You’re Earth-based in This Life

Dear Ones,

Earth is rearranging itself into the loving mass it was always meant to be. Micro affects macro and so it is that as you shift to love, so too does the earth. Just as you must clear debris to find that love within yourself, so too must earth shift and clear to open its central core of love.

The earth has been covered in a thick wall of fear and anger for eons – collecting bits and pieces from humanity and all willing contributors. Knowing that the wall would come down eventually – and so it is. Resulting in new weather patterns, upheavals, and overall chaos. Mirroring that which is happening to humanity. Twisting and turning as the earth breaks up that thick wall of fear and anger.

For those of you observing or part of earth’s upheaval, it feels as all of what you know is in chaos. Such is not true. Instead, the earth’s twists and turns are clearing earth so it can comfortably reside in 5D as is true for you.

Many are concerned about global warming. Such is so because you are finally realizing you no longer wish to curtail/control earth, you wish to live on earth in peace. So it is you are beginning to note that you are not bigger or better than earth – merely an equal with a much different role to fulfill.

In the past, humanity attempted to control natural earth patterns from rain to earthquakes. When such did not work as planned or to the degree desired, humanity decided to work around the earth, to deny it, to ignore it.

So it is humanity is realizing that earth is merely a macrocosm of humanity. And the earth is a microcosm of the ethers. And the ethers are a microcosm of all that there is. And on and on and on.

All are interconnected. So to dislike a particular flower or part of the earth is to dislike earth. And to dislike earth is to dislike yourself for the two of you are one – merely two elements of one.

Humanity is finally acknowledging the joy and love of earth that has been denied earth for eons.

Of course, many acknowledged earth’s beauty. Many gloried in their earth life. But the majority did not. There was always a need to control and defy. You are finally acknowledging that you are one with earth and, therefore, the cosmos.

First you need to love yourself. Then, you have enough inner-power, if you will, to love another. And the earth is as much another as any animal or human. You are all interconnected – first in fear for eons and now, the beginning shoots of love.

So it is you will soon feel the need to glory in the beauty and safety of earth if you have not already reached that place. You will wish to do so before you begin your next big adventure in the ethers/cosmos. For part of your earth security dream is knowing that earth is part of you – your home base as it were.

Many of you think of the earth as more of a launching pad than home base. That too will shift. For indeed, why would you wish to create an earth security dream if you felt disdain for the location of that dream? All is tied together in one glorious package.

Not only are you creating your earth dream of the earth – even though you could create that dream anywhere in the cosmos – you are doing so because you are of the earth in this lifetime, you are not of the cosmos.

Granted, in this next phase, you will visit various areas of the cosmos. You will experiment with your capabilities in this earth lifetime. You will push aside the veils that have limited you to 3D for eons of earth lives. But you will do so as an earth being. Not a being of Orion or Pleiades or any locale other than earth.

Which is little different from what is true for those of you who follow the path of your earth ancestors. You discover their stories, their joys, angst and other emotions felt throughout their lifetime – yet you are not your ancestors, you are you.

So it is for this next piece of loving you and all that there is. You are earth-based. No matter where you zoom to in your new discovery phases, you will always be earth-based in this lifetime.

And so it is that you are beginning to feel what earth feels even though you do not always know that such is so. Allow yourself to flow with those feelings as you and earth heal in this glorious phase in which you fully claim your birthright in this lifetime. So be it. Amen.


spiritdiver 26th January 2016 1:36 pm

Amazing Brenda. I am recieving the same message! We need to heal our physical 'body' of imbalances of old (emotional, mental, physical) patterns on a cellular, DNA level (which is happening in this time) to fully experience and draw in Divine Source, then the clarity of our Light body can accept and be anchored on the earth plane recognizing the prosperity offered through all channels of the universe. In loving self, accepts/integrates the illusion of separation and all disparate aspects of oneself in wholeness. Honoring the (earth) body as a vehicle of Light, we are ready to recieve our purpose.

Brenda Hoffman 26th January 2016 3:54 pm

Hi SpiritDiver,

Isn't it awesome to discover that our messages are synchronistic? I'm finding that more and more channels are receiving similar information. Exciting or what!!!

A piece I've always remembered from my late 80s channeled book, A Glimpse of Your Future, is that someone would need to bury their head in the sand not to receive info about this transition (it was labelled New Age back then). And so it is we receive similar packets of information and share those messages in our words via the Internet and so many other sources. Who would have guessed how this information would be shared in the late 1980s???

Thank you for letting us know what you've channeled!!!!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Sparkles,

spiritdiver 27th January 2016 2:35 am

Brenda! Wow, thats a surprise, the thought a bit intimidating, but exciting to hear from you. I have had the wonder, but never heard this out loud. ..I did not know I was channeling per se. Is this channeling? For a time now i have been getting very clear thoughts and pointed confident leading messages quite spontaneously from out of nowhere. Then, when I go to write I find I am saying such things in a voice that is very assured from within that I often don't know what I am speaking or the source of this strong knowing. I guess in my just now saying this, I do know the, 'Source', but we all have access to this. Yet I have found trusting and following my intuition more, I am hearing more messages have been coming through in many other esoteric means, cards, numbers archetypes, dreams. For years now, i have recognized the elementals visually speaking to me through signs and patterns mostly noted since Dec 2012, this has been a most beautiful endearing messaging.

Brenda thank you for your guidance, encouragement, the mentorship, and as always your compassion and gift you share with all of us here.

Brenda Hoffman 27th January 2016 10:49 am

Dear Spiritdiver,
Thank you!

Know with every fiber of your being that you're channeling! Plus your other intuitive pieces are most definitely awake. Kudos for daring to listen and share!

Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Sparkles,

debs go lightly 27th January 2016 3:19 pm

Hi Brenda, thank you so much for this message that helped a new realisation to occur within me. "You're Earth-based in This Life" - yess!!!
My physical body is of Earth. I have not been listening to my body. I thought I was loving it, honoring it with care, exercise, good nutrition etc., but I wasn't listening to it's voice. A year ago my poor body fell down some stairs, badly bruising my legs and kneecap and forcing me to stop, to 'hear' it. I finally got the message. I haven't been allowing my physicality to fully express itself, to have a voice, to feel free, to be. I have been 'using' this body like a vehicle to drive around in, but this body has it's own consciousness, it's own need for expression and voice, it's own language, I am co-creating with this Earth body. Earth is sharing this beautiful body with me. It is so obvious, and yet strangely subtle. The numbers 818 were all around me the moment I realised this. My body has become terribly insecure, now I have an opportunity to heal this.

Much much love and golden light to you Brenda, love Debs.

gretchendreisbach 27th January 2016 7:35 pm



You have always been such a welcoming friend to a stranger in a strange land.



Gretchen Grace Dreisbach

gretchendreisbach 28th January 2016 10:38 am

Thank you Nikos Most Precious!

You Shine as well Beloved!

Our Collective Sprouts HAVE blossomed into a Garden indeed!

Blaze on Family!

Blaze on!

Gretchen Grace

Liza Elliott 28th January 2016 1:07 pm

Clearing debris in being still. Allowing Love to lead. . .. A deep reverence for Earth , ALL of her inhabitants, Self. . . continuing to emerge. .

At the grocery store check out, the cashier asking what each item was, and finally in frustration saying, "I don't know what any of this is. . .I've never seen any of it before!"

I replied laughing, "Don't ask me. . . I don't know what it is either. I never thought I would EVER be buying anything like this stuff. There is the Vegan person taking over inside of me. I don't know her!" LOL!

Stepping back. . . Being still... allowing Her to lead the way! :)

What a ride!

Thank you, Brenda, for another launching pad for insightful living!

Love, Sparkles, and Light (at a comfortable speed/level/intensity) to ALL! :smitten:

Brenda Hoffman 28th January 2016 2:20 pm

Hi Debs,
This channel helped me remember that all is living energy and yes, most definitely including our earth body. Kudos for acknowledging and loving your physical being!!!
Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Energies,

Brenda Hoffman 28th January 2016 2:25 pm

Hi Nikos,
I'm thinking your teacher's prophecy, "earth's destiny is to be a shining star like her sister Venus" has started with the tremendous help of light holders at the forefront!

And what a wonderful reminder to acknowledge and honor the importance of our root chakra.
Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 28th January 2016 2:27 pm

Hi Gretchen,
Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Sparkles,

Brenda Hoffman 28th January 2016 4:50 pm

Hi Liza,
Your grocery experience made me laugh-out-loud. Dave and I have been eating much healthier - fruits/vegetables/nuts, etc than ever before. And we have gone through the same process, "What the heck is that?"

And so agree - "Love, Sparkles and Light (at a comfortable speed/level/intensity) to and for ALL!"

Blessings, Lots of Love and Creation Sparkles,


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