Your Problem-Solving Skills Shifted Today

Dear Ones,

Today is a day of great importance. It is the day you accept energy into your heart. Prior energy surges were not necessarily specified. Think of those energy surges as a bit like the general energy entering your house. Until that general energy reaches a specific socket, your lamp will not light and your oven will not heat to a specified temperature.

So it has been for you until now. Prior energy surges increased your ability to obtain and retain energy, but did not specify where that energy would be directed. You have since established that your physical body is able to retain the energy necessary for the multiple sockets within your being.

How will this heart energy surge impact you? You may feel a bit cantankerous or feisty at first. You may sense that something in your body is different. You might have difficulties sleeping or ”settling down.” You might think that you should be doing something, somewhere and yet your body is feeling a bit too odd to create or do what you think you should.

The end result of this energy surge will soon be noted in the media. No longer will communities be passive as freedoms and injustices continue. You will find the need to work with others to solve issues that impact yourself, your community and your world. It will be the difference between solving a problem with your heart or solving a problem with your mind.

Your world has been enmeshed in solving problems via the intellect for eons. Today’s surge will begin the process of shifting Universal problem-solving skills. How will this impact you? If you have already tuned your being to the heart mode, perhaps not at all. But for those who have not – and that includes society as a whole – this shift is of gigantic proportions.

You have long read that the New Age is either arriving or has arrived. Neither of which is an important statement in terms of the overall outcome. Did the Industrial Revolution occur with the first mechanized piece of equipment on earth or did it occur in the mid to late 1800?s? Does it make a difference what date is specified as long as the objective is achieved?

So it is with the New Age. We calculated that it started as soon as the majority of people interested in participating in the shift accepted that role on earth. Others will calculate that it started today. Just know that you now will experience different feelings and different problem-solving techniques than has been true for eons – in truth, since humankind inhabited earth.

Rather than fighting to the death for a philosophy or religion, there will be a need within you to see the other person’s point of view – and to find common ground to solve the dilemma. Your problem-solving techniques will shift from those of a two-year-old child in a sandbox, “I want it. It’s MINE.” To that of a mature and wise person. Somewhat like the shift noted in Nelson Mandala prior to his entering prison in South Africa and the gentle soul who you now know as The Nelson Mandela.

We must add that your transition in the next few days might be more dramatic than you have noted in prior transitions. Your body is stronger. And you have accepted that “peace not war” is a possibility. But until today, you accepted that philosophy intellectually. Now you will feel it. You will experience it. And you will love it!!

This open-hearted love cannot be described. Oh, we could use flowery words and you might get an inkling. This is not the time of rhetoric. This is the New Age and all that phrase entails – including an open heart to solve problems. And a concrete decision to put intellectual problem-solving on the “back burner.”

You have a heart – start using it! Use it in love and war.

Are you not tired to death of the scraping and fighting of politicians and religious leaders? Does it not feel as if everyone is more concerned about their survival or the survival of their particular institution than the common good? And so it was, but it is no longer.

Allow your body to shift and accept this with the knowledge that even though you are a fragment of the totality, this new heart energy has been directed to everyone on earth. You are not alone. Nor will you be “hung out to dry” as may have happened to you in past jobs or relationships.

Open you heart to this new energy. Know that this new energy is flowing through you. Of course, it feels odd. You may be a bit cranky or unable to concentrate. Both are signs that your intellect and your heart are re-aligning with the New Age philosophies that have been prophesied for eons. Know that your current slight discomfort is merely a body shift that will not last long, nor will it harm you.

Most important of all, note how this shift is impacting the world and your world. We are dancing in joy. This is a grand day indeed.

So be it. Amen




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Brenda Hoffman

An intuitive since birth, Brenda formalized her channeling skills with her internationally noted book, A Glimpse of Your Future. This prophetic classic describes your role in this transition, as well as answers questions such as why baby boomers were instrumental in introducing the New Age and what earth will be like in the year 4000.

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