear. If such does not happen, they have little power and a great deal less interest for those following them.

You have released your personal fears. Now release your global fears.

This is not a promise that earth will be a lovely playground tomorrow, but a plea for you to shift your attention from a global fear-based mode to joy and other earth entities will do the same.

This transition is not for a limited few – but a global, Universal shift from a world permeated with fear to a new earth of joy. Your overall role is to introduce that joy to your life so your beacon shines for all.

A light shining in any area of darkness negates the darkness. As you leave your cocoon and your deepest fears, radiate your light – and thereby, radiate your disbelief in the fears of what might happen. Those fears are of yesterday. Today is a new dawn. So be it. Amen.



mjmcc1 25th June 2014 11:06 am

As simple as "It's all good."

kay 25th June 2014 11:15 am

Good one, Brenda. A shit--yes it came out that way and I'm not going to correct the spelling as it made me smile--a shift in perspective is all that's required. Maybe Ben and Mariu will let it slide. Will I? Yes, I think so. My inner child is playing games today. The adult rules are so getting on my nerves.

Brenda Hoffman 25th June 2014 11:46 am

Hi Mjmcc1,
Yes as simple as that - in words. Moving from fear to joy is a process that we're slowly (in my mind - the Universes think we're creating a new world at warp speed), but surely moving into our new world and life of joy.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 25th June 2014 11:47 am

Hi Kay,
Bring on that inner-child. Come play with us! Rules have never been my strength or interest and are becoming less so all the time.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

cyndy 25th June 2014 12:22 pm

Oh yes, As more and more of us unplug from fear there is less and less energy to fuel it. Hallelujah!

Spirit Library 25th June 2014 1:07 pm

All is well, Kay :D

queens4freedom 25th June 2014 5:13 pm


cyndy 25th June 2014 5:45 pm

Dear Kay, and the shift hits the fan.

Brenda Hoffman 25th June 2014 5:57 pm

Hi Cyndy,
And so it goes in such a wonderful way!!!!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 25th June 2014 5:58 pm

Hi Queens4Freedom,
NO LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Heartfelt courage 27th June 2014 9:34 pm


Brenda Hoffman 28th June 2014 11:06 am

Hi HeartFelt Courage,
We're all in this together - helping one another understand and thrive. YAY for the Internet!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,


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