Disney Ducks – The Real Ones

I was at the Magic Kingdom with my daughters, Amber and Grace.  I had an overdose of Disney, which happens easily to me.  Feeling overstimulated, fragile, and toxic, I tried to fake a smile for my children.   We had stood in line over an hour to see the fake spirits in The Haunted Mansion.  As we rode through the facade of spirits floating around us I remembered real haunted places I have loved and some I have lived in.  And I longed for a real apparition.The boat trip through It’s a Small World made me verklempt and longing to go immerse myself in work with children in need around the world.

Then Amber and Grace took me for a spin on the Mad Hatter’s Teacup Ride.  They spun our cup so fast I felt my spirit flung out of my body.  It hit the side of Cinderella’s castle’s – kersplat.

My spirit slid down the side of the brick facade.  My physical form stepped out of the teacup and as if drunk wandered dizzily through the maddening crowd looking for what I had lost.

Then I saw the Disney Ducks – waddling around on grass so green my heart ached.  I ran over to the iron fence separating us from the pristine lake and right up to the-almost-so-real-they-looked-mechanical -ducks.

One male mallard came quickly to the edge of his green space.  He stuck his beak through the iron bars and I knelt down close to him.  Oh how I longed to be on the other side of the fence.  I longed for the green grass and pristine waters.  I longed to lay down in the flowers just around the corner from the crowds.  I longed to paddle in the clean waters with my web-footed friend.

Grace and Amber stood like sentinels on either side of me.  Crowds pressed past them, but instinctively they stood strong and protective around me, allowing their Mother a much needed moment of tranquility.

The Duck and I connected.  He wanted food, human food, and I refused him.  I told him it wouldn’t be good for him.  I longed for what he had and he longed for what I had.

“Everyone feeds me…” he barked at me.

I stood firm and said “No,” as I showed him empty pockets and an empty purse, devoid of any snacks. I expected him to retreat back to the lake or to move on down the bars to another human when he realized I didn’t have any bread to feed him.

Instead he relaxed and hung out with me.  We talked.  We enjoyed each others company.  I listened and he listened.

During our sharing my spirit returned and with it a sense of calm.

And I thanked him.

Others of his clan saw him hanging out with me and began to squawk in protest.  I nodded in understanding as he retreated back to the other side of the fence and his own kind.

That was the best part of my day at The Magic Kingdom.

We all need a daily dose of what is real.  We need the grass, the water, the trees, and the ducks.

I still live near Disney, and all that is fun in Florida, but most of my time is spent in simple conversation with my duck friends.

We live in a world of over-stimulation.  It isn’t just Disney.  The world that many people live in takes them away from the simple pleasures – like sitting on a bench talking with a friend.

Put down the distractions, unplug from the virtual world and return to the green grass, the water, the trees.  It is the quickest way to calm a troubled mind.

Do not lose touch with what is real.  Have a conversation the old fashioned way.  Hug a friend in need.  Plant flowers and love the earth.  Lay down in the grass and appreciate what we have been given.

Everyday ground yourself in what is real.

Just simply being in nature, observing and appreciating what is real, lifts my spirit. And I am much happier on this side of the fence.

Enjoy the simple things.  Enjoy what is real.

Grounded In Love,

Cat RunningElk



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