Your Software is Your Path to New Communications

Dear Ones,

Some dilemmas in the next few days will not have comfortable 3D solutions. Such is so for a reason.

It is unlikely you would explore your new personal software if it were not necessary. You have the best intentions – perhaps are even excited about using your new software. But your 3D life often requires more attention than you would like. So you and the Universes have added a few glitches to your life – such as you cannot find your favorite necklace or a repair person is not available.

The thought that issues were added to your already full schedule is daunting to some and aggravating to others. In truth, it is little different from a pop quiz during mid-term exams. Even though the pop quiz is a small part of your overall grade, you are appalled that your instructor felt the need to add one more stress to an already full week.

Let us explain what will likely happen. Perhaps you wish to wear a special necklace to a party but cannot find it. As you search, you become more frustrated knowing that you need to leave for the party in just a few minutes. That frustration forces you to give up in 3D terms and to turn to your higher self in exasperation. That is when you will suddenly remember where you stored your necklace after you last wore it.

Many of you feel that such is not that unusual for something similar sometimes happened in your 3D world. The difference is that you most often assumed finding your necklace was luck in your 3D world. This week you will know you found your necklace with your new software.

Even though we labeled this piece new software, this software has always been a part of all on earth. You were just afraid to use it. For you have hidden your light, your inner-power for eons to better fit within earth’s density. It is a bit like purchasing a new television with internet capabilities and limiting your viewing to local television stations. You could search the internet on your new television, but you do not read the manual or explore your options – because of fear or disinterest. So it has been for you for eons.

Some of you will easily access your new software. You will not fear being more skilled than friends and relatives who do not wish to explore their software. Nor will you feel the need to describe your new skills to others. You will just be – as would be true if you bought a rug or a vacuum cleaner. You will accept your new being as a normal progression, not something unique to you.

That is not to say you are not unique and special to the Universes, but instead to inform you that everyone on earth downloaded their new (or opened again, if you will) physical software. What you do with that software will create your uniqueness.

Let us return to our lost necklace example. In the 3D world, you had several options. You could attend the party without the necklace. You could continue searching until it was too late to attend the party. You could replace the necklace with another. You could change your clothes. Or you could decide not to attend.

With your new software, you will expand your search functions to include memories and patterns you could not easily access in 3D. You will do so first by asking your higher self to open that option – and then you will do so as a matter of course as you become more proficient.

Even though the obstacles in the next few days will be minor in the overall picture of your life, those obstacles will encourage you to open and expand your software skills. Somewhat like a flower opening to great beauty.

Your new software (or newly accessed software) is a major stepping stone to communicating throughout the Universes. Just as you needed to learn how to use a computer before you could explore the internet, you are learning the basics of your new software so you will eventually be comfortable with new forms of communications between you and other earthlings, the plant and animal world, unseen earth entities, your higher self, various dimensions and the Universes.

The next few days will be lesson one. You will find yourself exasperated with 3D solutions and cry out to your higher self for a better method of solving a problem. Discovering that method will encourage you to repeat and expand that pattern until it is as comfortable as your 3D techniques. Once you have mastered communicating within yourself, you will advance to communicating with the greater world and finally with the Universes.

Brenda is concerned that not all will easily access their software so some will feel less worthy, less of a Lightworker than others.

Learning about your new software is a process – as was true when you first learned to use a computer. Like any new lesson, some will learn more rapidly than others. You all have software capabilities you can use today, tomorrow or never. It is your choice – and your joy.

The lessons of the next few days are to encourage you to better communicate with yourself. You will soon expand those lessons to communicating with the Universes – easily and effortlessly – as you once did eons ago and do now within other planes with other parts of your being. So be it. Amen.


Sandra Smyre 30th January 2013 1:50 pm

Dear Brenda, this new software is creating havoc for me. I have just had a very difficult conversation with someone who was caught stealing and trying to communicate with his self righteousness was painful for me. Finally, I had to call a spade a spade and the conversation became very unpleasant. I tried to keep the dialogue in the 5thD, no such luck. I'm so ready to be amongst others who live with integrity--and it appears we are far from there. Thank goodness most of my friends live from a higher perspective because I feel like I lost ground today. Maybe my Higher Self was pushing me to step out and be heard. Thank you for this post. In LoveLight, Sandra

Brenda Hoffman 30th January 2013 8:07 pm

Dear Sandra,
Please don't be so hard on yourself. A few months ago you might not have even thought of communicating with someone from a 5D perspective. Kudos for trying.

We're in the process of shifting both our beings and our communication processes. Not as easy as we would like given that we've been trained for eons to fit within the Old Age 3D model.

Wouldn't you think that shifting from pain/fear/control to joy/love and inner-power would be easy given that's what we've dreamed of for so long?? We're doing it - just not always as rapidly as we would like.

I love history and your trying to shift communication interactions reminds me of the men of the 1940's and 1950's who settled arguments with fist fights. When and how did those fist fights become outdated??? I'm certain the same will happen with our 3D communications. Maybe not today - but soon.

Again kudos for consciously trying to shift your communication skills before others understand...or want to.

Blessings and Sparkles,

Ela Rae 2nd February 2013 6:16 pm

At the end of lack t week, I felt like I was living my dissertation of all have learned to graduate so to speak. My wonderful husband, on a trip to see family...deep dark 3D family, his stuff stirring related to family. This past Wednesday, he messaged me, then called saying he is not coming home. He wants a divorce. December was a bad month for us. January has been getting back on track. I know what he is saying...doesn't feel right. His return ticket is for 2/7. So, it is very challenging right now. Moving forward, sad...he say s he is not coming home...but....tired, missing him, he is my twin...I feel so ungrounded without him. I only hope he can find his way back into his heart and find his way home...I miss him. If I am living my dissertation so to speak...I have no doubt I am passing...but I really miss him. He even denied my 7 year old daughter..that has been his mini me..she is daddy's girl...he hasn't talked to her...but the man I know...would never leave without saying goodbye...he had every intention of coming home when he left 1/22...sometimes this all sucks

bettina 3rd February 2013 9:00 am

This sure did resonate with me. Thank you for the reminder to self: 'I'm not in the 3D of expectations/reactions...I am different and choose an alternative course of action'.
Many blessings to you!

Brenda Hoffman 3rd February 2013 5:07 pm

Dear Ela Rae,
I am so sorry. I hope the two of you can find your way back to each other. Nothing is more painful than a heart loss. Your daughter must feel so sad also. So many shifts and many not pleasant.

Both my parents and a number of friends died/transitioned in 2012. I was/am so excited about this transition, but somehow never thought it would touch me so closely emotionally.

My thoughts and prayers that you sense the direction that is right for you...and that the same is true for your husband.

Brenda Hoffman 3rd February 2013 5:11 pm

Dear Bettina,
And many blessings in return!
Sparkles and Joy,


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