You’re a Sparkling Star Within a Constellation of Sparklers

Dear Ones,

Even though you will access all there ever was and all there ever will be once you remove your filters of disbelief and doubt, all there ever was is greater now than was true during the earth life of any other Master. You are a shining star within a constellation of stars. You are the sparklers.

There have been several notable earth Masters. But they were isolated forerunners – stars that pointed you in the direction of this New Age. Even though they were bright stars, the former Masters were single entities. You are one of millions of sparkling stars allowing the light to be brighter than the darkness.

Your combined efforts with those of different philosophies and beliefs makes this an exceptionally brilliant evolution in so many ways. Previous earth Masters were most often isolated in their brilliance and love. They gathered others about them because of their love radiance. But once they exited earth, only the memories of their being continued. Some of their messages retained the love they wished to share – some did not. Those messages that did not shifted and changed to meet historical needs.

Such a shift was not terrible, merely appropriate for the times. To thoroughly explore the Old Age, the masses needed to feel and understand fear – and so they did.

With new earth, the opposite is true. All need to have access to new earth messages of love. Not messages designed for the times, but for the Ages, for the Universes. True messages filled with love that will not fade or create arguments of right or wrong as was true for the messages created after former Masters exited earth.

It is not an accident that so many channeled/spiritual/loving messages created minutes ago by your contemporaries are available at the click of a button. Or that the messenger is available for questions and sensory experiences.

All of today’s spiritual/new earth messages are correct for those accessing them. Some wish to believe in overtaking the dark forces controlling their beings. Some to believe in aliens in space ships. Those messages are available as are messages about the power of your inner-being, of joy and love. And all are correct for who you are.

The messages will eventually blend into one, but most likely not in this earth lifetime. Such is so for a reason. Many wanted to be part of this transition – as well as clear issues from past and current lives. Some of those past and current life experiences include creating a fantasy world of what to expect in this New Age. Similar to those who create a personal hell after earth death even though hell is not a reality of the Universes.

Even though you create your own reality, that reality may be tainted by previous beliefs or experiences. That is not to say you or anyone is wrong – merely that you are processing your new earth changes a bit differently than others. Eventually, all will access the same concepts and memories – but not today.

Allow yourself to process as you need to during this dramatic shift. For by trusting your inner-being, your heart, you will find the information you need for the moment. As you master that piece, another part of the puzzle will appear before you.

At some point in this life, did you not adore an athletic hero only to discover that your hero had performed some misdeed that shifted your thought processes? Do you not accept this as part of life? So it is for you now. Some of you began your new earth shift declaring that such and such was completely accurate – only to change your opinion as you increased your knowledge base.

Perhaps you feel this message creates a quicksand effect for you. To the contrary. Allow yourself to grow and expand. And allow the same for others. Perhaps some of your new earth friends seem limited in their acceptance of this shift. Others seem “way out there.” Both are right for who they are and what they are exploring.

Now you wish for us to tell you who is correct and who is making up stories. Neither and both. For indeed, you are all approaching this shift from your perspective and needs.

Maybe you are most interested in physical elements of the shift as you retain Old Age physical beliefs. The result might be non-textbook physical ailments which force/encourage you to look beyond today’s medical/homeopathic knowledge base. Or perhaps not. Perhaps you refuse to accept any cure is available – until you do not.

You are part of a sparkling brilliance. But a brilliance approached from your knowledge and interest bases – and willingness to explore. For the more you explore your area(s) of interest, the more your knowledge base will expand.

But then, expansion is not the goal of those of you now on earth. Your goal was to introduce the new earth. And so you have in a brilliant, dynamic loving way.

Now it is up to you how much you wish to expand personally. Maybe you achieved all you wish to achieve – maybe not. Whatever your intent, you shared your brilliance in such a way that earth is now a sparkling part of the Universes in ways never possible before. You achieved your group goal.

It is up to you how much further you wish to shift. You will know this by the number of new materials you access.

There is no need to feel more accomplished than others for all are moving at the rate and direction correct for them. Perhaps forcing someone to believe your process will decrease their current earth life experiences and compel them to repeat those processes in another life.

You have no idea what others are exploring or why. Your only mass connection in this lifetime was introducing new earth. And you all lovingly did so. Now allow others to move in ways most comfortable for them – whether listening to their inner-being or society. It is their life and their direction.

You do not wish to have others’ thoughts and philosophies forced upon you. The same is true for others. To force someone into your beliefs is to return you to a 3D world of right or wrong according to someone outside yourself. So be it. Amen.


Noel2 9th January 2014 11:44 am

Thank you Brenda!!!

This message is/was so encouraging!! It brought tears to my eyes :) Thank you everyone for making this shift possible :thumbs:

Brenda wrote:

Maybe you are most interested in physical elements of the shift as you retain Old Age physical beliefs. The result might be non-textbook physical ailments which force/encourage you to look beyond today’s medical/homeopathic knowledge base.

Oh my gosh!!! A non-textbook ailment got me looking into miraculous healing for self and others. Wow!

Brenda wrote:

To force someone into your beliefs is to return you to a 3D world of right or wrong according to someone outside yourself. So be it. Amen.

Thank you for the reminder.

Brenda Hoffman 9th January 2014 1:44 pm

Dear Noel,
It is happening and we're doing it!

I'm so pleased I volunteered to be on earth for this transition - it appears you feel the same. What an exciting and wondrous time!
Blessings, Sparkles and Love,

Peter fox 9th January 2014 3:26 pm

Hi Brenda and a rather belated Happy New Year to you! I noticed you used the word "wondrous" in your reply to Noel, a word I use a lot myself
and was thinking about earlier today. The problem is that it no longer even begins to describe the associated feelings and knowings that are increasing at an exponential rate ( for me David Hawkins scale of consciousness is a good way to try and get an objective view of this
exponential expansion). Words have never been a good form of communication but in this newly emerging world they are almost obsolete.
Although I haven't yet "seen" it I expect we will be able to communicate
telepathically soon- the new information we receive each day feels more
like a form of osmosis to me than anything else and I think telepathy might be similar- we simply know it! Incidentally I agree entirely about us
being far more sensational than any number of computers(radio blog).
Isn't this simply exquisite! (telepathic transmission of magnitude of this
statement sort of expected to be understood!) Here's to 2014! Love Peter.

Brenda Hoffman 9th January 2014 7:09 pm

Hi Peter,
Happy and sparkling 2014 and beyond for you also!

I can't wait for more sophisticated forms of communication. Many, including me, can already feel what others often don't communicate. Won't it be glorious once that's the accepted and expected form of communication?

I equate it to how channeling has evolved from seances and Ouija boards to just hearing or sensing without need for preparation of any kind - it just is. Like having two radio stations in your mind - 3D words and a flowing poetry of words that explain so much 3D didn't explore or accept. Someday (and probably sooner than even we expect) even though words will be available, channeling between dimensions and earth entities of all forms will be the norm. And it won't be labeled channeling - but just communicating - easily and without boundaries other than those we establish ourselves.

Here we go Peter!!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

COBALT 10th January 2014 1:00 pm

deLIGHTful :smitten:

Brenda Hoffman 10th January 2014 2:47 pm

Hi Cobalt,
Another good one - deLightful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,


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